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Francis at Fatima: “I am the bishop in white” May 23, 2017

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Well, I guess that’s settled now:

Lots of good stuff from Matt, including expressions of grave doubt against the growing drumbeat towards war with Syria – yet another Mideast country where the US apparently has a grave national interest in seeing the ancient Catholic communities wiped out.

I must also agree with Matt that the very watered-down canonization process that has been implemented in the past 35 years – because the most substantial changes happened well after the Council and were in fact put in place by Pope Saint John Paul II (who wound up, in a certain sense, being a beneficiary of the changes, at least as far as his public cultus goes) – has helped contribute to a “meh, whatever” sense regarding the many canonizations to which we are now exposed.  The dilution of the requirement for miracles from 3 to 1 (or none?), the deletion of the role of the devil’s advocate – these things have I think helped trivialize the process and decrease the general affection souls have towards the Church Triumphant in Heaven.


Francis also expresses what must be assumed to be disbelief of several recent – and Church-approved – Marian apparitions, accosting those who believe that Mary’s intercession stays her Son’s wrathful arm as basically an invention of the mind of  some of the faithful.  Mary referred to staying her Son’s arm not only at La Sallete but also Akita.  Apparently Francis takes a dim view of those revelations.  As for imposing one’s own beliefs on the Church – project much, Francis?

There is much more, it’s well worth watching.  The video does close with some good news that the school principal who insulted, cussed at, and threatened some home schooled evangelical kids who were witnessing against abortion outside the public school he serves at has been suspended.  Whether that is with or without pay is not stated.  If it were a Catholic cussing out and threatening some little pagans arguing in favor of abortion, does anyone doubt he would have been fired on the spot?  But that’s what the Left wants, the full measure of the law or social rules (rules they invent) for you, but special kid glove treatment for themselves.  Of course they deserve that, because every leftist knows, they are just better than everyone else.

If this double standard continues, it will be the end of this country.  People will not stand to be treated as second class citizens.  Or will they?  For now, I think, a majority answers no, as the election of Trump, I think, proves.  I think these kinds of social-interaction issues played a huge role in Trump’s election.


1. Richard Malcolm - May 23, 2017

Can’t say I’d be surprised if it turns out the principal had procured an abortion somewhere back along the line. So often, this kind of vicious reaction has that in its background.

Tantumblogo - May 23, 2017

Maybe, but he said he’s into sodomizing men somewhere in the full video.

2. Randy the Redneck - May 23, 2017

So if Luther is somehow canonized, would that perhaps lend a tad bit more credence to those of us who are “doubters” in terms of certain of the recent canonizations?

Camper - May 24, 2017

Since he died outside the faith, Luther won’t be formally canonized, but they can praise him to the skies until they die. That’s what will happen.

Dismas - May 25, 2017


Tantumblogo - May 24, 2017

I’d be right there with you. May already be, who knows?

3. Camper - May 24, 2017

There’s a saying: inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

4. Magdalene P - May 24, 2017

Surely Sts. Jacinta and Francisco are indeed saints! They suffered much for the sake of souls and never lost their baptismal innocence.

As for other beatifications and canonizations—thinking right off of Paul VI and B. Romero–no firm miracles were established that I know of.

Tantumblogo - May 24, 2017

Like Matt, I have no doubt of the sanctity of Jacint and Francisco Marto. Some others recently canonized, however, are less obvious.

5. c matt - May 24, 2017

I’m not really clear if the bishop in white is good guy or bad guy, Maybe Bergo is the bishop in white after all.

Tantumblogo - May 24, 2017

Self-aggrandizing, surely.

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