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They Demolished the Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Compromised Natural Sciences – now SJWs Come for the Engineers August 4, 2017

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Dr. Donna M. Riley, SJW extraordinaire, has been appointed Dean of the Department of Engineering Education -whatever that is, they didn’t have those in the benighted, practically prehistoric days of the 1990s when I was in school – at the University of Purdue. She aims to introduce a deep exposure to leftist political ideology into engineering curricula already overloaded with state-mandated coursework and already desperately short of actual practical engineering education for the real world/industry.  I think this much is obvious in her statements that engineering must be “de-centered from Western civilization” and her repeated and focused attacks on “specifically ‘colonialist’ white men.”

But the fervent proselytes of the religion of sexular pagansim must conquer the entire world – it is a fundamental tenet of their faith –  and having some corners of campus relatively uncorrupted by their perverse and destructive ideology simply must not be allowed to stand:

When one thinks of the Progressive subversion of higher education, many people assume that the hard sciences are devoid of the kind of social justice agenda one finds in the humanities. But in a fascinating piece for the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, engineer Indrek Wichman complains that engineering education has become more about social engineering than actual engineering. “A phalanx of social justice warriors, ideologues, egalitarians, and opportunistic careerists has ensconced itself in America’s college and universities,” he writes. “The destruction they have caused in the humanities and social sciences has now reached to engineering.”

Social justice warriors, Wichman continues, “have sought out the soft underbelly of engineering, where phrases such as ‘diversity’ and ‘different perspectives’ and ‘racial gaps’ and ‘unfairness’ and ‘unequal outcomes’ make up the daily vocabulary. Instead of calculating engine horsepower or microchip power/size ratios or aerodynamic lift and drag, the engineering educationists focus on group representation, hurt feelings, and ‘microaggressions’ in the profession.” [This “engineering education” aspect, now instantiated in many universities as the controlling authority over the first year or two of so-called engineering education, is how the SJWs are inflicting leftist indoctrination on every student, since they control the requirements for freshman education]

Wichman points to the example of Dr. Donna Riley, the recently-appointed dean of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, which “envisions a more socially connected and scholarly engineering education,” according to its website. “This implies that we radically rethink the boundaries of engineering and the purpose of engineering education.” Radically rethinking boundaries — that phrase is a huge red flag. [As is “scholarly education,” which means heavy exposure to fields already dominated by SJWs]

Dr. Riley declares that her personal purpose is to “seek to revise engineering curricula to be relevant to a fuller range of student experiences and career destinations [interesting coming from one who has built a career not on actual engineering, but on the politicization of same, and the diversity/grievance industry that has funded her advancement. She apparently wants to see opportunities in this blood-sucking field increase], integrating concerns related to public policy, professional ethics, and social responsibility [leftism]; de-centering Western civilization; and uncovering contributions of women and other underrepresented groups [uncovering – meaning, inventing]…. We examine how technology influences and is influenced by globalization, capitalism, and colonialism [WTF is that even an issue in the world anymore]…. Gender is a key…[theme]…[throughout] the course…. We…[examine]… racist and colonialist projects in science….” [Just straight up leftist propaganda/indoctrination]

Riley goes on, Wichman reports, to disparage “the free movement of capital, the role of Western civilization, and the nature of men, specifically ‘colonialist’ white men. How can it improve the practice of engineering to bring in such diversions and distractions?”

It can’t, of course, but social justice warriors couldn’t care less about the practice of engineering. They care only about politicizing every aspect of life and education. [And don’t give a damn how many have to die as a result of their policies, resulting in shoddier engineering.]

“Riley’s purpose,” Wichman says, “seems not to be how best to train new engineers but to let everyone know how bad engineers have been, how they continue to ‘oppress’ women and persons of color, how much we need ‘diverse perspectives,’ and how the ‘struggle’ continues to level all distinctions and differences in society.” [piece goes on to note how much of engineering publications, especially in the academic environment, are already totally penetrated with SJW illogic]

You should read the CV of this woman they appointed head of the Engineering Department at Purdue, long one of the most respected engineering programs in the country.  She’s done virtually no, you know, actual physical research into engineering phenomenon, but has ridden the affirmative action and social justice gravy trains her entire career.

