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Fusion GPS Dossier Classic Example of Leftism in Action (Lie, Project, Double-Down) October 27, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, asshatery, cultural marxism, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, Immigration, It's all about the $$$, paganism, rank stupidity, Revolution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, the enemy, unadulterated evil.

A quick and dirty (I mean, his language is atrocious) but quite helpful synopsis from Paul Joseph Watson:

If you want to figure out what evils, what dirty tricks, what law-breaking the DNC and the Left generally are most involved in, most committed to, and which they feel is both one of their most powerful tools of malfeasance as well as one of the greatest dangers to their position of power, just look at what they accuse the other side of.

And it’s not just this fake (and frankly stupid, and disgusting) dossier contrived by a deep state apparatchik – it’s also things like the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the emerging masses of reports indicating that many leftist men, who constantly reproach normal men for their “toxic masculinity” and hateful, antiquated views towards women, are, in fact, serial rapists and abusers of women themselves.  Sargon apparently has a massive expose coming on this subject this weekend.

The three, invariable rules: leftists always lie, leftists always project, leftists always double down.

Now that the “Russian collusion” meme has been shown to be a massive conspiracy and illegality engaged in by the DNC, Hillary campaign, Deep State apparatchiks, and their media leftist running dog lackeys, it is suddenly to be flushed down the memory hole.

But in future, always remember, the very accusations themselves are a total giveaway of the evils the Left is wholly immersed in.

I felt this “Trump pee-party dossier” thing was a massive redirect and information op from the beginning.  And indeed, that’s finally, painfully slowly, what has been revealed.

How deep this goes is anyone’s guess.  It is already known the Obama administration, through its wholly corrupt and politicized Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch InJustice Department, is knee deep in this scandal.  How far up the chain of command involvement goes is easy to guess by how furiously the Dems are trying to prevent further investigation of not only Fusion GPS, but also the very strange scandal of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ muslim former IT admin, who happened to abscond with several terabytes of classified data from now totally wiped computer hard drives.  The dems have been using all their power to keep that data from being subpoenaed………why?  What will it show?  Will it show, for instance, Obama’s direct involvement in the 2016 presidential election and deep corruption/collusion with the Russian government?

Why did the democrat establishment react like spurned lovers when Russia became involved in Ukraine in 2014?  We heard more bellicose war talk, even up to and including a full-on invasion/nuclear exchange, from leading democrats after Russia illegally invaded and continues to occupy large parts of the Ukraine.  Democrats normally wouldn’t give two blanks about something like that, but they totally lost their minds.  Is it because they felt like Putin had backstabbed them on a massive quid pro quo involving billions of dollars in kickbacks and massive undermining of US national security, a la the “Uranium One” deal?

These guys are in a full on blind panic.  They went all-in, well past the point of Watergate and into commission of probably hundreds of felonious offenses, to insure Hillary’s election.  Is that not just because they wanted their side to win, but because they knew if someone outside the Deep State apparatchiks was elected, it might blow the lid off their decade-plus run of unbelievable corruption, treason, and wholesale lack of care for the good of the United States and, much more importantly, the ordinary run of the mill citizen?

I don’t think we have any idea how deep this goes, or just what was sold or compromised, but the Left will inevitably tells us (some) as they try another redirect against Trump and conservatives generally.

And it’s not just Obama.  This Deep State/Leftist penetration of power and solidification began under Clinton, became entrenched under the (laughably inept and tone deaf) Bush 43 (thanks for giving your stalwart supporters a great big middle finger the other day, we sure appreciate it!  Guess we know where your loyalties lie.  Skull n Bones take care of their own, no?), and reached apotheosis under Obama.  I don’t know whether it is even possible at this point to deconstruct it.

Back to the rampant sexual abuse on the Left, up to and including massive pedophilia rings in their centers of power (just HOW many times did Clinton dump the Secret Service and fly to pedophile island?), Corey Feldman threatened to start naming names in Hollywood, and all of a sudden he gets slapped with a marijuana possession charge.  In CALIFORNIA?!?

