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Good News – FSSP Sets Record for Most Ordinations in a Year July 11, 2017

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For a long time, one of my chief daily prayers has been for the growth of traditional priestly orders.  I do not discriminate in this regard, and I am ambitious – I implore the Lord that the FSSP, SSPX, ICK, etc., individually and collectively, will grow by an order of magnitude in the next 20-25 years, and then another order of magnitude after that. I realize that would mean orders with tens of thousands of priests in less than a lifetime, but there have been orders that large in the past, which grew even faster at times.  I think the Cistercians went from none to over 1000 priests in less than 20 years.

If all these orders which exist today, which collectively have maybe 1200 priests, were to grow by an order of magnitude, there would be 12,000 traditional priests.  One can start to imagine a restoration of the entire Church with such numbers.

The 19 ordinations the FSSP has had so far this year won’t increase the order exponentially in 20 years, but it’s a very happy occasion and a solid basis for future growth.  And note, this is not a record for any traditional order – the SSPX has ordained more, but I’m not certain what its record is – it applies only to the FSSP.

There are photos and videos of the first “canonically regular” traditional priestly ordination in England in many years here and here.

I pray all the traditional priestly orders experience ever more rapid growth, but a rapidity tempered by no lessening of standards, but, on the contrary, always increasing piety, devotion, orthodoxy, love for Holy Mother Church.

Congratulations to all the ordinands, and to all the young seminarians, may God watch over you and keep you on your path to this vital and exalted office!  Please pray for KB, son of frequent readers and good friends of this blog.  He is a seminarian at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska.

Also pray for Fr. Caleb Kick, who has spent some time with our family and was ordained on May 26.

May God have mercy on His afflicted Church and send us more seminarians and ordained priests!



1. The Lord's Blog - July 12, 2017

Lord have your Mother look over your Priests. Guide them out of the darkness and the filth of this world. Let them be true Priests and Fathers to their flock. Amen.

2. The Lord's Blog - July 12, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
True calling and vocations………the future is at stake.

3. David - July 12, 2017

Fr. Zuhlsdorf had a post this week that a substantial percentage of ordinations in France that took place in 2017 were for “traditional ” orders. This is great news because many Catholic parishes across Europe are empty on Sunday. Besides, traditional orders are attracting vocations because their Religious Superior is true to the magesterium. It’s been disappointing to hear news reports about the bishops in Deutschland, Belgium, and Ireland who are going the way of the culture. Men hunger for the Truth.

Tim - July 12, 2017
Richard Malcolm - July 16, 2017

“a substantial percentage…”

1 in 4, in fact.

4. Numbskull - July 12, 2017

I just hope Bergoglio doesn’t hear about this, or he might do some more reaching out to the peripheries…if you know what I mean. Just ask the FFI, or what’s left of them.

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