Go take a look at the Virginia Tech engineering education website, which is surely heavily influenced by Riley’s appointment as head of engineering education at VT, one year before she got a plum assignment at Purdue (the SJWs, they do seem to climb the ladder so quickly, don’t they?).  Even though white men make up over 60% of the VT engineering student body, you can hardly find a white face on the homepage of the department, while every manner of greatly advantaged minority is represented.

I’d even go so far as to say that anyone who has held appointments in Women and Gender Studies programs – fields utterly corrupt and devoid of value, according to Dr. Jordan Peterson, among many others, and actually so pernicious as to destroy rational enquiry – is unworthy to hold a professorship in an engineering department.

Honestly this crap has been going on in engineering since the late 80s at least, but it’s mostly been lip service to date, and hasn’t impacted the quality of engineering programs to a marked degree (it does vary by college, some have really declined in quality while others have maintained standards).  I saw this at UT where I was the only white male student to get a nice scholarship from Mobil, but my grades had to be a solid 1 point higher than the  minority students who received it, only one of which actually went on to graduate with an engineering degree.

And this has been the goal all along. I will never, ever forget my first direct exposures to SJWs and politically motivated persecution.  It was my first job out of college, and the plant had hired a white female diversity officer from some leftist hellhole. She made no bones about it, political correctness, affirmative action, “diversity” preferences in hiring, and all the rest were just reverse discrimination, which was perfectly fine and justified since the evil white male had been putting it over on all the poor oppressed minorities for centuries, and it was time for us to get ours.  That woman is now a senior VP at a very large and connected federal contractor, supervising, you guessed it, human resources and diversity programs.

Yeah, you could say I have strong opinions on the subject.

BTW this Riley chick is very politically connected, she got an invite to the Obama White House due to her LGBTQRSTUV-&*# status:

Spoiled white chick with major daddy issues seeks to wreck male dominated field.  Surprise, surprise.  But it disgusts me that she has built a career out of attempting to destroy something much better and greater than herself.  The real shame is on the institutions that have hired her and given her such influential positions.  It’s enough for me to write off Purdue, Virginia Tech, and Carnegie Mellon.



1. Mrs. H. - August 4, 2017

Surprise, surprise, right?
Fits in quite neatly with this hair raising article someone sent me.

2. Baseballmomof8 - August 4, 2017

Note to self – avoid traveling over bridges designed by her engineers.

Tantumblogo - August 4, 2017

I was going to say, why don’t the SJWs fund a new airplane company, where the poorly formed/qualified product of their schools can design planes for SJWs to fly in.

Would never happen. These parasites can only leech off the good works and accumulated capital (intellectual, monetary, cultural, artistic, etc) of better people.

And deep down, they know it. They are fundamentally dishonest, most of all with themselves.

3. Louis Gasper - August 5, 2017

There may be less here than appears. She is head of engineering education, not the college of engineering. She shouldn’t be employed anywhere in academia, of course, but it’s not clear to me that she’s going to be in a position to substitute feminist angst for stress analysis of ailerons.

Tantumblogo - August 5, 2017

I understand the distinction. As I stated in the post, this sub-department has heavy sway over freshman and to a lesser extent sophomore education. So it’s a great way to indoctrinate/weed out incoming classes, all of which have to pass through this gauntlet.

4. Numbskull - August 5, 2017

just what in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a goin’ on here?

5. Brian E. Breslin - August 5, 2017

And Mitch Daniels allowed this lunatic on his campus let alone hired her?! Good catch on this, Tantum.

Tim - August 5, 2017

And to think, I voted for Daniels for Governor twice!

