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Finally! August 30, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, firearms, fun, non squitur, silliness.

New plates, baby:

Multi-shot Level IV steel body armor.  Two plates plus sides.  Yikes is it heavy.  My plate carrier now weighs 32 pounds loaded, and that’s without magazines (it’s more than a carrier, more like a tactical vest/carrier combo).

So now my kids like to put it on and engage in punching contests.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this in a post, but when I went to Kansas this summer I took some soft body armor along to target shoot.  It was all Level IIIA stuff, soft kevlar.  Nonetheless, I was impressed with how well it faired.  I had several pieces stop anywhere from 5-10 9mm rounds from about 25 feet.  I had one stop seven 9 mm and about 15 .22LR rounds.  It puffed up like mad but it did very well against the kinds of rounds it was designed to stop – handgun caliber.  I was surprised that this soft-armor was capable of stopping multiple rounds so long as they didn’t hit too close together (within maybe 2″ of a previous hit).

I also took some video of bottle shooting and what not but the end result was not so great.  So much for relying on a giddy 13 year old cameragirl.


1. docmx001 - August 30, 2017

Mine is 23lbs with 3x30rd mags of 7.62, but no side sapis. Did you ever decide on a helmet?

2. Camper - August 31, 2017

I can understand somebody who wants class IIIA, but not buying class IV! Are you going to fight ISIS?

3. Camper - August 31, 2017

Sorry if I sound like a leftist, but level IV plates are so heavy that to me it seems like they are useful only for urban fighting when somebody has a place to sleep within the city. Even for troops entering a city from far away, level IV plates are just too heavy. I guess you expect urban warfare. Okay, Tantum, stay safe! Camper

4. geneticallycatholic - September 2, 2017

A bit off topic, but as you are in the USA, and probably won’t hear it from the MSM, I thought I would let you know. President Trump has declared September 3 a National Day of Prayer for the USA. …praying for Texas. …and…

Here’s where I found the information:

5. c matt - September 2, 2017

If you do’t mind my asking, what does something like that cost?

6. RbM - September 4, 2017


It’s Sunday night, the next day. I’m not able to post my response on the other thread like I said I would because it is closed…???

If you still want to see it, let me know please.


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