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First TLM in nearly 50 years offered at Dallas Cathedral Dec 30 – UPDATED January 9, 2018

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I sorely wish I had had the means to share this with folks before the event, but it was deliberately cordoned in a veil of silence.  Nevertheless, an historic event occurred during the Octave of Christmas this year, when, on Dec 30 (thanks to KB and SB for the correction), a Traditional Latin Mass was offered at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Dallas.  Father Thomas Longua, pastor of Mater Dei FSSP parish, offered the Mass.  Our family was unable to attend and I have received few reports on the Mass, the crowd, or the participants (I do not believe Bishop Burns participated), but there are a few pictures available.

Apparently the Mass was requested by some interested folks and new Bishop Burns, along with Cathedral Rector Stephen Bierschenk, approved.  The occasion, in addition to the feast, was a retreat for the altar boys and their families.

The Mass took place at the side altar where the Blessed Sacrament is reposed.  That is of course appropriate for the TLM – though our cathedral at one time had a most beautiful high altar, which was unfortunately and, I think it may be fairly said, callously ripped out during the wreckovations of the early 70s.  Indeed, the former marble altar rail was turned into curbs for the parking lot!  Just a slight triumph of expedience over piety……..

At any rate, some pics, and a bit more commentary below:

I am aware that this is not the first request to offer a TLM at the Cathedral.  Certainly, it is not the first since Summorum Pontificum of 2007.  So it is quite significant that approval was granted.  There is a sense in this Diocese that our new bishop Edward Burns, is more sympathetic to traditional Catholics and the offering of the TLM than was his predecessor, Cardinal Kevin Farrell.  There is growing hope that Bishop Burns may do away with the public, written policy instituted by then Bishop Farrell of banning offering of the TLM outside of the designated FSSP parish.  Certainly there remains much unmet demand for the TLM, even with the explosive growth of Mater Dei, due to Mater Dei’s awkward location (I should know, I live near it and don’t want it to move) and the diocese’s size.

Nevertheless, it is certainly something to pray and hope for.  The possibility appears much brighter than it did a year or so ago.  Unfortunately, there was expressed a wish to keep this event quiet until after it happened, so we may still have a long way to go.

Compare and contrast the bare offering table above, and the former high altar:

I’m not supposed to say this, it might hurt “the cause,” but different religion, much?

UPDATE: A local confrere informed me that this was indeed the first TLM offered in the Cathedral at least since the ascension of the, ahhhh……..one might say problematic, Bishop Thomas Tschoeppe in 1970.  Tschoeppe’s predecessor Bishop Gorman had apparently continued to offer the TLM regularly, until he was forced into retirement (very much against his will) in 1970.  Bishop Gorman was known for his stalwart orthodoxy and adherence to the Faith he was raised in, the Faith of our fathers, Bishop Tschoeppe, for allowing the seminary to collapse into sodomitical anarchy and general liberalism.  If what I am told is correct, one of Tschoeppe’s first acts was to oversee the wreckovation of the cathedral, including the altar rail cum parking curbs imbroglio.  Anyway, a bit of local history.


1. James Bond - January 9, 2018

Awesome! I will be praying for the continuance and growth of the Latin Mass in you locale. I pray that the Latin Mass will one day completely replace the Novus Ordo practice.

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2018

I share that prayer. Awesome name, thanks for the comment!

2. Camper - January 10, 2018

Thank you for the pictures. Nice to hear, though I have heard the bishop is as much of a loon as Farrell was.

rmichaelj - January 10, 2018

I don’t hear much, and try to listen to even less :).

3. rmichaelj - January 10, 2018

My family was able to attend. Since there is no longer an altar rail, the front pews were kept empty to make it easier for everyone to receive kneeling. It was a useful expedient for having a TLM in a church that was modified in the 70’s and 80’s.

4. Randy the Redneck - January 10, 2018

Objectively speaking, one cannot reasonably deny that the religion foisted by current churchmen (SpiritofVaticanTwoism) is not the same religion as Catholicism. An agile theologian can perhaps argue that the religion suggested by Vatican II is certainly Catholicism, but what happened to that, anyway? Where did the substance (as opposed to the “spirit”) of Vatican II disappear to?

5. David - January 10, 2018

One story I heard about Bishop Gorman circa 2002 . . . . . When the Second Vatican Council was called, Bishop Gorman went to Rome, since many bishops were invited to attend the sessions. After several weeks, Bishop Gorman was frustrated with some of the sessions, and left Rome to return to Dallas.

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