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Check Out This Site Dedicated Towards Counter-Revolution…… August 14, 2017

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………and monarchy.  The latter seems so “extreme” and “anti-American” to many that merely proposing the concept is enough to get one branded a crazy – which goes to show just how thorough the cultural dominance of the revolutionary rhetoric of the “Enlightenment” and the left-libertine ethos it encourages has been.

The current left-liberal socio-political paradigm is, to a very great extent, built, and I increasingly believe deliberately so, upon ignorance of history.  Here I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, have been a Catholic for nearly 20 years, yet I had never heard of the Cristiada or the 100+ year war by the various totalitarian Mexican governments against the Church until 2009 or so.  I had no idea there was a mass popular reaction against repressive, authoritarian “liberal” government in a huge nation that borders  on my native state, and with a huge population of expatriates living right there among us.  Many Mexicans themselves are wholly ignorant of the Cristiada or its justifications.

And that is hardly the only example of Catholic reaction to the left-liberal or sexular pagan zeitgeist.  The Austrian government under Dolfuss and, to a lesser extent, Schuschnigg, Francoist Spain and to a lesser extent again the Estado Novo of Salazar’s Portugal,  the Carlist uprisings in Spain against creeping leftism in the 19th century, the War in the Vendee in France, the ……..these are but a few of the better known (and that isn’t very well) examples.

Unfortunately, to date, none of these reactions have been outwardly successful in permanently forestalling the advance of the “enlightenment” ethos.  There are current movements in Hungary and Poland, and possibly some other European states, that are reactions to this ethos and which have a religious (Catholic) flavor, but they have not yet come sufficiently to fruition to dominate the direction of their respective nations.

The endarkenment – my pithy term for the left-liberal/sexular pagan ethos – almost requires this environment.  It insists, and in effect requires all opposition to be presented as “extreme,” the abode of crazies and malcontents of one stripe or another.  This is probably the most valuable and well demonstrated point proven in The Gentle Traditionalist.  This definition causes the endarkenment values to present themselves both as the only reasonable alternative and as inevitable, the practical result of a “scientific society” that has finally pulled itself out of the dark ages of religion and superstition.

Of course, this left-liberal society also contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  Critics of the dominant left-liberal culture have noted this for 200 years – unfortunately, most of those critics were even more erroneous, even more extreme in their programs to overcome and ultimately displace the liberal democratic state.

But since that destruction seems to loom before us more and more every day, becoming ever more likely to come to fruition in a cataclysm perhaps even worse than the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, it behooves thinking souls to consider what may come after the crash – or how the crash may be averted if, by some miracle, society can be brought to its senses.

This is a long introduction to a website recommended by good reader MFG comes to mind, a site dedicated towards counter-revolution – for the “enlightenment” has always been first a foremost a revolution, a revolution especially dedicated towards unseating God and His Church.  I haven’t perused all the site  yet, and am not giving an endorsement of all the content therein, but there is at the least some edifying historical content (such as on the Carlist counter-revolutions of Spain), and some serious food for thought on monarchy and the role Tradition must play in shaping a rightly ordered Catholic society.  I am not quite as willing to endorse the denunciations of capitalism and embrace of agrarianism on the site, unless the authors make clear what they are proposing – a basically mid-19th century existence, with most people engaged in exhausting manual toil out in the fields.  Materialism has been a great evil in the world, it is a primary vice of the endarkenment, but I am still dubious of  policies that condemn the vast majority of souls to lives of endless, exhausting manual labor.  On a practical level, it’s an impossible sell.  That is why distributists virtually never get into specifics about what the world would look like should their economic views be put into practice.  It sounds nice to say “well, each village would be self-supporting, with farmers growing food and blacksmiths making tools and tailors sewing dresses, etc…….”  But few are willing to admit there would be few or no cars or trucks, little or no electricity, likely no trains or planes, no computers, little communication with the outside world, little if any medicine (antibiotics failing to grow on trees), much less variety of food and a strong likelihood of periodic want if not outright starvation, etc. – everything that was common in the late 18th century.

I’m being a bit harsh, there are some ways some of this could be avoided on a semi-distributist model, but overall it would mean mass sacrifice in standard of living (and life expectancy) for virtually all but the most elite in the monarchist/nobility driven society.  Which, if that’s your program, if you are really convinced that returning to a Catholic moral and social order requires abandoning “capitalism” (whatever one means by that term, capitalism at its essence to me is the free exchange of goods and services at mutually agreed rates) and a return to an agrarian 18th/early 19th century level of existence, fine, but be honest about what this will mean in practical terms, and don’t sell it as a no-cost (or even superior, in material terms) alternative.

But who knows what may come if this massive but fragile beast that is the interconnected socio-political-economic structure of the world today collapses?  Distributism may arise of itself naturally in that case.

In any event, the website does have some good content and I am happy to engage with and be supportive towards any effort aimed at the institution or restoration of a Catholic moral and social order  It also invites you to join the counter-revolution if you are so moved.  The site claims joining may enable you to engage with other like minded individuals. I joined and I will see what results.  I do not know if this website or group has any relation to Tradition, Family, and Property.  Some concerns over TFP were expressed to me recently, and they are not the first I have heard, but I have not really seen these concerns substantiated to any serious degree, as of yet.  Perhaps I will soon enough.

