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Dr. Jordan Peterson Speaking in Dallas Wed May 30 2018 February 21, 2018

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At 7:30 at the Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas.  Tickets range from $35-$100.

Peterson remains both fascinating and annoying to me.  He gave an hour long interview with former Catholic Answers regular Patrick Coffin where he talked about his approach to Christianity, and pretty much declared himself an interested and appreciative agnostic.  While he has numerous brilliant takes on a huge array of subjects, and his critique of the Left is among the most powerful and well evidenced I’ve ever heard, his acceptance of evolution and his reliance on the philosophy of Jung and Piaget make him a Gnostic/modernist on the most important subjects.

Nevertheless, he is brilliant and unusually coherent at expressing difficult concepts in a way any layman can reasonably understand, and there is a huge amount of gold among the feldspar – much more gold than feldspar, generally.  I think souls well formed in the Faith can partake of Peterson and sort through the good and the bad with relative ease – ignore the Jungian gnosticism, keep most of the rest.

Below is the Coffin/Peterson interview, which is important because, for the first time, it is a fairly orthodox Catholic interviewing Peterson and trying to pin him down on matters relating to the Faith.  Peterson somewhat maddeningly refuses to be labeled, which I can understand to a degree (because in the current worldly context he only stands to lose if he accepts one, and he is right that many people, myself included, would love to use him as a totem upon which to hang our own particular beliefs), but I continue to be disappointed that interviewers ask such broad questions as: “Are you a Christian,” or “Do you believe in God?”  These are very easily brushed off by Peterson saying “what do you mean by that?”

Here is what I want asked: “Do you, or can you, accept the Doctrine of the Faith as defined in the Apostolic, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds?”  “Have you ever read Pascendi Dominici Gregis and Quanta Cura, and could you faithfully swear the Oath Against Modernism?”  The creeds are extremely specific and were deliberately contrived to avoid obfuscation.  But no one, that I know of, has ever asked such questions.

When Peterson below asserts: “How do you know that you are a ‘true follower’ of Christ, or properly understand what it means to be Christian,” the Catholic can respond with infinite confidence: because Christ created a Church He promised would define the Faith for all time, that Church has 637 defined dogmas, the acceptance and practice of which makes me at least an observant follower of God’s Law for us, if not a “good Christian.”

As to whether Coffin is right, that Peterson is on his way to becoming Catholic, that would be fantastic, but I am not quite so confident.  For all his good, Peterson’s “god” remains the false doctrine of evolution – he will have an exceedingly difficult time becoming a Christian so long as that remains.  At any rate, he also seems much more drawn to Eastern Orthodoxy than Catholicism.

BTW, Peterson will also be speaking in Austin on May 31 as part of a 12 city tour.


1. Baseballmom - February 21, 2018

Your first sentence nailed it. Fascinating and annoying.

2. Margaret Costello - February 22, 2018

Does he have a reason for being so detached from adhering to the Deposit of Faith? i.e. is he divorced and “remarried”? Does he have someone close to him that is a sodomite? Usually when these type of people refuse to make that final step in the faith, they have a horse in the race personally. If he doesn’t, then he would be blessed by someone like you who would nail down his nebulous stance and use his intellect to convict him. Maybe invite him to be interviewed by you/your blog and ask him your questions then? I’m surprised he is an Evolutionist…I’ve never come across a more stupid theory that can be so easily refuted. Math disproves evolution: the probability that a eukaryotic cell just ‘poofed’ into existence by chance approaches the Googleplex numbers since one cell has more info than the entire space shuttle. Maybe Dr. Peterson needs to watch Dr. David Berlinski at the Discovery Institute:+) God bless~

Baseballmom - February 22, 2018

You are so right. So often, it’s personal.

MS - February 27, 2018

Peterson explained in one of his Patreon videos that he doesn’t go to church, and that it’s a problem with him, not with the church.

That being said, since Canada made it a crime to speak out against sodomy, and the Catholic Church is all but dead there, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s never encountered a true Catholic.

I did send Peterson a copy of Fr. Ripperger’s 800-page Introduction to the Science of Mental Health which is based almost entirely on the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. As a close follower of Peterson, it’ll be interesting to see if any of Ripperger’s work starts to come out in Peterson’s talks.

FWIW,both the Texas dates are sold out.

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