The scandals are coming so thick and fast they are overwhelming, as, indeed, they are intended to be.  Scandals 10 times the importance and scope of Watergate pass by almost daily now, with the bought-n-paid for corporate/Deep State media telling us “nothing to see here.”  Or simply refusing to cover this at all.

But none of this should be surprising.  The fact that presidents of the United States colluded with global adversaries, repeatedly sold out the American people, and placed national security at grave risk in order to feather their nests to the tune of hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars, is exactly what one would expect from a cohort of people who have made their rejection of God and His Law, their very public despising of the Church and everything it stands for, the core part of their message and their very being.

This is what comes from an “elite” that rejects God and Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Pagan societies always devolve into endless self-aggrandizement, corruption, and wholesale ineffectiveness/incompetence.  People devoid of any sense of a law greater than themselves feel zero compunction over robbing citizens blind, colluding with deadly enemies, raping little children and forever destroying their sacred innocence, or the wholesale slaughter of very nearly 1 in 3 babies conceived in this nation over the past 44 years.  Indeed, the last point is the most telling – abortion has brought a curse down upon America, and, most particularly, on those “elites” who have done the most to keep it legal and the blood sacrifices to satan flowing.

Surely the apparatchiks, after reading the last two paragraphs, just an unhinged screed!, would conclude that I am an extremist, I am totally whacked and just totally unworthy of any credit.

But that, again, is the point.  The elites subscribe to an inveterately hostile, alien religion, which I call sexular paganism.  It is simply the latest manifestation of the false religion of leftist secular humanism which tries to put man in the place of God.  Christianity and sexular paganism are completely irreconcilable. Adherents to one cannot be adherents of the other.  One must choose between God and Mammon.

Incredibly, historically, philosophically, theologically, and historically speaking, the Church has played a huge role in the ascendance of sexular paganism among the cultural elites. By surrendering all the firm dictates and sublime, impervious moral and theological aspects of the “bad old faith” (e.g., “razing the bastions”), Church leadership not only left the Church open to further penetration by the forces of sexular paganism, but gave many wavering souls both perfect cover, and the perfect excuse, to make the final, irrevocable choice between God and Mammon.  By utterly neutering the Church’s unique power and voice, that leadership – some of which consisted of double agents of Mammon, but much of which were simply men to weak to resist – the choice of God or Mammon was made elementary, obvious for millions of lost souls, especially those with great ambitions and access to all the “delights” of power, money, and renown the world can offer.

It was a slam dunk.  So, the wind has been sown, and we are now reaping the whirlwind.  I wish I could posit a happy outcome for all this, but all I can foresee is ever increasing calamity, chaos, and confusion culminating in collapse (and that awesome alliteration alone is worth the price of the post).  Trump is great as a hopeful sign, but I fear the process has gone on much too long, and the rot is far too deep, for any man, or any series of men, to correct.  Lord, that I may be wrong, because I have a lot of love left for this country, or what it used to be, and my children and (pray God) grandchildren shall have to live here.

Now, if you want a more hopeful view, from a man deep in the fight, see the great talk given by Steve Bannon to the California GOP (yes, amazingly, it apparently still exists) below (h/t MFG):

He explains the problem, but gives many reasons to stay in the fight, and to hold out hope for a restoration of this country along constitutional lines.  I’m not overly sanguine on the likelihood of his effort being successful, but perhaps he gives some reasons to hope.

There, I’ve been out all week but now I give you a nice, long, overly wordy post.


1. The Lord's Blog - October 27, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Excellent blog as usual.

2. Tim - October 27, 2017

Thank God for allowing this flawed man to defeat Hillary for the presidency! How’s that NeverTrump movement going?? All RINOs need to be primaried.

JTLiuzza - October 28, 2017

“Flawed man?”

Every man that has ever held the office was flawed.

Tim - October 28, 2017

Just for emphasis in response to the “NeverTrumpers” and quizling Catholics who hesitated to and argued against voting for Trump even in the face of a potential Hillary presidency. What utter rubbish! Trump vs. Hillary? Slam dunk decision for anyone with a brain and a moral compass.

