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So It’s Pretty Much Obvious at This Point that Representative Democracy in the USA Is Dead February 6, 2018

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I know some, perhaps most, readers have believed that what we have all been sold as “democracy,” or a representative republic where the “will of the people” is expressed, at least generally, in broad strokes, by their elected leaders at the national level, has been dead for decades.  Pick your date for when it died – Marbury vs. Madison, the Civil War, the 16th Amendment, direct election of Senators, the assassination of JFK, the lies perpetrated by the intelligence apparatus to suck us into the Iraq War……whatever – the point is, many of you have been onto the fact that this thing we have been very deliberately and carefully propagandized to believe – that we have some say (again, at the national level particularly) in how we are ruled (not governed) – is a farce.  It hasn’t been true in a very long time.

I don’t mean to sound defeatist, unpatriotic, or, God forbid, like a carping leftist, but if the revelations of the mammoth, ongoing, unrepentant, largely unreported Deep State conspiracies against Donald Trump, and, more particularly, those who elected him, have shown us anything, it is that somehow, over the past few decades (I think it’s mostly occurred in my lifetime), a deeply entrenched unelected unaccountable cabal has taken over the reins of power in this country, particularly at the national level but depending on where you live all the way down to the most local level, and that democracy, or republicanism, as we have all been taught to believe, is a crock.

This cabal consists of deeply embedded, careerist bureaucrats in the government, the academic environment from which they derive their sacred credentials which they purport makes them fit to rule over others, and a media which has become wholly ideological and uncaring about having even a semblance of impartial coverage.  It is deeply classist and thoroughly bourgeois. Indeed, that is their primary objection to Trump and his supporters, that they are so working class, so often Christian, so rough and tumble, so politically incorrect (and thus heretics against their new, self-made, godless and God-hating religion) and just so gauche.

This coalition of the unworthy, this cadre of self-anointed leftists, has grown unchecked in power and influence over the past 50 years irrespective of which party is in office.  Well intentioned fool Bush ’43, however, did a very great deal to make their hold on power unshakable through the the “PATRIOT Act” and unaccountable, secretive courts and apparatus that have been, and will continue to be, ranged against the people of this country not in pursuit of national defense, but in pursuit of naked partisanism and self-aggrandizement.

We are confronted in these present days with a scandal that utterly dwarfs the defining political scandal of the past 3 generations (at least) – Watergate – in which a democrat administration and a democrat political campaign found eager partners in the intelligence and federal law enforcement bureaucracies in order to try to destroy the reputation of the Republican candidate and so swing the election to Hillary Clinton. Even after this effort failed and Trump won, the democrats and their media allies have waged an utterly unprecedented and unconstitutional (as if that matters anymore) campaign to have a sitting president accused of committing some crime, any crime, even (or especially) if it is not an actual crime, in order to drive him from office.

And the media, an absolutely vital component in the system of checks and balances envisioned by the Founding Fathers, has gone over wholly into this same obvious partisanship and absolute contempt for decency, fair play, or anything remotely resembling balance.  Indeed, the relations between the media, academy, infotainment complex, and government agencies is as incestuous as it is corrupt.  All of these entities have a huge stake in seeing the current system continue to grow in wealth and power, no matter the consequences for the “little people” who are being crushed through their avarice.  No, that’s wrong……crushing the little people is indeed the point, as this cabal seeks to create a new peasant class and a new aristocracy.

That this cabal is also entirely leftist and filled with loathing for this nation as founded, all non-leftists, and especially those who believe in God and adhere to traditional morality is simply the glue that holds the entire unholy enterprise together.

I’m ranting, but I think we good cause.  I have listened to hours of media coverage try to pretend that a government conspiracy to destroy a major party presidential candidate (and now president) is of absolutely no consequence, and in fact, that it is the Republicans who are damaging the Constitution and endangering the Republic.  The unmitigated gall…….but as I’ve said before, if you want to know exactly what evils leftists are guilty of, see what they accuse their opponents of.

