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Let the Colleges Die December 1, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Basics, cultural marxism, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, persecution, rank stupidity, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, unadulterated evil.

Generally speaking, a sentiment I certainly agree with. There are some exceptions, of course.  A handful of still respectably Catholic colleges, for one.  But overall, as the article below states (and as Professor Jordan Peterson now makes a regular part of his talks), college as a whole, as an institution, has become an ideologically stultified, racist, misandric, destructive influence on the souls who matriculate therein and the culture at large.

College attendance is plummeting due to high costs, poor product, and such extreme levels of leftist radicalism and anti-white/anti-male prejudice as to be unbelievable.  So, for the most part, I agree………let ’em die:

At a symposium in May, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted that “50 percent of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.”

Christensen appears to be onto something. The number of students enrolled in American colleges and universities has dropped every year for the past five years. In 2016, the majority of private and public American colleges failed to meet their enrollment and tuition targets.

This is possibly the best news I’ve heard all year. And not because I’m against learning or education—it’s because American colleges no longer teach people how to think; they command people what to think, with the constant looming Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of anyone foolish enough to express a dissident thought.

American colleges are no longer institutions of higher learning. It would be more apt to refer to them as state-sanctioned seminaries for the secular religion of Cultural Marxism. Instead of strolling out of college with nimbler minds, students now stumble out into the real world with their brains scrubbed clean of the ability to hatch a single independent thought.

And as they enter a hostile job market with their useless Master’s Degrees in Postmodern Gender Modalities Among Hamsters, your average hapless college grad is saddled with a life-crippling average debt of nearly $40K to banksters who finance all this brainwashing. Student debt in America is currently close to $1.5 trillion—nearly twice as much as all credit-card debt combined………

………Rather than being instructed in crucial matters—such as how to detect logical fallacies and distinguish between what’s objective and subjective [or 3-D solid modeling/beam theory!]—modern students indenture themselves to the loan-peddlers for the dubious honor of taking inane courses such as “Kanye Versus Everbody! [sic],” “Sci-Fi Queered,” “What If Harry Potter Is Real?,” and “How to Watch Television.”

While piously posing as staunchly anti-racist—whatever the hell that means, because it can’t be quantified—students are instead encouraged to channel all of their latent racial hatred toward the very idea of white people. [Dang right.  College campuses today are the most endemically racist, bigoted enclaves in the nation.  Largely white children are taught to hate themselves, and that the only way to demonstrate they have overcome their innate “white deviltry” is by refusing to reproduce and offing themselves]

This is why a Hispanic college professor received no reprimands for expressing this gleefully genocidal sentiment:

We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. [laughter] The explosion is in our population. [Not through reproduction.  Only through immigration invasion.  Hispanic birth rates are only slightly above replacement rate.  And some of us evil whiteys have had 6 or 8 or 18 kids. So suck on that, racist.]

Neither was an Indian female professor at the University of Michigan given even a mild slap on the wrist for writing an essay about “White Moral Blindness.”

It’s why no faculty members were disciplined in 2015 when a white student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst was denied entry from a “Stop White People” luncheon on campus.

It’s why a black sociology professor at Trinity College was not fired for writing on Facebook that it’s time to “confront” white people:

I’m fed up with self-identified ‘white’s’ daily violence[“violence” = holding beliefs I find offensive. That’s “violence.” And what does a population do when it convinces itself it is constantly under physically violent attack, which these delusional leftists do constantly?  They feel wholly justified in their hatred of their persecutors, and lashing out violently at them.  But they’ve received no actual violence.] directed at immigrants, Muslims, and sexually and racially opressed [sic] people. The time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now.

It’s why a black female sociologist became a professor at Boston University after tagging white college males as “a problem population”:

white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges. 

why is white america so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?

Bigotry is ugly no matter the color of the person saying it.  But get this, this professor would surely absolve herself of being “racist,” because the white-hating Left has defined “racism” as being strictly the province of whites.  That’s right, only the devil white man can ever be “racist.”  This is supposedly because only the white devil man has “institutional power,” which critique I find rather ironic coming from college professors, students, and administrative hierarchies increasingly dominated by non-whites.

As the author of the above noted in a portion I did not excerpt, the percentage of white men on campus has fallen drastically over the past 25 years.  In fact, the disappearance of young white men from the campuses on which they are so manifestly made to feel unwelcome is probably THE dominant factor in the collapse in college attendance nationwide.

Thus it would be quite ironic if these hateful racist professors and administrators lost their (largely) useless but oh-so-cozy sinecures as a direct result of their own radically racist leftism.

