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2nd Annual Virgin of Guadalupe Pilgrimage Tues Dec 12 @ 9a December 1, 2017

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My wife and kids were in the first one last year.  I’m sure they’ll be there again for this 3 mile pilgrimage across Irving to the campus of the University of Dallas:

Do call Julie if you can help with shuttle driving.  Bring your Marian flags, your banners, make this a work of witness!  i cannot attend, I will be at work and am using my last unused vacation day for the Immaculate Conception.

I’ve been intending to return this blog’s focus to the Dallas Diocese, more as it was in the beginning as I head toward the 8th anniversary of these little rants of mine, so here is another list of the many upcoming events this December at Mater Dei FSSP parish:

Since the Feast of the Immaculate Conception falls on a Friday and is a 1st Class Feast, eating meat is allowed, yes?


1. Blessed Miguel Pro - December 2, 2017

The constant refrain of “Friday is the feast of fill-in-the-blank my most favorite saint ever so that means we can eat meat” drives me batty. however, in this case, it is true. The easiest way I have to remember is if it is a holy day of obligation, I can eat meat. If it isn’t a holy day of obligation, I should not and do not.

2. Kathi B. - December 4, 2017

Just a minor detail, but in case you didn’t take a pic of the updated-as-of-Friday MD events — the Rorate Mass is on 12/16, not 12/9.

Anyone who can get to one should attend! The music is hauntingly beautiful — lots of minor cords that are difficult to sing well as a choir – but Chase & his gang of men do a bang up job of it. And the symbolism of this Mass is just to revel in.

Tantumblogo - December 5, 2017

I apologize furiously for your comment being held in moderation. I have no idea why. You’re a good kid.

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