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New Mass Schedule for Mater Dei FSSP parish November 30, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, Latin Mass, Restoration, the struggle for the Church, Tradition.

Goodness.  18 Masses a week.  5 on Sunday.  Somewhere around 36 man hours of Confession a week.

We be growing:

I’m really grateful for the additional evening Mass.  Not sure what happened, it was announced there would be 4 weekday evening Masses, but in the event, “only” three materialized.  Was really hoping for an evening Friday Mass, for those of us who work, but maybe someday.  Maybe that will have to wait until a 5th priest is assigned?

Nutty.  Why Dallas has grown so rapidly, one might even say violently, is an interesting point of speculation.  There are other places that have had TLM parishes much longer (the community dates to ’91, but the parish only to 2010), but they have not grown nearly so fast.  One reason might be the near total dearth of any really solidly orthodox alternatives, aside from St. William in Greenville, and the total ban on the TLM outside Mater Dei that has been in place since Bishop Farrell’s infamous prohibition of 2008.  But I still don’t think that explains a nearly 600% growth in Sunday Mass attendance in less than a decade, from about 200 to nearly 1200.

Dallas is a strange place, from the standpoint of Catholicism.  The suburbs in particular are hyper-conservative while the diocese is fairly liberal.  Perhaps this disconnect somehow plays a role.

We’ve had above average priests, even by Fraternity standards.  I’m sure that’s helped. I don’t think there’s been any watering down going on, to “sell the product” to TLM newbies. In fact, I think the opposite has been more the case, that the parish has grown because of Fr. Wolfe and other really orthodox priests. Still, why Dallas has grown almost exponentially while growth at other very solid, well run TLM parishes in similar settings has been solid, but much less spectacular, remains rather mysterious.  I guess it was just meant to be.

Anyway ad multos annos, Mater Dei.  Maybe we can live the experiment of a 5000 soul TLM parish someday.  Won’t that be grand.




1. Gripen - November 30, 2017

Maybe you could ask one of the priests to offer a weekly Mass for the spread of the TLM throughout the diocese. I can’t travel to Mater Dei every Sunday (nor do I want to), and neither can most of the millions of people in the DFW area. Which is too bad, really.

Tantumblogo - November 30, 2017

It’s a good idea. However, with Bishop Burns, the likelihood of more TLM has increased tremendously. I think there is recognition that Mater Dei can only get so large. Plus there is still great unmet demand in the northern part of the diocese. Mater Dei is just too far away for lots of folks up there (to which I can totally relate). So keep your prayers up, they may be answered sooner than we hoped.

Gripen - November 30, 2017

I hope so. I’ve thought for some time about writing Bp Burns, maybe sending him Dr Kwasniewski’s book to read. I suspect the chancery overall might still be opposed to the old Mass, but continue to pray for the best. I have been to Mater Dei only three or four times in my life, and the sung Mass never fails to move me. I do wonder why, with four priests, they still don’t have an actual High Mass.

skeinster - December 1, 2017

Somebody has to be available to hear confessions during Mass.
We do have them on major feasts, when seminarians or visiting priests are available to help out.

Gripen - December 1, 2017

Are they announced in advance? I would love to assist at one, but would have to know the date with enough time to plan a trip to Irving.

2. DM - December 1, 2017

I read you guys are going to be building a new church soon there? If that too fills up to capacity quickly, maybe it will finally spur the diocese to establish another TLM parish up north.

Tantumblogo - December 1, 2017

Father is shooting for 900 seats. With multiple Masses, that would take quite some time to overflow. I’m not a big fan of a church that big, nor a parish of several thousands. We’ll see. Do write the bishop, kindly but insistently. There is no reason this diocese should not have another parish offering the TLM. At least lift all restrictions on Fr. Weinberger.

skeinster - December 2, 2017

Me, neither. Unwieldy, and the priests are spread too thin.

Must admit that I sulked for a while over the announcement.

We in the north wouldn’t mind starting as a mission. We wouldn’t expect to build a church immediately.
Felt rather as though we were made to stay, so the finances wouldn’t be dispersed in too many directions,which would delay the building of a new Mater Dei.
But there are probably episcopal reasons we may not know about.

And, fwiw, I think more smaller but growing as much as possible parishes/communities are as good a Trad-strong visual as one mega-parish.

3. Molly Alley - December 1, 2017

Recently we went over to the Fort Worth FSSP parish to meet our friends over there. It really makes you appreciate what we have in Mater Dei. Such as communion rails (they even were using a chair as a kneeler). I hope they are getting them in the future, but our friends hadn’t heard anything. Though there are rumours that Bishop Olson has something against communion rails.

4. Camper - December 3, 2017

I heard somewhere that Bishop Burns was an ultra-leftist. I have this on the foggiest recollection, however, so it has to be treated only as a rumor. It could have been on this blog. Still, given the state of the hierarchy and the heterodoxy of his predecessor, it is reasonable to believe it to be true. Any word on the bishop’s leanings?

5. Camper - December 3, 2017

I think Dallas has grown rapidly because people are sick of high taxes. The American economy is weak, and it is relatively strong in Texas. Dallas also has a milder climate than Houston.

6. Camper - December 3, 2017

Also, the economy in Dallas is more diversified than in Houston. Houston is mostly oil and subsidiary industries. Dallas has a broad range of industries represented.

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