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Feminist: “Bible Much More Violent than Koran, I Know, I’m a Former Catholic” November 30, 2017

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Yeah baby, tell us all about that in-depth biblical catechesis you got going to CCD (or whatever they call it in England) once a week for a few years.  I’m sure it was most impressive.

Content warning below.  Lauren Southern has been interviewing Britishers in London on various subjects, and recently asked the female participants of a supposed feminist march whether they would, if it came down to it, choose women’s rights or islam.  The women’s reaction ranged between total confusion and severe hostility, but none, not a single one, was able to either answer the question or comprehend the fact that islam might treat women much worse than anything they imagine they are enduring in a Western nation.  No wonder they hate Ayaan Hirsi Ali so much.  Since these are leftists, you can be sure that the enraged f-bombs will be flying when they have their carefully crafted cultural indoctrination shattered by a simple question:

My favorite response came at about 1:49, when a woman said, in response to being asked if she knew how the Koran recommended treating women (simply see how they are treated today across any Muslim-majority nation), that “I’ve read passages [of the Koran] and the Bible is a lot more violent.  I should know, I’m a former Catholic.”  Another triumph for the post-conciliar Church!

But is she right?  No, not in the slightest, either in terms of percent of content supposedly dedicated to descriptions or calls to violence (by some accounts – all of which I found were faulty as all get out – constitute about 9% of the Koranic verses, and about 5% of the Bible), or in terms of context.  First of all, the New Testament contains no systematic calls to violence of any kind whatsoever.  It may contain descriptions of violence, such as the Crucifixion (which, amazingly, figured in the percentage totals I give above), but no exhortations to ongoing violence as the Koran repeatedly does.  And, as Catholics know, keeping due context in mind, the New Testament was just that, a NEW revelation that superseded and replaced, in many regards, what had been revealed in the Old Testament.  In fact, the New Testament is so ordered towards peace and turning the other cheek that the opposite strain has been a recurring conundrum within Christendom, that towards hard pacifism.  Indeed, even after centuries of horrific attacks, invasions, marauding, and enslavement, it required no less than the direct intervention of the Supreme Pontiff to finally evoke a systematic response to constant muslim predation.  But I digress……..

The etymology of this warped exclamation came from an article that appeared  in the hard-left The Guardian newspaper in England in late 2015, trying to advance the claim that the Bible was somehow more bloodthirsty than the Koran because the Bible contained more “violent verses.”  Again, the definition of violent was very expansive and much of what was attributed to the Bible often served as a condemnation of violence, and even more, what the Guardian missed but which was pointed out at length in numerous rebuttals is that the Bible is much, much longer than the Koran, so that the relative number of violent verses in the Bible was actually much less.  So even this thought is not original, it is merely the parroting of something this woman read in a leftist rag.

But I think all the responses are very revealing, but especially this one.  For one reason, why bring up Christianity or the comparison to the Bible at all?  That comparison involves a huge set of assumptions, an entire worldview that basically posits that Western society, and the religion that created it (Christianity), are just as bad if not worse in terms of false women’s rights than islam.  This blatantly false, but that’s the unstated assumption in that claim.  een more, I think it shows once again how the seeming leftist blind spot towards islam is no blind spot at all, but a sort of recognition of kindred interest and a growing modus vivendi – Christianity/Westernism is the enemy that must be crushed first, after that, if they have to don the hijab, they’ll be happy to do so.

Which brings me to my final point – I will probably offend some in saying this, or how I say this, but I have long had a sense that many feminists are really little more than out of control teenage daughters who keep acting more and more outrageously in the increasingly forlorn hope that “dad” – society, males at large, whatever – will rein them in.  And the longer they are allowed to continue acting out, the more hurt and upset and, subsequently radicalized, they become.  It’s like they are a toddler constantly trying to find some boundary that daddy will set for them.  In their rage in finding none in the collectively weak Western men of the past 60 years, they will even turn to the cruel, draconian authoritarianism of islam to find some entity that seems to care about them enough to tell them no, to set firm limits, and make them turn over the dang car keys.

Too simplistic or psychological?  Perhaps.  But I increasingly think there is something to it, when we see how women have achieved more than equality in the West politically, economically, and culturally, and yet they shrieking louder than ever about how oppressed they are.  This is about something other than the thing they say it’s about.

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1. Baseballmom - November 30, 2017

I think you are spot on with those last paragraphs. I would add only that women instinctively desire to be treated “as a lady.” But their religion (feminism) does not allow them to accept that fact. Their religion is at war with their nature.

2. c matt - November 30, 2017

The Bible is full of violence because it covers human history . . . which is full of violence. I don’t get her beef.

Tim - November 30, 2017

She doesn’t either….she suffers from diarrhea of the mouth.

Liberalism….find a cure!


3. skeinster - November 30, 2017

Well, of course I can’t find it now-
Paul Joseph Watson had a video on how Thomas Paine owned everyone on the Bible, which was full of the usual smug misconceptions.

I agree with Baseballmom
Thanks to fallen human nature, women want masculine authority on the one hand, and dread and subvert it on the other, b/c men.
No offense…

Again, classical Christianity saved me from feminism back in the day by that very doctrine. The world would NOT be better with women in charge, women are free-will agents just like men and we are all at fault.
So, women, too.

Baseballmom - November 30, 2017

Yes, it is very concerning that all women are immediately believed even without any evidence or corroboration. Women, like men, can have, shall we say, alterior motives. Clearly when there is photographs (Franken) or audio/video (Lauer) guilt is likely. But I find myself agreeing with those who say there must be more than just “he said/she said.” At the very least, the alleged victim should have reported the perp to someone with authority to do something about it.

4. skeinster - November 30, 2017

Mr. Paine was full of smug misconceptions- not the Bible.

5. Magdalene P - November 30, 2017

And now we have all these women who are allegedly victims of groping, etc. Some are, probably some are not but many are piling on the bandwagon. And it only takes an allegation to bring a man down; that used to be reserved to priests. So women are just victims all over the place…except when they are not. And men? Masculinity and fatherhood under attack as never before.

6. Tim - November 30, 2017

“I’ve read passages [of the Koran] and the Bible is a lot more violent. I should know, I’m a former Catholic.”

No Miss, you’re former Novus Ordo, not the same thing.

Sadly, even if she did “grow up”(her presence at such an event shows she hasn’t) Catholic, the likelihood of her having knowledge of Scripture is low as Catholics(yes, even some Traddies) have embarrassingly low Scriptural literacy rates.

7. Tim - November 30, 2017

“Too simplistic or psychological?”


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