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So What Do You Make of This Nightmare in Las Vegas? October 5, 2017

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Certainly all readers are already aware of the atrocity that occurred in Las Vegas Sunday night, when a crazed gunman (or was it more than one?) killed 60 people and injured over 500.  Firing from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel casino into a crowded outdoor concert venue, he allegedly fired several thousand rounds at ranges varying from about 450 to 800+ yards.  He was apparently outfitted with an amazing collection of firearms and accessories, including top of the line sights, scopes, bipods, magazines, and firearms. There have been reports that his 30+ firearms have a retail value in excess of $100,000.

There are also reports of dry runs and possible coordination with another shooter who is as yet unknown (this is unconfirmed).  This was no sudden psychotic break.  The man had checked into his hotel room four days prior to the attack, and may have been there before that (see video below).  This was a carefully planned and orchestrated attacks. Such attacks have, historically, been perpetrated for two primary reasons – a poor pathetic failed and mentally disturbed individual, invariably a young man in his teens to early 30s, seeks notoriety and “fame” by staging a horrible attack.  The other typical motivation is ideology, either political or religious.  The fact that no motive has yet been found nearly 5 days after that attack is exceedingly unusual. In fact, it is the only recent mass shooting in which the motive was not known almost instantly.

This smells odd to me, and I agree with the video below that the evidence points to a man who became possessed either of leftist or muslim ideology, or both.  That is to say, the motive may well be known, or suspected, but is being covered up because it is politically inconvenient.  It could even have been a far more “successful,” in terms of demonic intent, copy of the attack on Republican congressman that occurred earlier this year and gravely wounded Congressman Steve Scalise.

I don’t want to go too far into speculation because we in the public really don’t know, but I have strong suspicions that investigating agencies know, or have a strong suspicion, what motivated this attack.  Whether they let us plebes who foot the bill for all their agencies ever know it is an entirely different thing.

It seems that bumpfire stocks can work quite well to mimic automatic weapons fire.  That is what we are told the man used to rain down torrents of fire on the crowd of what a leftist might perceive as dumb redneck rethuglicans.  Video evidence makes clear that the firearms were pumping out rounds at a rate much faster than even the quickest semi-auto trigger puller could manage. Even the NRA is ostensibly pushing for the ATF to review their previous finding that these stocks break no known firearms law (whether this is actually an attempt to clear them again is up for debate).

I’m afraid these kinds of attacks, whether made with guns, trucks, bombs, knives, or machetes are going to be an increasingly regular factor in our daily lives.  Islam is the primary reason for that, but a strong secondary reason is the increasingly extreme ideological polarization in our country and the increasing disconnection people feel for one another inside their electronic safe space boxes.  It is increasingly easy, in a world of Facebook and Twitter, for people to view the ideological “other” as very much less than human.  This is a temptation we as Catholics must be cognizant of, though I am quite confident no one here would ever fall to such extremes in thought or action.

But the biggest reason attacks like this occur, and will proliferate, is the steady decrease in the belief and practice of the Christian Faith among tens of millions of Americans (and others in the West).  Practical atheism/agnosticism doesn’t bring an enlightened society and polity based on reason and rational thought, it brings a hellish and unending barbarism.  This is a point Dr. Jordan Peterson makes to atheists all the time, that they fantasize that a godless world will be one free of superstition and full of beauty and light.  The reality is far darker, as black as the most wretched depths of our fallen souls.

Anyway, I suspect there will be some annoying and wholly ineffective gun regulations come out of this, even with (or maybe especially because of ) Republicans totally in control of the executive and legislative branches.  Because prohibition in other areas has always worked so well.  If ever desired to have a bumpfire stock, it might be too late.  Most manufacturers have so much demand and are so behind they are no longer taking orders.

I’m sure you’re praying for the many victims of this horrid nightmare, as I have been.  So many souls who faced death after a likely night of debauchery with no time and little opportunity for expression of contrition.  That’s the biggest tragedy of all.  May God have mercy on them, on the perpetrator, and on our increasingly sick nation.

So what do you make of all this?



1. DM - October 6, 2017

I had exactly the same thoughts as you. The motive for this shooter must be politically inconvenient for the leftists and deep state, so they’re not revealing it. For a man of that age and with apparently lots of money to go the lengths of planning and carry out an extreme attack like this, has to have an ideological reason.