At any rate I have spent far too much time on this today!  Check out the site if you are interested in learning some aspects of little-known Catholic history, and/or are looking for alternatives to the “inevitable” left-liberal materialist ethos.




1. Barbara - August 15, 2017

It does seem off-putting to think of life without most of our modern conveniences. But the only one of your list that I think is genuine is the medical one. That said there were many, many ways to stay healthy in the good old days and many, many people lived healthy long lives – heck even in the Bible we are told that most lived to 70, and in the stronger, to 80. All our modern ways have not pushed death back that much.

As for capitalism vs socialism vs monarchy – the system does not matter. What matters is that individuals are virtuous. With individuals striving towards loving God and neighbour for love of Him, any system will work for the common good.

2. FL_Catholic - August 15, 2017

I’m glad to see that you linked to this site! I’ve been a Catholic monarchist most of my life, and have been labeled one of the “crazies” for most of it too. However, there are more of us out there than people think, although in America we are still a negligible minority. Billions of people throughout the world live peacefully and prosperously under monarchies, so the idea that its a fringe movement is just an Americanist lie to perpetuate the republican system in this country.

Distributism is an unworkable theory. It would destroy Western civilization by trying to make the wheels come to a screeching halt and reverse course. it would be chaos. Its nothing more than right-wing communism, which is why Catholic social/economic theory has propounded a version of Corporatism as the way to go in industrialized economies. It worked under Dolfuss, Franco, and Salazar when they implemented it in their countries.

Republics all eventually succumb to the poison which is built into their systems. They are built and sustained by Freemasonry, which will always lead to their collapse. The “Founding Fathers” were Freemasons, the Declaration and Constitution are Freemasonic and Locke inspired documents, and have directly led to the mess we are in now. Only by returning to the correct social order as directed by the Lord, government by Altar and Throne, can we save the West from its inevitable demise. Heaven is a monarchy. The Church is a monarchy. The government should also be a monarchy, or things are not correctly balanced.

For a good view of history from a monarchist perspective without all the liberal/left biases a great resource is the blog run by The Mad Monarchist. He is a wealth of knowledge about history, monarchy, and the Church.

3. Tim - August 15, 2017

Your concerns about distributionism are warrented. The Church has only condemned socialism/communism. The Church has not ruled on a specific economic system that is ideal. I suspect that the capitalism you described coupled with genuine Catholic virtue(and there is the rub) would be best.

On the post about admonishing the sinner I provided reponses showing the evolution stands condemned by the Church in 2 infallible( unlike the “pastoral” Vatican 2) ecumenical councils, making rejection of evolution a requirement for Catholics. I did not address distributionism as the Church has not addressed that in that manner. Also, I did not address geocentrism as I don’t believe that the Church has specifically addressed that dogmatically. I happen to believe that geocentrism is correct, but in the end it doesn’t affect whether or not I get to heaven.

4. Numbskull - August 15, 2017

Capitalism as we know it today, came about because of USURY. And who is it that practiced usury throughout history, and was kicked out of countries for doing so? When will Americans realize that we are now a Jewish country? They control the media, the entertainment and pornography industries, wall street, the banks and now YOU. Who do you think is behind the removal of Civil War statues and monuments — ADL, SPLC, ACLU, Soros — they’re all Zionist Jews. And no, I’m not an anti-Semite, Christ commanded us to love our enemies. So don’t fall for that old Jewish lie. But make no mistake, these Zionist Jews are our enemy. I can’t remember who said it, but if you remove the Social Kingship of Christ from your country, you will inevitable become ruled by the Jews. And that’s exactly what has happened since the French Revolution (which was started by Judeo-Masons). The Church even admitted as much, before the ecumenical madness of Vatican II.

Tim - August 15, 2017

America never had a “Civil War”. A civil war is a war for control of the same government. The Confederacy never had designs on taking Washington. Therefore it was not a “Civil War”. It was a war for southern independence.

You are correct about the Jews.

Numbskull - August 16, 2017

That’s a good point, Tim. Never thought of it that way, but as they say: history is written by the victors.

5. Tg - August 16, 2017

I already worked in the fields when I was a kid. So no thank you. This is selfish but I hope I am dead if economic collapse happens. I couldn’t handle a life without electricity.

6. Alex - August 16, 2017

Distributism as an idea “may” be moral, but even if we could implement it I can’t imagine it lasting more than a generation in the US. We’d weaken ourselves so radically that the Russians, Chinese, or someone else would conquer us without breaking a sweat.

Because of this and other practicalities distributism can’t be moral.

7. Camper - August 18, 2017

Distributism is condemned by traditioninaction.org, which is an outstanding website for tradition in general and sound political philosophy in particular. It is inspired by TFP and Professor Plinio, but it doesn’t treat him like the greatest saint of all time after the Blessed Virgin Mary.

8. Camper - August 22, 2017

News flash! Free speech marches silenced by bullies!


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