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10th Annual White Rose Women’s Center Fundraising Dinner Oct 7th August 22, 2017

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I feel bad about the timing for St. Joseph’s Helpers, the fundraising arm of the White Rose Women’s Centers in the Dallas area.  Their 10th annual benefit dinner featuring Father Shenan Boquet of Human Life International is on the same date as the major Fatima conference featuring Cardinal Burke and a bevy of many other major draws.  White Rose does such wonderful work as a Catholic crisis pregnancy center, I pray this fundraiser is still well-attended in spite of the conflict.  One must imagine, however, that a pro-life fundraiser and the Fatima conference are going to compete in some respects for interest from the same group of faithful Catholics in the area.

Having said that, the Diocese of Dallas loves to boast of the fact that there are well over 1 million Catholics in the diocese, so surely there should be more than enough to make both events well attended. It’s just a shame two such desirable, high profile events such as this have to overlap to some extent (thinking, though, the Fatima conference will wrap up an hour or so before the White Rose dinner – that is, if you don’t go to the Cardinal Burke honorary dinner at the conclusion of the Fatima conference!).

At any rate, tix are $150 each or $1500 for a table for 10.  Most details below.  You can register here.


1. here since '66 - August 23, 2017

“well over 1 million Catholics in the diocese”
Maybe, but Dallas is a sanctuary city.

I remember when there were substantially fewer Catholics, before big migrations from the north and before amnesty 1986/chain migration set in.

I’ve assumed that a good portion of the growth came from illegals/migrants — those unlikely to be big contributors and more likely to be recipients of funding.

Unfortunately, not much increase has come from evangelizing/conversions of the homegrown population. That never seems to have been a priority — shamefully.

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