If you’re looking for specific reasons why I am so outraged and ranting like this, here are but a few: the US in danger of becoming East Germany, intelligence services threaten to stop even their current, feckless, recalcitrant “cooperation” with Congress in overseeing their activities, and switch to outright adversarial obstructionism, if Congress does not stop investigating their unconstitutional and tyrannical activities, the failure to send even ONE IRS or other federal gov’t employee to prison after illegally persecuting “TEA party” groups in 2011-2, the fact that Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is still ongoing after the basis for it has been shown repeatedly to be not just false, but an entirely partisan hit piece………I could go on for ages.  It’s not just where we’re at, it’s where we are so manifestly headed.  As this piece notes:

…Kamala Harris tried to imprison pro-life journalists for probing Planned Parenthood. Now she’s a U.S. senator, whom some think should run for president. What would President Harris’ FBI look like? A lot more like the Stasi than we would like to admit.

More than likely, the best that we can hope for is that Trump will not be wounded politically by all these efforts, but may even get a slight bump.  But given what we’ve witnessed in these last 5-6 years of ugly, self-serving, Chicago machine-style rule, there is absolutely zero chance that any of the major players in this attempt to destroy a properly elected Republican administration will even be convicted of a crime, let alone serve any jail time (which, manifestly, numerous people, from Lois Lerner to James Comey to Strozk and these many other characters should).  The law, the ever-multiplying rules and regulations they impose on  us, are for the little people.  The elite, the connected, the self-anointed (always holding the correct, changing-by-the-minute leftist politically correct beliefs) are above such things.

The question is, how much longer are we not just going to take it, but continue to pay for the privilege through our obsequious submission to taxation and and other means of control?

The other question is, many traditional Catholics would argue that what we are seeing now is the inevitable end state of a democracy.  All previous “experiments” in democracy have failed.  Are we doomed to repeat the experience, and must it lead to civil war and cultural collapse, as it so often has in the past?

What should we, as Catholics, advocate for, in terms of politics, if anything?  Is it better to just try to ride out the calamity, doing the best we can for our family and other loved ones, and let the chips fall where they may?  Is there a point in engaging in this system anymore, or should we only advocate for some radical alternative, whatever it may be?


1. John MacGovern - February 7, 2018

You’re mad. That’s what happens when you ally yourself with evil people.

John 802-238-3970


Murray - February 7, 2018

What on earth does this even mean?

Tim - February 7, 2018

What on earth are you talking about John? Everything Tantum wrote is accurate and quite sane.
Tim 317-750-6354

Brian E. Breslin - February 7, 2018

Spoken like a true blue Vermonter, John. Always attack the person and not the position is the Green Mountain way.
Tantum, keep fighting.

Tim - February 7, 2018

Bernie, Bernie!
Should have checked the area code, now it makes sense.

Tim - February 7, 2018

Yo, all those in Vermont(well almost all, I guess afew of you voted correctly)…..this Hoosier Voted for Trump/Pence. The libs in Indiana got their way in 2016!!
Mike Pence is no longer their governor….he’s their Vice-President!!!!!!!! And the new governor is Eric Holcomb, a republican!!!!! Ahhhhhh, poetic justice is a wonderful thing!!!!

2. txtradcatholic - February 7, 2018

You are exactly and entirely correct in your assessment of what we are dealing with now at the national level. Twenty or even ten years ago I would have accused someone of being demented if they suggested that the only solution is Catholic monarchy, but I am now convinced that is where we need to be, having read a good deal of commentary by such as Laramie Hirsch. How to get there? I cannot possibly imagine it. It would probably take an upheaval of the sort that I would not be likely to survive, as a retired professional with no skills in “prepping” or being entirely self-sufficient without the trappings of civilization. Short of that, we can only hope that whoever succeeds Trump will not be a denizen of the swamp. That may require the death and replacement of the GOP within the next three to seven years.


dthy - February 7, 2018

Don’t know what we may have to put up with beforehand, but we can hope for an eventual consecration of Russia and, as promised at Fatima, “…in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Numbskull - February 7, 2018

I don’t think it necessarily has to be a Catholic Monarchy, because the idea of being ruled by a king will never fly in the USA. But we need to rid of the error of separation of church and state and religious liberty.