One of my suspicions was that this was actually some kind of ‘false flag’ attack in order to give leftists their excuse for gun control. And lo and behold, this event has finally gotten Republicans and even the NRA to cave to their demands, which is disgusting. What difference would it have made if the shooter used a bump fire stock or just got a gun modified to be a true automatic? Or just stole an automatic or got on the black market, as terrorists do all over the world, including in extreme gun control nations like France? These new regulations will once again do nothing but punish the normal, law-abiding gun owners, which is the real goal of the media and the leftists anyway, not saving lives.

Tantum I was going to ask you if you have a bumpfire stock, but if not then you’re probably right, too late now.

2. Baseballmom - October 6, 2017

TB, this attack has occupied my heart and prayers since it happened… friends know people who were there, including one who is in critical condition. Every soul who was there was injured… and will live with this nightmare the rest of their lives. My prayer is that those souls will come to embrace the fullness of the Faith and die in a state of Grace.

As far as the perp goes – my thought has been demonic possession…. hardcore possession. Are progressives and Islamic fundamentalists part of that? Likely yes. And I agree, the bureaucrats know much more than they are saying. The girlfriend angle is weird… happily married for decades and then meets this guy at the Atlantis, leaves her husband and wanders the west (two houses here in the north state) for a few years with him. Strange. Like you said, way more to this whole story than what we are being told…
#Battleborn. #Nevadameanshome…. 😢

3. OnlyEwe - October 6, 2017

What psychopath do you know who would put his girlfriend on a plane to her country to keep her safe AND send her money to provide for her? None I say! A psychopath would have killed her along with himself. So what are we to make of this???

Baseballmom - October 6, 2017

Exactly…. the girlfriend angle is totally bizarre.

4. Tim - October 6, 2017
5. c matt - October 6, 2017

Doesn’t mean he is not a psychopath – some are very high achieving and functional (e.g., Hillary Clinton). Although he is more a sociopath than psychopath. Given the amount of planning (obviously targeting this specific event, positioning for it, stocking for it) it was not a “psychotic break.” Having dealt with those in a professional capacity, they are a relatively sudden reaction to trigger event, not a pre-planned episode.

6. c matt - October 6, 2017

Not sure about the second shooter theory, but I don’t think it impossible that he could have been the lone shooter given the conditions.

Rapid fire capability, range of 450-800 yards (well within an AR-15, especially some of the higher caliber chambered ones), upper ground position, and not targeting a specific person, but rather a tight crowd indiscriminately. Several thousands of rounds sounds like a lot to haul around, especially if preloaded into magazines. And given the target (a tight crowd), I don’t think you would need to have a high accuracy rate to inflict the damage

7. Tim - October 6, 2017

8. Mrs. Maureen Avila - October 6, 2017

Witness in video says she was in a different hotel over one mile away from where the concert shooting took place, when shooting also broke out in the lobby :..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyHJZ3uih9A
The witness’s video of the lobby and description of the incident follows in a attached video. Investigators do not connect the 2 shootings.
Other witnesses say there were shooters on the ground as well as the shooter from the windows, and that at least one of the shooters appeared to be dressed as a security guard. (on another you-tube video)

9. Tim - October 6, 2017
10. TF - October 6, 2017

Why are these atrocities always proclaimed to be committed by a single shooter within minutes or hours — long before anything of the kind can be determined? Why do eye witness accounts always contradict the official theory? Why are the eye witness accounts always ignored by those peddling the official narrative? Why are we ruled by lying sociopaths? Just wondering.

11. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 7, 2017

There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that Paddock was *not* working alone.

I suggest you go to Alex Jones’ infowars.com. As somebody who has worked on a free-lance basis for national newspapers, I no longer have any trust in conventional media. Go there to get a very plausible explanation for what happened. It’s absolutely frightening.

Paddock was radicalized by ISIS. Either he joined voluntarily or as a front as part of an FBI sting that involved selling weapons to ISIS agents in the United States. ISIS has claimed responsibility, and ISIS doesn’t do that willy-nilly.

I really believe the Left and its acolytes in the Democratic Party’s leadership is trying to overthrow Trump. Antifa has called for a Washington, D.C. march Nov. 4 to overthrow the Trump Administration. Watch very events very carefully over the next few weeks.

c matt - October 9, 2017

Whether or not there was a “second shooter” I agree it is nearly impossible that he was not working with others for planning, supplying, and other logistics.

As for overthrowing Trump, that has been the Left’s expressly stated goal from day one.

12. Tim - October 7, 2017

It’s Trump’s fault:


13. Tim - October 10, 2017

14. Tim - October 12, 2017

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