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Alexa gets one right! January 10, 2018

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, Ecumenism, fun, General Catholic, pr stunts, priests, silliness, true leadership.

This  may be too old now so everybody’s seen it, but if you know the scandals that have erupted over Amazon’s “Alexa” electronic servant thingee and its overwhelming left-wing bent (see this post), the video below is something of a surprise, but if you tie the two declarations together I guess it does make a sort of leftist sense – Jesus Christ may or may not be real, but the Church He founded isn’t?  Or perhaps consistency is too much to expect from these little electronic devices.

Nevertheless, when a Catholic priest asks Alexa to state the founders of various Christian sects, and then the Church, the answer is as surprising as it is delightful:

Mike drop.  Walk away.

That’s awesome.  I don’t know if Alexa can be coached to give certain responses – both the priest and Crowder swear the responses they got are on the up and up.

Who else can you say founded the Catholic Church, anyway?  If protestants want to deny that Christ founded One Church, that the Catholic Church was founded by a human, who was it? St. Peter?  St. Paul?  Who would not choose those for the founder of their church over Luther, Wesley, Calvin, or Mary Baker Eddy?  But in reality Christ founded the Church, as Scripture makes clear and the protestants themselves claim.  But they pretend, contra Christ’s infallible statement, that the Church somehow failed, and had to be “resurrected” by failed, sinful men.

The illogic in this position is so amazing it is untenable, but millions hold to it. Then again, millions of people today believe two women can be married, and that a baby is a blob of cells………..there is no limit to human ignorance.





1. Camper - January 11, 2018


Archbishop of San Antonio is acting like a scumbag again against Atonement Church and its nuns.

Camper - January 11, 2018

Sorry. Apparently he is acting only against the nuns.

Numbskull - January 12, 2018

Well in his defense, he was originally acting like scumbag towards Atonement Church. But since he lost that battle, he’s taking it out on the poor nuns.

2. TF - January 11, 2018

Who cares what a chunk of plastic simulates to say?

Numbskull - January 12, 2018

Relax, man. That was a GOAT mic drop.

3. Numbskull - January 12, 2018

Alexa, who shot JFK?

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