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Our Year of Trial Continues: Please Pray for Our Baby Daugbter August 17, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.
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My sweet baby girl, such a great gift of God for parents who thought they were probably too old to expect more children, has been hospitalized since last night.  She has dehydration and probably some kind of chemical/pharmaceutical poisoning.  She’s getting better but slowly.  Not out of the woods yet.

No we don’t know what caused it and yes we have child proofed all medicines and dangerous chemicals but the signs point to probably some kind of medicine ingestion.

Please pray for our sweet adorable baby. She has brought so much light and joy to our family and all her siblings (and parents) are absolutely devastated that an accident like this could have happened.  Yesterday was a rough day.  My son had an accident and got hit in the head with a heavy object and then Josefina just sort of cratered and went unconscious and catatonic.  As I said she is getting better but only slowly.

God bless you for your prayers.  I know I have asked so much tbis year but I also know their power.  You have my gratitude.  Thank you.