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Media Scum Show their Hateful Loathing of Ordinary Americans……. August 30, 2017

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…….and since we’re speaking of the heroism on regular display in Houston and southeast Texas, also revealing their callow envy at people they know to be far better than themselves.

What a spiteful little bit of bile, via Ace:

There’s actually quite a bit being revealed, probably more than the artist intended.  He shows much more his own ignorance of (and bitter anger towards) Christianity than he says anything remotely relevant of Christians, even erroneous fundamentalist protestants.

A local priest has told a joke/story about God’s intervention in our lives a number of times, and it is perfectly apropos for this cartoon and the whole Harvey situation.  It involves a man trapped on his roof amid steadily rising flood waters.  The man is praying for God to rescue him, and lo, about an hour later, comes a boat offering rescue to the man.  But the man refuses, continuing his prayer.  A little later comes another, larger boat.  Again the man refuses to be rescued.  Still later, when the man has had to climb his chimney as the water rises ever higher, a helicopter passes over and begins to lower its rescue cage, but the man waves them off.  Finally the man is swept off his chimney by the waters and drowns.  When he meets God, he asks why God didn’t rescue him.  God answers “I sent you one small boat, one big one, and a helicopter – what more did you want?”

That is to say, there is nothing to say that a “helicopter sent by government” was not influenced by Grace to respond to a particular person’s needs at a given time or place.  The idea that only a complete redneck imbecile would think that demonstrates the incredibly childish level of understanding our self-appointed “betters” in the media have of Christianity, and their utter disdain for the operation of Grace.  Only those possessed of a reprobate sense would have such a callous view of even the potentiality of the miraculous.  And yet these are the opinion-shapers – even still, even after a million self-inflicted wounds to their credibility – that form the thinking of tens of millions of Americans, probably still a majority.

As for me, I have no truck with anything they say or do anymore.  The media come across to me as high chiefs of a strange and always hostile religion.

More leftist hatred of the petit bourgeoisie here.

Still more ripoff – professional muslim agitprop agent Linda Sarsour misrepresents pro-radical muslim political campaign donation efforts as “hurricane relief.”  Most despicable, using money bilked from  unsuspecting people to stir up hatred and envy among those possibly rendered vulnerable to these terrible vices by the trauma they’ve experienced.  I suspect it will not result in much measurable success in Texas.

Be very careful who you donate to.  Already several shyster donation ripoff sites have been exposed in the Houston area.




1. Tim - August 30, 2017

CNN scum:

2. Richard Malcolm - August 30, 2017

It’s not only vicious and petty, it fails the most important test for a political cartoon: It’s not funny. (And yes, there are effective liberal cartoonists out there who can capably employ humor. Wuerker is not one of them.)

3. around here - August 31, 2017
4. c matt - August 31, 2017

More impressive than the Coast Guard and other first responders were the Cajun Navy and what I admiringly refer to as the Bubba Brigade – the regular folks with boats and trucks who probably saved as many or more people than the government.

5. Canon212 Update: Pope Francis is Less Catholic Than Texas – The Stumbling Block - August 31, 2017


6. Tim - September 1, 2017


7. around here - September 2, 2017

Disgusting: France’s Charlie Hebdo says GOD drowned Neo-Nazis in Texas


8. Tim - September 2, 2017

A refreshing change from the fake news:

Thank the Good Lord that we have this imperfect man in the White House instead of Hitlery.

9. Tim - September 2, 2017

A Traditional Catholic option for safe donation:


10. David - September 3, 2017

Last Friday, I heard about this charity whose focus in Houston will be purchasing fans and dehumidifiers in order to dry out homes and reduce mold. The leader is Ryan DellaCrosse, who is president of Ducati, a Catholic marketing and technology firm.

Here is the website:


There is also a Facebook page where the work of this charity will be shown. Drying out homes will take a while, and I think donations to buy equipment for this use will be worthwhile.

David - September 3, 2017

The name of the firm is Fuzati . I didn’t catch the typo before hitting the button.

around here - September 5, 2017


Missions of Hope mentioned here as well, plus a couple pro-life groups. — American Life League article in response to pro-abortion organization Lilith which is establishing a fund to pay for abortions for Hurricane Harvey victims.

11. Tim - September 4, 2017

Mean old Trump:

12. around here - September 5, 2017

MSM pushes narrative Muslims are heroes of the Hurricane Harvey


13. Tim - September 5, 2017

MSNBC scum:

14. Tim - September 6, 2017

Hurricane and other insanity:

15. around here - September 7, 2017

This is just too much fun.

New Yorker Magazine Is Afraid of the Cajun Navy


16. Tim - September 7, 2017

Irma Insanity!!!:

17. Tim - September 8, 2017

Hurricanes ans Trump Derangement Syndrome:

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