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Happy 100th Anniversary of The Miracle of the Sun! October 13, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, Our Lady, Tradition.

Sorry for not posting the past few days, and doing very little on this most auspicious of days.  I’ve had a cold and at this place of work of mine, they don’t let you throttle down at all.  It’s WOT from day one and your engine is supposed to grow more and more powerful as time goes by, always picking up speed.  Pretty competitive environment.  Very little slack.

At any rate, I pray you have had a blessed day and will have a wonderful night.  Let me know if you saw anything miraculous or providential today, on this anniversary.  There is Mass and a big procession tonight at the FSSP parish but I don’t think I’m up for the procession. Still getting over this cold I picked up at church. Hopefully my wife or kids will take some photos or video I can share with you.

Anyway I have tons to post as usual, but some will age out before I get to it.  But I’ve got some local items I hope I get a chance to write about next week.

God bless you and may Our Lady of Fatima intercede for us all and for our Holy Mother Church on this most incredible anniversary.


1. Baseballmom - October 13, 2017

This is a glorious day… sad so few Catholics even know what day it is. I’m awaiting the call from son #2 about the arrival of his #4 (as I will then “fly over the hill to watch the others) – really hoping she arrives soon 🙂

About to pray my Rosary, will add you to the list 😉

2. skeinster - October 13, 2017

Aw, feel better!
I went to noon Mass, b/c I’m not going to the procession, and I got to work on the bier, so that was lovely.
A blessed day to all.

3. Kathleen O'Regan - October 15, 2017

I hope you are feeling better! I’m sorry you are in that situation, in heaven there are no such pressures as working when you are ill. 🙂
Baseballmom, God bless your new one and family. Congratulations!
Skeinster, the same to you. 🙂

I did have a little Fatima miracle, or I like to think it was.
I left the house for a public gathering to pray the rosary. I had never been, and underestimated the travel time. I realized I would be a few minutes late, which is something I don’t like to do at all.
In the car I asked God if perhaps they might be delayed, just five minutes, so I could be there at the start, and pray the opening prayers with everyone. “How would you work that out” I wondered to myself.

Getting there about five minutes late, no, they had already started, and were already on the Hail Mary’s, oh well.
After we had prayed the entire rosary, the gentlemen leading the prayer apologized aloud, and said “I apologize, I forgot to include the opening prayers”, and so we prayed them at that time.
The Good Lord worked it out. I thank Him and praise Him for his goodness to me.

Baseballmom - October 15, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how the Good God can work things out in a way we never could? You specifically prayed to be there for “opening prayers” and He gave you that gift 😀

Still waiting here “for the call” – although they live near all the fires and it’s been quite smoky… probably better that the newest little princess waits a bit before her grand arrival.

4. Tim - October 15, 2017

Hope you’re feeling better. I had surgery on Thursday morning and have been out of the loop as well.

Tim - October 15, 2017

I was able to go to Mass this morning so recovery is coming along.

Tantumblogo - October 17, 2017

Dude! So sorry! Doing better? God bless you! I will pray for you. Wish I had known in advance. Please let me know in future.

Tim - October 18, 2017

It was a hernia repair….not unexpected. My surgeon is a solid Catholic. Back to work today. I have lifting restrictions for a while. I’ve had a little fun with my wife reminding her that I can’t do certain tasks for a spell. Nearly 25 years of marriage tells me she will have the last laugh once I get green lights from the surgeon!

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