A final thought – see the hatred endemic in Leftism, which is endemic in rejection of God.  Rejection of Jesus Christ in the West largely started in, and has been sustained by, the academy.  The whole rotten structure needs to die.



1. Brian E. Breslin - December 1, 2017

Way to fly, Tantum. Excellent!

2. Daze Inde - December 1, 2017

Best blog post ever. EXACTLY what my friends and I have been saying.

3. Baseballmom - December 2, 2017

Nothing but a huge AMEN on this one!!!!!

4. Karl - December 2, 2017

College is a good method to lose your faith and to become, intentionally, bigoted.

Sadly, most young people are too programmed, from their elementary school days, to think outside the little box.

5. David - December 2, 2017

Yes, as a white male (for what it’s worth I am straight) I have been discriminated on occasion. Some of us in college were prohibited from participating in certain internships, academic programs, or were ineligible for certain scholarships because we were not considered minorities (I graduated in the mid 90s). Sometimes that included employment, particularly if a female engineer was being interviewed, and quite a few male engineers applied for the same position.

Even the military (back in the 80s and 90s), began programs to attract minorities for Officer Candidate Schools, and some of these still exist today, under the mantle of valuing diversity. Don’t get me wrong, I do have several Hispanic friends (and I have dated some nice Hispanic ladies who were not only attractive, but classy, well educated, religious, etc.), but I do feel that compared to my father’s generation (i.e. Richie Cunningham), I think the white male has a harder time achieving success today.

6. Karl - December 2, 2017

In the mid-1976, having just graduated from the University of Buffalo, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organic Chemistry, I applied for a job with WYETH LABS to sell Pharmaceuticals. I was told, point blank by the person who interviewed me that I was a more desirable candidate, but
that the job would be going to a female who was in the running as well.

I had no idea of her race, so I cannot interpolate that race was involved in “our” case, but I know that gender was.

E-males-culation has been present for a looong time.

I had actually forgotten about this until I read your comment, David.

I had to dwell upon it for a few minutes before I was able to post this, accurately. Thank you.

7. Mark Docherty - December 2, 2017

Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M for $75MM guaranteed. Are you effing kidding me? How does a public university even have the fiduciary authority to offer that? Oh, because fedgov is financing all sorts of forgivable debt pumping millions into said institutions I guess. A bit off topic from the main point of this post, but this news just broke and I am furious.

Baseballmom - December 2, 2017

Spot on Mark. Once fed and state money started flowing into academia the prices went sky high and so did the salaries. Corrupt to the core.
Slightly off topic – but the hubs (MS in Geology – 35 yrs experience) was asked to review a paper for a local university. Whatever the study was (I don’t recall) they managed to tie the issue to “global warming.” Well, the issue had not one darn thing to do with global warming and he said so in his comments/review. When the paper was published all the GW propaganda was still in there… what a joke.

NickD - December 2, 2017

I understand it correctly, it can be done because A&M football is funded out of 501c3 foundation with donations from big-money boosters, not from appropriated funds. It’s still a nauseating amount of money

NickD - December 2, 2017

Should say”If I understand…”

Jeff C. - December 3, 2017

Exactly. Here at Nebraska we have just hired Scott Frost for 35 million over 7 years, while still paying the last 2 coaches over 100 grand a month. It’s been said that the Football program has over a billion dollars at it’s disposal so money is not an issue. All while tuition keeps going up and professors keep getting laid off. Religion should be the most important thing in life. Problem is, sports is the new religion.

8. Kathleen O'Regan - December 2, 2017

Good news. It starts in public schools however, where the children are even more vulnerable to these horrible ideas. Children too young to know anything different are taught to feel guilt for things they had nothing to do with, and to learn to despise where their people came from, and the nation that bred them. Everything Hispanic, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, is considered an objective good. If it’s White or Western, it’s downplayed.
No society can run like that for long. We already see the results of self-hate in our young people. I too wish “universities” would go under. Commie training camps.

9. MFG - December 2, 2017

Great post. The whole college “industry” is an economic bubble waiting to collapse. The local K-12 school systems (Catholic, protestant or public) teach their kids to go to college which helps feed the demand.

Just like our poorly designed suburbs unnecessarily require all inhabitants to purchase a $25,000 machine (automobile) to participate in society; so to our economy requires a $75-100K degree just to participate via a middle class entry level job? That’s so absurd that generations from now will never believe it was true.

When the Immaculate Heart triumphs, if there is any society left, it will be filled mainly with simple workers from local trades and farming, not financial analysts, software engineers, marketing/development teams, receptionists, sales reps, and office workerbees.

