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Some more good local news……… January 10, 2018

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, history, North Deanery, priests, Tradition, true leadership, Virtue.

……….a couple of bits of good local news.  First, starting with the first full week of Lent, Father Jason Cargo, pastor of St. Joseph parish in Richardson, will be having Confession every weekday from 5-6pm.  This will be a permanent change, not just for Lent.  So in addition to Confession at St. Mark in Plano for several hours on Wed, Fri, and Sat, and most days at St. Jude in Allen (usually just a little before Mass, times vary), another parish will be having Confession every day except Sunday.  Which last bit is odd, that seems to be a post-VII thing, not having Confession on Sundays (I understand many priests are overburdened with Masses, but still), whereas in the old days Confession before, during, and after Mass was de rigeuer throughout the Church.  Nevertheless, for those who live and work in the North Dallas area, there are a growing number of options for Confession, and that is a most blessed thing.  Father Cargo is a good priest and I look forward to seeing what other changes he brings to St. Joseph.  Maybe some Latin Mass (probably Novus Ordo) at some point?  It might be a possibility.  Keep praying.

Again, this will start the first full week of Lent (Mon Feb 19), it is not available right now.  I always prefer when Septuagesima starts after Candlemas, so there is no mixing of penitential and joyful seasons.  That won’t be the case this  year, but only by a few days – Septuagesima Sunday is Jan 28.

Another local note, if you are looking for some wholesome family entertainment this weekend (Jan 12/13), the St. Paul Institute is presenting Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore at Faustina Academy in Irving.  Showtime is 7pm both nights. Tickets are $5 per person or $20 per family, so it’s quite a deal.  The performers are children, mostly high school aged but some  younger.  It should be a most enjoyable performance.  All details below:

A final happy item, one that is not specifically local but most edifying and Catholic, is a Youtube channel I stumbled upon called Tumblar House, which feature a weekly series of video interviews of the well known traditional Catholic writer Charles Coulombe.  I’ve found these video dicussions/question and answer sessions very helpful and enjoyable, and hope you will, too.   They cover a wide range of topics, including some many of those explosive issues related to traditional Catholicism – monarchism, the problems of the cult of democracy, the SSPX, Pope Francis, etc.  Coulombe is both historian and semi-sociologist, and much of his knowledge is well outside the mainstream and covers topics frequently ignored by other specialists in his field.  I don’t always  agree with Dr. Coulombe’s conclusions or advice, but I always find it interesting and informative.  It’s definitely worth a listen (I repeat, I don’t always agree with the conclusions reached or every statement made, but I do think it is all worth your time).  A few of the topics I found interesting:

Anyway, you get the idea, maybe everyone was already aware of this channel, but I just found it a couple of weeks ago.  Good discussion on a range of subjects outside what is normally covered even in the excellent sermons on Sensus Fidelium.  Plus, they have a more conversational tone and many may find them easier to listen to than sermons by priests, or at least as an alternative or in the form of a break.


1. Tim - January 10, 2018

“I always prefer when Septuagesima starts after Candlemas, so there is no mixing of penitential and joyful seasons. That won’t be the case this year, but only by a few days – Septuagesima Sunday is Jan 28.”

Myself as well, but as was explained to us years ago by an FSSP priest, the Christmas season always trumps Septuagesima time as it is a “warm up ” for Lent.

Tantumblogo - January 10, 2018

Yes that’s true. I still prefer them separate, and regret when there is heavy overlap between the two.

Tim - January 11, 2018

I think being concerned about overlap is not worth it. We can’t control calenders and full moon cycles.

Another conflict: Ember Friday during the Octave of Pentecost. Observe fast and abstinence or do we keep a First Class Feast day on a Friday?

Catholic paradoxes……keeps it interesting!

2. David - January 10, 2018


I think you mean confession at St. Joseph’s from 5 pm to 6 pm, not Mass I believe there is a daily Mass there at 6 pm. I have gone to 6 pm Mass there a few times.

Tantumblogo - January 11, 2018

I’ve been drunk since I came back. Not really,b ut terrible mistakes like that

3. Gc5341 - January 11, 2018

Fr. Cargo is indeed a good priest. I am happy to hear that he is going to offer frequent confession. Fr. Cargo is faithful to Catholic teachings. I have a great deal of trust in him. However, he is dealing with an extremely post modern looking facility which was erected long before he arrived. I’m guessing in the mid 1980s.

I’ve been to St. Joseph a few few times and was stunned by the ugly post modern architecture of the church. The Chapel is behind the main altar and contains the Tabernacle. Chapel pews face the center of the room. The priest stands in the middle of the chapel.

The main church is also modern, banal and minimalist. The chapel doors behind the altar are closed thus obscuring the Tabernacle. Even if the chapel doors were open it is difficult to see the Tabernacle. If one tried to have a Latin Mass it would be a big challenge. It’s almost as if those who designed this church building did so with the intention to make a Latin Mass difficult to offer.

Fr. Cargo is a wonderful priest and I’m glad the parishioners of St. Joseph have such a good priest. From a parish that may have been running along a modernist path judging from the building design, it’s refreshing that the parish has a faithful pastor in Fr Cargo.

4. Dismas - January 11, 2018

I really like Coulombe. Add to his resume that he spent some time as a stand-up comic and that sort of rounds him out and results in some really good humor sometimes. I am currently reading Puritan’s Empire, a review of US history from a decidedly Catholic perspective.

Tantumblogo - January 11, 2018

How do you like that book, Dismas? Would you recommend it?

5. Tim - January 11, 2018

SSPX video is a very balanced and fair analysis……RARE!!!
Thank you for finding this Tantum.

Tantumblogo - January 11, 2018

Summed up my views as well as any I’ve seen. Anyone who says the issue is really simple esp. regarding the SSPX side is in thrall of an agenda.

skeinster - January 12, 2018

What Tim said.
Wish I had had access to that years ago.
A profitable listen for both “sides”.

6. LaGallina - January 12, 2018

I enjoy Colombo’s information. I’ve listened to many of his talks and interviews over the years. But I wasn’t that crazy about his SSPX analysis. He seemed to oversimplify the issue as if it were just a matter of two sides who are having a silly disagreement and just need to shake hands and be friends again.

Tantumblogo - January 14, 2018

Not the way I took his explanation. I think he’s saying people have become locked in dogmatic ideological viewpoints, on both sides, and neither one takes the other side seriously enough to even listen to their own justifications. Having said that, he to me seemed to lean heavily towards a sympathetic view of the SSPX, showing how they were repeatedly played for fools by the hierarchy.

Tim - January 15, 2018

Archbishop Lefebvre was no fool. He held his ground with these evil modernists and will receive his heavenly reward. The ones who were played for fools were the modernists by Satan, they have received their reward.

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