Camper - October 28, 2017

Every man except the Messiah was flawed, but not everyone of them was remotely as flawed as Trump. Nevertheless, I voted for him.

Tim - October 28, 2017

Not Mary.

3. Tim - October 27, 2017

4. Tim - October 27, 2017

5. Tim - October 27, 2017

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[…] Tantumblogo over at Dallas Area Catholics writes brilliantly about it today HERE. […]

7. docmx001 - October 28, 2017
8. Brian E. Breslin - October 28, 2017

No, Tantum, you are nt wrong, sad to say. Well written. Good job.

9. Tim - October 28, 2017

10. Kathleen O'Regan - October 29, 2017

God help us.

11. ahem - October 29, 2017

The fundamental hypocrisy of the Left should come as no surprise to anyone, considering the whole point of espousing a liberal political view is to be able to continue to be able to live a self-absorbed private life without any consequences.

Being liberal means never having to be embarrassed for spending 6 bucks on a cup of coffee three times a day; never having to send your own kids to public school; never having to hire more than a token Black in your office; never having to live in an ungentrified neighborhood; never having to associate with ‘beaners’ and blue-collar whites, etc.

Michele Lovell Kerby - October 30, 2017

ahem, that’s a very good description of wealthy liberals. And equally true of wealthy conservatives. Most liberals, like most conservatives, are middle-class or below.

Being over-privileged has to do with mankind’s worship of Mammon and the power and prestige it brings, not with one’s political leanings.

12. Vincent Fitzpatrick - October 29, 2017

The pope and many bishops campaigned for Hillary, most overtly. Here is one of the slyest, slippery ones:


13. Michele Lovell Kerby - October 30, 2017

There is no doubt Clinton is a liar, as are many, many politicians. But Trump and Co. have been caught in many more obvious, out-and-out whoppers, which makes their actions more likely to be investigated.

And there’s no evidence that Democrats, or any liberals, make blood sacrifices to Satan. If polls are any indication, most probably don’t believe in Satan any more than they believe in God. Their god is the same as that of many conservatives, and of the country as a whole. It’s Mammon, the great god money, prestige and power. It’s perhaps the one thing liberals and conservatives have in common.

Of course, it’s not only the US. Mammon is the god of all nations, and him only do they serve. The only difference is in degree.

Tim - October 30, 2017


Tim - October 30, 2017

” It’s perhaps the one thing liberals and conservatives have in common.”

Don’t forget the modernists.

Tim - October 30, 2017

Tim - October 30, 2017

dthy - October 31, 2017

Not make blood sacrifices to Satan? What about their undying support for abortion? Satanic rituals have been performed inside abortion clinics. The abortion industry is definitely Satan’s battleground.

Tim - October 31, 2017

RIGHT. ON. THE. MONEY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim - October 31, 2017

Satanic rituals are also performed in the Vatican. It’s all screwed up.

Tim - November 1, 2017

Leftists aren’t satanic?…….

14. Michele Lovell Kerby - October 31, 2017

It’s possible a few seriously disturbed people could be practising “spirit cooking”, if they’re clever enough to get away with it, but I doubt it. In any case, over the years blood sacrifice, as a concept, hasn’t aged well. It’s inconvenient, unhygienic and messy. So why bother when you can achieve the same, if not better results simply by being unscrupulous, greedy and corrupt?

Tim - October 31, 2017

Most politicians, pop/rock/country/rap, etc. “artists”, Hollywood types, banksters, corporate bigshots are followers/servants of Satan. They have millions and millions of followers who are “useful idiots”.

15. Tim - October 31, 2017
16. Tim - October 31, 2017

Democrats at a new low, even for them:

Michele Lovell Kerby - November 1, 2017

I’m very tired of this discussion and I said I wouldn’t pursue it any longer, but I feel I need to answer one last time.

