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Quick Post – Was Marx Almost Right? January 24, 2018

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A couple of videos from Tumblar House below, critiquing the modern “liberal” democratic state and pointing out its internal contradictions.  Indeed, I think a reasonable argument could be formed that the Catholic hating Karl Marx was somewhat on the right track in predicting that a then-emerging system would collapse of its own internal contradictions, but he was wrong to apply that reasoning to the economic sphere rather than the political.  That’s not to say that anything else was at all right, and in fact I am being a bit deliberately tongue in cheek and provocative in even relating this to Marx, but the point is, there are far, far more identifiable and correctable problems with the modern (cult like) understanding of “democracy” as the pinnacle of political evolution than there were, or are, with capitalism as an economic system. That is not, to say, the modern “capitalist” state with heavy socialistic government interference almost everywhere in the world, and certainly in the global mass economy, with the government picking winners and losers and stacking the deck heavily in favor of corporate titans, but with the essence of capitalism, which is eminently Catholic and essentially the natural economic system of humankind – the exchange of goods and services at agreed upon rates by free actors acting in their own perceived interest.

Having said that, the two vids are interesting and worthy of some reasonable discussion, though I deplore the production values in the first.  Being a host is harder than it looks!  I’ve never heard of this Christophe Buffin de Chosal before, but it seems Charles Coulombe admires his work.  Endorsements aside, I believe he does raise some valid and important points, that democracy, far from elevating the best of society to the top to serve as enlightened, dispassionate rulers, instead tends to advance the very worst – as the top political figures we’ve seen in this country over the past half-century, at least, have made abundantly clear.  What tends to emerge is that, by pandering to the lowest common denominator in a society (buying special interest votes), hidden, or not so hidden, actors behind the scene can gorge themselves on the taxpayer teat while more or less ignoring the will of the masses.  Goodness, to take one issue alone, there have been huge majorities (in the US, at least) in favor of drastically limiting LEGAL immigration in this country for decades, not to speak of illegal immigration, and yet the politicians, beholden to elites who desire cheap labor, continue to enact laws and policies that not only permit but encourage immigration at rates, and from cultures, that are demonstrably eating away at the fabric of not only the United States but the entire West.

Anyway, I am out of time, but discuss.  I know many trads and hardcore Catholics tend to be critical of the modern liberal erstwhile democratic state, anyway, and there are probably a number of monarchists among us, but is democracy doomed to fail? Will it take down the entire culture with us, as it practically did the great ancient civilization of the Mediterranean, collapsing into first despotic rule and then total civilizational implosion, at least in the West?  Are there ways out of this that are reasonably possible?



1. Tim - January 24, 2018

Democracy is doomed to fail because it gives evil and error an equal footing with good and truth. It is NOT Catholic in any sense. It must according to its own dictates put the Divine and natural laws under the whims of the majority or the infamous “will of the people”. The Will of God means nothing under democracy and that is the fatal flaw. The American experiment in self governance is an epic fail. Sad as that sounds to most of us it is reality and as Bishop Williamson pointed out in a video I posted here to get to Heaven one must acknowledge and live by reality.

Error has no rights. That which is not Catholic is doomed to failure.

Benjamin Martin was spot on:

2. Tim - January 24, 2018

This presentation by Michael Matt discusses the natural end of and devolution of democracy. When God and His Holy Church are not the standard for governing the end is chaos and destruction. We are living this today.

3. FL_Catholic - January 25, 2018

You are absolutely correct that there are some monarchists here, I’m one of them. Democracy is a diabolical lie. Eventually the Masonic system that has taken over the West will fail, and it will fail terribly. But after a second Dark Ages, the light of the true Western Civilization will once again shine through and mankind will return to its senses. But we got a long way to go before then unfortunately.

4. Tim - January 25, 2018

5. Tim - January 25, 2018

Just skipping along between Christ and Anti-Christ:

6. Camper - January 28, 2018

Democracy is doomed to fail because Plato said it would in the Republic. A perfect government degenerates into a government in which a man’s honor is the most important thing. That degenerates into oligarchy, which tends to be plutocratic, which degenerates into democracy, where men with mixed souls predominate. Democracy rapidly degenerates into the tyranny and its men into those with the souls of tyrants.

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