6. MrT - August 5, 2017

BSEE grad of The University, Class of ’78, now Sr. Software Engineering Staff. If I was today facing high school graduation, seeking an Engineering degree with the prospect of dealing the likes of this fem-fascist at an institute of higher learning, I would opt for a two-year tech degree or apprentice in a potentially lucrative high-skill trade, in spite of my parents’ wishes.

Numbskull - August 5, 2017

I pity the fool that don’t follow MrT.

7. Faith of Our Fathers - August 6, 2017

What garbage Language do these Effin Idiots force upon the Young they should actually be lined up and shot . I could just imagine a conversation meeting between these A-Holes . There would not be one sentence spoken that would make any sense. Really the whole games up. These Lunatics ( and that’s what they are ) through Omincehead Obama have completely taken over and are now completely running the show.

8. UD alumna - August 7, 2017

No engineering at the Univ. of Dallas, but good news nonetheless:

“University of Dallas Ranks No. 1 for Most Conservative Student Body”

(students rating themselves)


UD alumna - August 7, 2017

Interesting. Electrical Engineering is listed on this table as having a pre-professional program:

Academic Majors, Concentrations & Programs

David - August 8, 2017

US alumna:

Recently, I read that the University of Dallas started some kind of an engineering program in conjunction with UT-Arlington. I don’t know all the details, and it’s a newer development.

Tantumblogo - August 10, 2017

yes we are aware. Thank you.

9. David - August 8, 2017

I graduated from a large state run engineering college in 1994. I remember having a 135 hour minimum curriculum, and at least 9 hours of technical electives. Today, quite a few engineering programs at the larger schools have replaced options for technical electives with things like program management. This is common in civil engineering, and I know one reason it was done was that many engineers will be doing program management, and communication along with teamwork is important.

However, I think another reason it was done was to make engineering a little easier. I’ve heard that some engineering programs have been reduced now to 128 hours. At one Catholic college I attended, there was a small engineering department and engineering majors were exempt from the 9 hour philosophy requirement that all other majors had to take. This was to avoid having 144 hours for graduation, and it met the ABET accreditation.

I don’t remember too much talk about diversity in the early 90s (I did after I graduated), but I do remember that engineering schools were trying hard to recruit women. Part of that is if a woman was good at math and science she was steered towards medicine, not engineering. (I was in pre-med at a Catholic college before transferring, and pre-med was about 40% female in the mid to late 1980s, and if you don’t mind me saying so, quite a few of those ladies were attractive, personable, and smart. Quite frankly, it wasn’t a bad place to meet girls).

Today, from what I see in civil engineering, civil and environmental is about 1/3 female today, with many female engineers not doing as much technical work, but coordinating meetings, people, presentations, etc. Industrial engineering when I was at a large public engineering school was about 1/4 female, but industrial is more of the “human side” of engineering, which involves time studies, quality assurance, business side, etc., which attracts more women. I was in mechanical, which was say 8% female, since there were 8 girls in my senior design class of 100. Electrical didn’t have too many females, but most women’s minds (I had a lady engineer once tell me this) are not wired to do the logical thinking and the math required for electrical engineering.

I think part of this SJW is a move to “water down” and attract more students, although the public engineering school I attended did have GPA cutoffs to enter the upper division classes, and chemical, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace required higher GPAs than civil, industrial, biomedical, or petroleum. Too many colleges have become more about business, and getting students in and out, where the student is practically a customer to the university.

UD alumna - August 12, 2017

I’m not a scientist but just ran across this — re: research on Alzheimer’s.

“Women have more active brains than men”

love the title ; )


“The brains of women in the study were significantly more active in many more areas of the brain than men, especially in the prefrontal cortex, involved with focus and impulse control, and the limbic or emotional areas of the brain, involved with mood and anxiety. The visual and coordination centers of the brain were more active in men.”

10. God bless nerds - August 10, 2017

Meanwhile, at the high school level :

Winchester, VA: AP and Honors classes will be decided by skin color


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