Any institution like the Church or government should anticipate this trend (which is confirmed by secular data) and begin voluntarily shifting new students and schools back to trades. Leave colleges for the doctors, attorneys, scholars, and highly specialized work.

c matt - December 4, 2017

our economy requires a $75-100K degree just to participate via a middle class entry level job

Correction, our economy requires a $75-100K degree just to have a chance to participate via a middle class entry level job. And a geometrically diminishing chance at that.

I see this as a great opportunity for technical trade schools.

10. Numbskull - December 3, 2017

Let us hope colleges implode like the NFL, ESPN and Hollywood are presently.

11. David - December 4, 2017


I had considered highlighting that college has become a “business” or “industry”, but you did just that. I had a roommate years ago who returned to school to take Accounting to be eligible for the CPA exam. Oftentimes, he would say that as a student, he was a “customer “.

My dad went to a state funded college in the 1950s. There was a peacetime draft in effect, so guys studied in order to keep the deferment. Course loads of 15 to 21 hours were “normal”, and some colleges held mandatory class on Saturday morning. Several college students were considered minors up to age 21, and resident assistants, dean’s of students, and other authority figures didn’t hesitate to call parents or place students on probation for discipline problems. There may have been some grade inflation, but not like it is today, and a 4 year degree carried more weight back then.

I recall Justice Scalia mentioning that when he was an undergrad at Georgetown in the late 1950s, the resident assistant woke up students on Sunday morning to attend Mass. Most universities and colleges today don’t care whether or not a student attends class (at some larger universities, students have been known to pay someone to take an exam for them) , and I have heard today with the advent of the internet there are teaching assistants who post class notes online, which diminishes the incentive for students to attend lectures in person. At one college I attended in the mid 1980s, professors were upset at the low attendance at Friday classes (particularly 8:20, 9:20, and 10:20 am classes), because Thursday night was a big party night.

Numbskull - December 4, 2017

Well Thursday night was nickel beer night at the Silver Dollar in North Austin during the 80s. Tantum blogo knows all about that.

David - December 4, 2017

I wasn’t Mr. Perfect either. I recall “3 for 1” Wednesday’s at Chelsea Street Pub in the late 1980s. Went there my share of times with friends. I think one reason that chain shut down was liability issues – they were normally attached to a mall.

Some colleges did not have too many Friday classes, and students left on Friday afternoon and didn’t return until Sunday night.

By the way, I do recall later being an engineering major when I returned to school, and we had to have and maintain a certain GPA just to be admitted to the “upper division “, before taking things like Materials Science, Statics and Dynamics, Electrical Engineering Controls, etc., which gave an incentive to study.

Numbskull - December 5, 2017

Haha!! I remember the Chelsea Street Pub in a Houston mall way back in the ’70s. Live rock music from what I remember.
At UTAustin they tried to fail you out of engineering school the first 2 years…. p = rho g h!

Camper - December 5, 2017

Dear Numbskull,
What are p and rho in the equation you mentioned?

Numbskull - December 6, 2017

P = pressure
rho (p) = density of the liquid
g = acceleration due to gravity
h = height of the liquid

Tantum blogo used this formula in grad school to develop the beer shotgun.

Tantumblogo - December 5, 2017

In the early 90s the professor for a particularly important class, within mechanical engineering, threatened to fail everyone who did not show up to class on a particular day. Now the deal was, this class was mostly lab based and the lectures were meaningless. It was a project class so no tests. So no one bothered to go. He got steamed, and finally made his threat. The class was full again, for the last time.

Numbskull - December 6, 2017

Dr. Ben Caudle?

12. Tim - December 4, 2017

Liberalism = Religion

Our Lord said, “God or Mammon – take your pick.”
The Vatican, choosing Mammon, now is sick.

Not only is liberalism a serious sin that dishonours Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is in fact a religion. We are dying of liberalism and of its consequences. For two centuries it has spread everywhere, in our SCHOOLS, in our societies. It is a poison that destroys the commandments of God, together with everything that makes the beauty and greatness of a Christian civilization. In his Encyclical Humanum Genus Leo XIII said about Freemasons: “We must tear off their mask and show them as they are, so that we avoid them and their errors.” I believe that liberalism is a fruit of Freemasonry which also needs to be unmasked, until we fully understand its dangers.

Liberalism has its goddess: it is liberty. At the time of the French Revolution, liberals worshipped the goddess of Reason in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, that is to say, liberty, the liberty of Man, this liberty which has its statue at the entrance of New York harbour, which they celebrated in an incredible way not long ago. Man is free, finally freed from all law, and in particular from the law of God. Liberty is the goddess of the religion of liberalism.

