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Videos from Fatima Rosary Procession 09/13/2017 September 14, 2017

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For the fifth month in a row, Mater Dei FSSP parish in Irving, TX, held a Rosary Procession in honor of the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  The final centennial procession will be held Friday, October 13 at 7pm and will process along public streets (SH 356/Irving Blvd) from Mater Dei to Trinity View Park at the Irving/Dallas border.

Attendance was very good last night.  I would guesstimate between 250 and 300 people attended.  And this isn’t even the “big” procession! See below.  

I love what the organizers have done with the lighting of Our Lady for these night processions.  It was really beautiful.

Videos below.  I did not capture every moment of the procession, which took over half an hour, but did get most major portions.  It gives a flavor for it, anyway, which is not bad, considering I didn’t plan on recording ahead of time, I just decided to on the spot.

Filmed by hand.  There is some jiggly screen, but not too much, I don’t think.  If that bothers you, you might not want to watch.



1. skeinster - September 15, 2017

Thank you for posting these. A little light in the darkness for us all.
We are so blessed in our parish.
Those of us who cannot attend physically, are with you in spirit.

2. Tim - September 16, 2017

Looks wonderful.
My family had the good fortune to participate in a candlelight Rosary processions at Fatima in 2013 and at Lourdes in 2014 when went on Michael Matt’s Chartres Pilgrimage Tours.
Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP was chaplain both years, great priest!

3. Tim - September 16, 2017

4. Tradition and Lace - September 16, 2017

Oh How Beautiful!! Thank you so much for filming and posting for all to see.
God Bless.
🌹Ave Maria🌹

5. rescuedbymary - September 17, 2017
rescuedbymary - September 17, 2017

Time to wake up…

Tim - September 18, 2017

You never posted your “proof” over Labor Day weekend.

Please put up or shut up!

rescuedbymary - September 18, 2017

I’m sorry, Tim. I returned the next day just as I had promised; however, the thread had been closed prematurely.

Therefore, I posted my delema on he next available thread informing you of the situation, but did not receive your response.

I’ve since come to understand that Tamblogo is the actual owner of this blog. I hadn’t understood that in my original interaction with everyone.

I don’t think he is at all interested in my information, Tim. As evidenced by his posting of this current montage of worship of the divine feminine.

I have left a link for you and yours above, however. This would be an excelent place to start to come to a Catholic understanding of just what the Lady of Fatima really is, Tim.

All the best my friend,


Tim - September 18, 2017

Well, that’s quite a lengthy pdf, I will look at it as time permits. Ultimately you have to PROVE that the CHURCH erred in approving this apparition.

I can’t speak for Tantum’s interest level. I normally would not be other than passing curiosity as I have a family and business to tend to(you know, duty of state), but since I publicly challenged you to produce it, I will at least read it. I will also pass this on to priest that I trust and get his thoughts. I’m sure that this tread will be long closed once I’ve had time to review this, so I don’t know how I will communicate my thoughts at that point.

God bless you and yours.

Tim - September 18, 2017

Your characterization of these people as worshiping “the divine feminine” is calumny. How do you know their individual motives and intentions? Would you accuse them of this if it was Our Lady of Lourdes or Guadalupe? Even if you believe that Fatima is a fraud worshiping anyone or anything but God is idolatry, a serious sin against the 1st Commandment. To publicly declare these good Carholic people of idolatry is a despicable act. You should apologize to Tantum and confess this serious sin of calumny. My money says these folks were simply venerating Our Blessed Mother as we are expected to do by her Divine Son. So, even if you are correct that Fatima is a fraud (and I’m not conceding that here), then the most they could possibly be guilty of is ignorance of your private “divine knowledge”. Any way you slice this you are guilty of calumny. Please show good will and apologize on this forum.

Tantumblogo - September 20, 2017

He won’t be able to.

Tim - September 20, 2017

My gut says he wouldn’t have anyway. So be it.

Tantumblogo - September 20, 2017

He’s done unless he spoofs his IP or gets a new one.

6. Tim - September 18, 2017

Hey there “Rescued”,
Are you going to speak here and enlighten the masses?


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