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Awesome – Whittle Destroys Nye in Battle of the Bills May 31, 2017

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I remember back in college, having the pathetic choice of only 30 or 40 basic cable channels to choose from, being annoyed that it seemed like Bill Nye The Science Guy show was on about 4 different channels at least 8 hours a day.  I couldn’t surf through the lineup without seeing him at least twice, it seemed, just about any time of day.

I never found his program compelling, as it was full of that same smug condescension that leftists always resort to when talking to children.  Not only that, but its self-importance was over the top.

And yet from that program, an entire generation of kids, broadly speaking, is apparently convinced that Bill Nye – whose educational credentials (BSME) certainly do not exceed my own, and I have decades experience actually designing and fabricating highest-tech products in my bag – is one of the world’s great experts in not just one particular field of science, but all scientific disciplines generally.  But Nye has never been satisfied to limit himself to being the Newton of our age in every scientific discipline.  He has always been very glad to mix his increasingly leftist politics in with his purported scientific laws (until the science becomes inconvenient to the leftism, then the science gets jettisoned).

So now he has a new show on Netflix (with the incredibly humble name Bill Nye Saves the World), ostensibly for kids (kids with an extensive porn habit, apparently, judging by the material he produces), but which is really little more than a vehicle for Bill Nye – world’s greatest genius guy! – to engage in half hour disjointed political rants.  That is, when he’s not pushing wanton immorality and gross perversion on his supposed target audience.

But Nye’s favorite leftist hobby horse to ride has always been global cooling I mean global warming I mean climate change (whew! – we’re covered!).  In this area he is simply another reliable climate cultist with few original thoughts.

Now Bill Whittle knows a thing or two about science. He has had a long association with the aerospace industry and also has worked in a lab for over 20  years, over a decade longer than Nye’s brief career at Boeing. And he utterly obliterates Nye in this great video, Bill Nye the Science Lie.  Not only does he obliterate the Left’s climate change cult (once again), but he also punctures the preening arrogance of the so-called “rational set” on the left, who hold themselves so far above those stupid superstitious conservative Bible-humpers (interesting, then, that liberals are far, far more likely to believe in things like Bigfoot, space aliens, power crystals, astrology, etc):

Now that is a thorough and complete takedown.  Always helps to get the rest of the story the Left and their PR department (the media) don’t want to share.



1. The Lord's Blog - May 31, 2017

I humbly hope I have a great imagination growing up. We only had 3, 5, 9 and Canadian 11 and may 2 PBS stations thrown in. Later we had more and now were back to basic but you know—doesn’t bother me. It garbage most of the time anyway. Only watch a few good black and white movies—crime, mystery and maybe something lighthearted but the rest unless it catches my intellect is—-baloney. God Bless.

2. The Lord's Blog - May 31, 2017

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Bill Nye The Science Lie…………….

3. c matt - June 1, 2017

Not a scientist myself by any stretch of the imagination, but I strongly suspect being a “scientist” is not much different than being a “lawyer.” Just because you may be a good tax lawyer doesn’t mean you know more than diddly squat about trying a medical malpractice case, and vice versa, multiplied by any number of specialties.

Funny though – most lawyers I know are quick to disavow any expertise in an area outside their regular practice, but most science folks I know (including medical doctors in this category) seem to think they know everything about everything. In particular, they think the BS, Ph.D. in a science or M.D. qualifies them in economics, politics and business. Especially with M.D.s, it makes them pretty easy marks for con-men.

4. Barbara Hvilivitzky - June 2, 2017

This is old now, but I wanted to comment anyway – can we get an “amen” for Bill Whittle? Oh, the truth really is out there if only the Bill Nyes of the world would look for it.

Too bad Whittle couldn’t mention the one word more important than all the rest: PROVIDENCE. Yes, we and the planet are being looked after!

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