Liberalism has its priesthood, in the person of Freemasons, a secret, organized, extremely efficient priesthood. There are thousands and thousands of Freemasons. The exclusively Jewish sect of B’nai B’rith alone, with its very frequent access to churchmen in Rome, and its presence at the meeting of Assisi, has five hundred thousand members throughout the world. The Grand Orient is also widespread.

Liberalism has its dogmas: they are the Declaration of the Rights of Man. As the Popes have taught, these rights of liberalism are the instruments invented by Freemasonry to use against God, to free man from God. Henceforth man is free to sin, to disobey God . . . liberty of the press . . . is just one of several sup posed Rights of Man which have been condemned by the Popes for a century and a half.

Liberalism has its morality which is simply immorality: no brakes on liberty. For twenty years liberals have succeeded in introducing into the legislation of almost every State all those principles which go against Catholic morality, such as abortion, free union, etc. – living in sin is favoured by tax systems.

Liberalism has its politics: notably democracy, the democracy of numbers. It is the people who are – supposedly – in charge. But in fact, “democracy” is about better subjugating them, dominating them, dispossessing them for the benefit of an omnipotent State, of a totalitarian socialism which gradually destroys the right of ownership, which makes the citizen work for a third of the year for the State. Citizens become in effect slaves of the totalitarian State. Liberty so-called is the politics of Liberalism.

Liberalism has its education: education must be atheistic, secular, and one throughout the nation. In France, it was not the bishops who defended the freedom of non-governmental education, but families. If there had not been two million people who went to Paris to defeat the socialist law on education, there would be in France today only government education, and private education would have disappeared.

Liberalism has its economics, directed by international financial associations. To the extent that States apply a liberal morality, a liberal economy, a liberal education, liberal laws, even if they incur enormous debts, they are supported by the International Monetary Fund. On the contrary States resisting liberalism are financially undermined and economically ruined, if possible. The Vatican itself was ruined by International Finance. Freemasons infiltrated the pontifical finances, and transferred the Vatican fortune to Canada, where it disappeared. Immediately the Freemasons and International Finance intervened with the offer of any financial support needed. Here are the pressures that can be exerted on Rome in the appointment of bishops or cardinals, on anything that the Pope does. He is now practically in the service of masonic liberalism. We have to say it like it is.

So said Archbishop Lefebvre (abbreviated) in Barcelona in 1986. Need one word be changed today?

Kyrie eleison.

Great summary that applies to 99.99999999999999% of colleges and schools.

From Elesion Comments by Bishop Williamson

Camper - December 5, 2017

Dear Tim,
Please don’t badmouth liberty too much. We need low taxes, low government spending, and very little government to have a healthy society. Bishop Fellay is wrong to approve of distributism. Christopher Ferrara badmouthed all forms of liberty in Liberty: The God that Failed. His rhetoric was unfortunate, though the general thrust of his book was good.

Tim - December 5, 2017

Liberty is fine when it is based in Catholic principles.

Liberty as a false god is not.

One thing I’ve noticed in SSPX circles which is no different from FSSP, ICK or Novus Ordo…..rampant americanism.

Tantumblogo - December 5, 2017

Yes, it’s a problem. Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae ought to be required reading – and repeatedly so – in all seminaries, especially traditional ones. Heck, a really good class on modern theology could be formed from that, Quas Primas, Pascendi, and the Syllabus. A primer on modern errors and the proper response to them.

Tim - December 6, 2017

Trying to stay totally free of americanism in America is like trying to stay dry in a swimming pool!

Camper - December 6, 2017

Supporting the market is not necessarily Americanism. Some Americanists are right wing and want the market, but some of them are merely chauvinistic leftists who are destroying America and the Catholic Church in America. We need to support the market, not big government. Those who claim that Catholicism supports big government do not understand Catholic principles.

Tim - December 6, 2017

I was not insinuating that you are an americanist. I was simply stating my personal observations over the years.

Catholicism does not support big government, you are absolutely correct, but the the Novus Ordo religion does.

Camper - December 5, 2017

Dear Tim,
I respectfully and charitably think that we live in such a dark age that even wonderful principles can be confused for heresy. We do have to reject the “Enlightenment”, but there are the late Spanish Scholastics, who supported economic freedom, just not the type propounded by Locke and Hobbes. Have you ever heard of the late Spanish scholastics, such as Cardinal de Lugo, if memory serves correctly? It is described in the two books by Alejandro Chafuen. If you wish to read these books, buy the latter and ignore the former.

Tim - December 5, 2017

I’ll check it out. Thank you.

13. Tim - December 6, 2017

The fruits of modern education in action:

Camper - December 11, 2017

White priveledge! GASP!

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