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People are Endlessly Dumb, re: North Korean “Hydrogen Bomb” October 2, 2017

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I know this is fairly off topic, but this bit of insanely incorrect, maddeningly dishonest, blindingly negligent agitprot/”reporting” from the New  York Post (I know, I know) is just so stupid I had to comment.  It just goes to show how the American media is the most ignorant in the world, even of their own nation’s recent history (and I mean, well within living memory).

You see, if North Korea initiates a “hydrogen bomb” type device in the Pacific, it’s literally the END OF THE WORLD:

The ocean would be devastated and low-orbiting satellites would cease to function.

Planes would literally fall out of the sky as technology stopped working and huge waves carrying radiation rushed ashore. [No, they won’t.  None of this will happen.]

Marine life in the immediate area would be killed and thousands of other animals and humans would remain at risk for long periods of time. [The risk would be trivial to non-existent, even in the case of a very dirty surface burst]

Radiation would disperse, flowing into an unknown number of waterways.

These are among just some of the terrifying prospects the world faces if North Korea followed through on its threat to carry out a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific.

North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told reporters in New York his country may consider doing just that in retaliation to tough UN sanctions………..

…….Oliver Buhler, a professor of applied mathematics at New York University, told Motherboard there would be waves and big ones at that.

“An underwater explosion or an above ground explosion would clearly create a bunch of waves, strong waves,” he said. [Really?  That’s interesting, because the US and France have both conducted numerous surface and sub-surface thermonuclear initiations up to 16 megatons – far larger than anything North Korea is able to produce – and there were no tsunamis, no tidal waves, not even a pinprick.  A single small hurricane is tens of times more powerful – expends more energy – than all the nuclear weapons in the world combined.  This is nothing but scaremongering of and to the blatantly ignorant, the kind of thinking that concludes in numerous young people believing that a single nuclear device is enough to kill all life on the planet forever]

There would also be a shockwave which would radiate outwards and carry “upwards of 140 kilotons of energy.” [Which on the scale of the Pacific is absolutely nothing]

Buhler said the waves would disperse and the bomb would act more as a storm arriving over a period of time. [???]

Motherboard also reveals how radiation fallout could continue for years after the blast occurred. [Yes but at trivial levels.  Remember, the US, Soviet Union, Britain, and others conducted hundreds of above ground tests for ~15 years, and many of these devices were massive and initiated at ground/sea level, meaning they were extremely dirty (produced tons of fallout).  This resulted in some slightly elevated potential for cancer over a decade or three.  It’s not “fallout” a la “The Day After” with lesions and hair falling out and all that.  The worst case was Castle Bravo in 1954, whose power was underestimated by physicists by 250% and which therefore caused some fallout to descend on some Japanese fishermen, killing some of them.  But that’s because they were only 40-50 miles away from the fireball and directly downwind, having escaped notice in the quarantine zone]

In an analysis for The Interpreter, Australian space analyst and writer Dr. Morris Jones paints an equally horrifying picture of what would happen post-blast.

Morris writes that the physical blast and electromagnetic effects would be catastrophic and, if the blast occurred without warning, things could get even worse. [Whaaaa?!?  The blast might extend over a few miles away from the initiation.  It will probably upset some fish and that’s about it. If North Korea has it initiate in Long Beach harbor, that’s an attack, not a test, and of course it would be catastrophic. But not in the middle of the open Pacific]

Electronics on planes would fail, causing them to fall from the sky while satellites in low-Earth orbit would be impacted. [This is just sheer stupidity. This author at an Australian leftist panic site is confusing an EMP attack, which requires a space-based burst, with an end-to-end missile to target detonation near the surface.  Surface and even airbursts do NOT GENERATE EMP! EMP only “works” if the device is initiated in outer space, otherwise the gamma and X-rays are stopped within a few miles by the atmosphere.  Rule of thumb: if you are close enough to lose your electronics in an atmospheric nuclear initiation, you will die of blast and heat before the radiation does you in (excluding enhanced radiation devices (so called neutron bombs), which still only “work” over maybe a 10 mile radius)]

That’s even before we consider the effects on ocean and marine life which would be hugely serious. [Only in the local area.  Just to remind, there were literally hundreds of surface level tests, and dozens of them were multi-megaton, larger than probably anything North Korea will be able to produce.  We don’t even know they have perfected a two-stage (thermonuclear) device…….250 kt is will within the range of a boosted fission weapon (fission salted with tritium to up the yield)].

I hate this kind of lying scaremongering.  Only one of the “experts” quoted in the article (there’s lots more) had the faintest clue what he was talking about.  Most of the “experts” were just political operatives with bylines or cozy sinecures at NGOs.  That mathematician at the top is a real dodo.

Look nukes are bad and testing and atmospheric testing causes a lot of problems it is highly desirable to avoid but the effects are cumulative and take a long time to really have an impact.  One test in one place will cause local devastation (hopefully, the middle of nowhere) but global effects are minimal to non-existent.

Anyway a little Catholic content coming your way shortly, God willing.


1. Tim - October 2, 2017


2. The Lord's Blog - October 2, 2017

I haven’t read the nonsense in the news yet on this topic. I’m forever grateful to you for the facts. What is going on with people today and facts. Don’t they check their facts? Talk to real experts?

3. The Lord's Blog - October 2, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
No research?

4. Sobieski - October 2, 2017


What’s your take on the long term effects of the radiation contaminating the Pacific from Fukushima reactor meltdown? Apparently there’s not much they can do to contain it at this point. Is it a big deal or more of a localized problem?

Another slightly related question. What do you think of Russia’s “Satan” ICBMs? If I recall correctly, one website showed them with the potential to cover a state the size of Texas. Hard to believe.

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2017

SS-18 NATO Code name: “Satan” are extremely large ICBMs with the largest throw weight (payload-range capacity) of any ICBM ever. The original versions carried a single 25 MT warhead and were designed to destroy command and control locations like NORAD. Later they were MIRV’d and could carry up to 16 but were treaty limited to 10 of between 750 kt and 1 MT. Those are unusually large warheads for today, implying they are still designed to take out hardened targets like missile silos, underground bunkers, and the like.

Have no idea what the website showed, but, no, MIRVs from a single missile can cover that large a range. Usually they can hit targets 50-100 miles apart max. They have to follow the same ballistic arc as the missile itself. They could give a thorough seeing to to Dallas or Houston, but as I said they are mostly intended for hard targets. They use road mobile missiles and SLBMs for city busting.

No idea regarding Fukushima, except that is said, maybe rumored, that more people died in the evacuation than have died as a direct result of the accident.

Sobieski - October 3, 2017

Interesting. Thanks. I always enjoy your military tech-related posts. Here’s that website I was referring to:


You can check out the radius of various types of nuke weapons on a map. The Russians apparently had a 100MT nuke a one point.

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2017

The 100 MT never happened. It was called Tsar Bomba. It was to be a three stage device but the third stage fizzled. So, they “only” got 57MT.

Tim - October 3, 2017

Funny nonetheless.

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2017

My alter ego, TantrumStompo. Probably autocorrect got him.

Tim - October 3, 2017

I have one like that to!!

Sobieski - October 4, 2017

Yep, I think that is what happened. That’s what I get for posting from my phone…

Tim - October 4, 2017

I get errors often when I post on my phone. On the computer in my office, not so much.

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