Firstly, my disagreement with womens’ suffrage isn’t with the Church. It’s only with Fr. Machebeuf, the writer of the pamphlet to which you referred. But it would be futile to try to press it with him, as he no doubt passed to his reward long ago.

Secondly, history has demonstrated that an incompetent king, virtuous or not, rarely steps down without a bloody and costly fight. It would be imprudent to expect that a modern king would be any different.

Tim - November 1, 2017

Please refute Fr. Machebeuf for us please. Or are you cornered by facts and picking up your ball and going home?

17. Michele Lovell Kerby - October 31, 2017

I agree that this ad is terrible. Just like the Youtube pieces that accuse Democrats of devil-worship and blood sacrifice, it betrays a scarcity of anything real to say against your opponent (“We’ve got nothing real on this person, so let’s say he/she supports the worst thing we can think of!”).

It’s a smear tactic that was ancient when Washington was President. Once, when reliable information was scarce and hard to come by, it could work very well. Now it just makes those who use it look bereft of ideas, and their would-be supporters gullible.

Tim - October 31, 2017

A demonrat oldie but “goodie”. They have always been the party of Satan…….along with their assistents the RINOs:

Michele Lovell Kerby - October 31, 2017

It’s a naked appeal to emotion and nothing more. If naked appeals to emotion are satanic, then the Republican party is in big trouble.And since when is it satanic to be against nuclear war?

Tim - October 31, 2017

It is Satanic projection for the Vietnam warmonger LBJ to put this on the air insinuating that Barry Goldwater would start a nuclear war. Why do you defend the party of death?
I don’t defend republicowards, they are the minority partner in this satanic enterprise. “Democracy” is a miserable failure…..we need Catholic Monarchy.

Michele Lovell Kerby - October 31, 2017

I would say that Republicans are rather more involved in fear-mongering, but I’ll let that drop. The trouble with any monarch, Catholic or not, is as good Lord Acton pointed out, absolute power is very corrupting. We’d wind up with what we have now, only on a worse scale and with no opportunity to vote the rascal out.

Tim - October 31, 2017

No, no. Democrats are the experts in fear mongering and race baiting. Are you a democrat? Sure sound like one. No Catholic can support modern democrats or RINOs as they are evil and support and promote evil.
Democracy is a failure because we allow women and unvirtuous men to vote.
Most women are too emotional to vote in a logical manner and they unvirtuous man will not vote for good as he is a dutiful soldier of Satan.

Camper - November 1, 2017

Medieval monarchies were not absolute and the governments were far smaller as a proportion of GDP. So Ms. Kerby, it is not reasonable to be against the medieval form of monarchy.

Michele Lovell Kerby - November 1, 2017

I’m very tired of this discussion and I said I wouldn’t pursue it any longer, but I feel I need to answer one last time.

Firstly, my disagreement with womens’ suffrage isn’t with the Church. It’s only with Fr. Machebeuf, the writer of the pamphlet to which you referred. But it would be futile to try to press it with him, as he no doubt passed to his reward long ago.

Secondly, history has demonstrated that an incompetent king, virtuous or not, rarely steps down without a bloody and costly fight. It would be unwise to expect that a modern king would be any different.

Michele Lovell Kerby - October 31, 2017


You’re very mistaken about women, but I’ll let that one slide because I’m certain it would take longer to convince you of the truth than I can possibly live.

Now on to the monarchy bit. There have been monarchs who were virtuous men, but very poor rulers. How would you ensure that a king was both a good man and a good monarch?

Tim - November 1, 2017

Your argument about women and voting isn’t with me, it’s with the Catholic Church:


As far as the monarchy question, you must choose good men as the 1st qualification. If he is truly good and it becomes apparent that he is not a good leader, then he would step down in favor of another. You can’t ensure anything in life, we earned through our sins. The only people who think we can ensure everything in life are Bernie Sanders voters.

Tim - November 2, 2017

18. Tim - October 31, 2017

19. Tim - October 31, 2017

20. Tim - November 2, 2017

21. Tim - November 2, 2017

22. Tim - November 2, 2017

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24. Tim - November 3, 2017

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