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Good Sermon on Charity and Scandal…… December 6, 2017

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…….with a particular focus on the need for modest dress, especially among women.

Yes, men must dress modestly, too, but for two key reasons, the issue of modesty is dress has always had a particular urgency for women more than men.  First, while men may occasionally dress immodestly, both culturally and from a standpoint of human biology, it is much more common for women to do so.  They have more to show off, as it were.  Secondly, men are much, much more influenced by what they see, in the sense of temptation against the 6th and 9th Commandments, than women.  Men are extremely motivated by visual stimuli, especially of a sexual nature.  Thus, as father notes, men are normally much more affected by immodest dress, than women.

This all has to do with charity towards our neighbor.  A young lady may want to flaunt what she’s got, but whose interests is she serving if she insists on doing so?  Is anyone being hurt? She may think not, but the priest indicates that there is great potential for harm.

The sermon also touches much more generally on what constitutes charity and scandal, and fleshes out those concepts for us.

It’s pretty brief, at about 10 minutes, and I believe a helpful and edifying reminder (for many of us – if it’s new to you, all the better).

I can’t remember when Father gave this sermon, I must have heard it.  I’m thinking it was a few years back.

Speaking of scandal, how about this from Paul Joseph Watson:

No, he defines what it means to be a future suicide*.  First of all, that kid’s got a big uphill battle just from the standpoint of nature.  Secondly, little boy, and the twisted mother/parental unit foisting this sickness upon you, you are being used, and will be broken and consumed, as nothing more than a tool to the radical leftists who simply want yet another means to inflict a horrible wound on the Western Civilization they loathe.  I am so very sorry for the pain you so obviously feel.  It breaks my heart to see such a young boy in so much pain and confusion.  It will only get worse unless you get healing through the only Source that can truly heal us, our Eucharistic Lord Jesus Christ.

In a totally unheard of turn of events, this boy is the product of a never-married single mom who resides in NYC, who just happens to have numerous sodomite male friends.

Only late stage societies near the point of collapse have ever, historically, had large subcultures of transgenders.  Societal acceptance of such has typically been one of the final signs of impending collapse.  Crazy right wingers didn’t say that – leftist and self-identified “trans” Camille Paglia did.

Seeing little boys (it’s almost always little boys, isn’t it?) so full of self-loathing just kills me. It makes me want to tear my teeth out, something.  I can’t stand it.  I can’t imagine how much humiliation that little boy feels deep down inside. And lest some think this is just a short term “fling,” or that he came up with this himself, there are dozens of videos of him on Youtube showing how mom has both coached and encouraged his transgenderism, and undermined his masculinity.  Thus………

*-those afflicted with the perversion of “transgenderism” are orders of magnitude more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Indeed, by some measures, nearly 1/4 of self-identified “trans” will successfully kill themselves.  Since this boy is being so heinously exposed, commercialized, and used at such a young age, the trauma he is experiencing is even greater than the vast majority of other trans-types. Thus, his likelihood for severe emotional/mental damage and desire to take the pain away by any means is almost certain to be much greater even that “regular” trans.  Of course, all things are possible with Grace, and I pray for his conversion from this lifestyle plainly and repeatedly condemned by St. Paul.



1. Baseballmom - December 7, 2017

My heart breaks for that poor little boy. Prayers for him. Excellent sermon, I was challenged by some of the examples (I tend to slow down when the guy behind me starts riding my a**). Thanks.

2. The Lord's Blog - December 7, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Sermon on charity and scandal………….

3. TF - December 7, 2017

I shudder to think what that poor boy’s abusers are doing to him. All those that are using him to normalize trans-whateverism are guilty of enabling his continued abuse and will have much to answer for on their judgement day. This “trans” phenomenon is simply mass grooming of potential victims. It is Sodom, Gomarrah, Carthage and the Aztecs all rolled up into one putrid, satanic package. It makes me physically ill and angry — the proper response I believe. The proper response of the local authorities would be to rescue him.

Tim - December 7, 2017

“The proper response of the local authorities would be to rescue him.”

Yes, it would, but, unfortunately, they usually go after homeschoolers instead.

4. kimzef2015 - December 7, 2017

Modesty begins at home. The Sistine chapel should be cleaned up. Parts of it look like a gay bath house. Even God’s buttocks are on display. It’s no secret that Michaelangelo was as gay as Mardi Gras. What I don’t understand is why popes who preach modesty have allowed it all to remain.

Done with popes and converting to Orthodoxy. Have yet to encounter a lewd icon.

Tim - December 7, 2017

That’s exactly what Satan wants you to do. Don’t take the bait!

5. Kathleen O'Regan - December 8, 2017

Poor child. If we could say there is any flaw in God’s design it is that there are earnest people who would give anything to have a child and would provide a good Christian home, and there are also people who are only neglectful and abusive, and have not even the regard for their offspring that does a cat, who seeks to protect her children.
The innocence of children is under attack. Satan uses his porn-drenched children to sink to the lowest levels of human behavior, and children in their innocence are his favorite targets. Parents today are often so morally lost, they happily inflict this sodomitical madness on their babies. It is enough to make someone go insane with grief, the very idea. Come Lord Jesus, this world has lost it’s mind.

6. Kathleen O'Regan - December 8, 2017

And no one can look at that suffering child’s face and say he looks happy. Chances are he will not make it past 14 or so. God help him and others like him.

7. Tg - December 11, 2017

Heartbreaking for that little boy. I pray for all abused and neglected children that God will free them from their abusers. I pray daily that God protect children from sodomites and rapists.

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