Tim - February 7, 2018

In other words we need a Catholic Monarchy.

Frank (@TxTradCatholic) - February 7, 2018

I agree with you so long as anything resembling the USA as we know it continues. But I’m imagining a total societal meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen. If that happens, then the idea of a Catholic monarchy to rule over the rebuilding of whatever remains of North American civilization doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

3. Tim - February 7, 2018

Pick my date for when it died…….July 4, AD 1776

Yes, the author is a sed, but he’s spot on in this presentation:


Dismas - February 7, 2018

Good response, Tim. Tantum offers a choice of dates, all of which can be defended. But the process began immediately. The constitutional convention itself was a scam.

Numbskull - February 8, 2018

I’d say it died with the Protestant revolt, which was a looting operation more than anything else.

4. Tim - February 7, 2018

These Deep State demons are so obsessed with “getting” Trump that they get scammed by Russian comedians:

5. Tim - February 7, 2018

Archbishop Sheen sums up the problem in this country and nearly the whole world when he speaks of Our Lord’s 3rd temptation @17:05

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7. Randy The Redneck - February 8, 2018

Well, Tantum, it sounds like a lot of people regard the situation the way you do, and you can count me among that number. It can be a long or a short discussion. I’ll be brief. I have been singing this particular song for at least twenty years. When an entire caste of people is no longer subject to the Rule of Law, then there is no Rule of Law. And the highest Rule of Law in the USA (unfortunately) used to be the Constitution. You can prosecute the whole lot – including Clinton and Obama – but even then the rot will remain

I have some concern for myself, but not much. Teach your children well. They are the ones who will really feel the heat.

Like the Obamas, I’m ashamed of this country – but for entirely different reasons.

Tim - February 8, 2018

You are right about feeling the heat, I fear for my kids and potential grandkids.

8. Numbskull - February 8, 2018

“but as I’ve said before, if you want to know exactly what evils leftists are guilty of, see what they accuse their opponents of.”

And if you want to know who controls you, look at who you’re not allowed to criticize in America today. Subtle hint for those not paying attention: THE JEWS.

SoccerMom - February 8, 2018

Amen Numbskull. Also who may soon control you, the Muslims.

Yves Dupont has an interesting book entitled “Catholic Prophecy” wherein he compiles hundreds of propecies about the pre-anti-christ period and gives evidence that we may be in for exactly what several commentators have described: a complete meltdown of societal structures the likes of which have never been seen, followed by a European ruler, a Catholic “Prince”, who, with the help of a very intelligent and pious Pope, will rule as Monarch over all of Europe and will lead the forces against Islam (who, having seen an earlier opportunity to strike, owing to civil wars within Europe, has become an existential threat to what had remained of Christian Europe). The Catholic Prince succeeds in his new Crusade, driving the Mohammedans back to Jerusalem before he is killed and the anti-Christ makes his appearance. It is all very interesting.

I would love to meet the Catholic Prince and the Holy Pope but alas, if Dupont is right, most of us will die from the Comet or the aftermath first.

Dupont thinks some of the prophecies indicate the U.S. will join forces with Catholic Europe, but I don’t remember him indicating any predictions about our then form of government.

9. MFG - February 9, 2018

Great comments Tantum. Seems your question is really what it boils down to: What should we, as Catholics, advocate for, in terms of politics, if anything?

I’m looking forward to Christophe Buffin de Chosal’s sequel to the End of Democracy on what we can advocate. Hopefully there are short term suggestions as well as long term.

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