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Teach the Children Hell: Leftists Co-opt Traumatized Students to Advance Anti-Gun Agenda February 21, 2018

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The Left has tried a new and seemingly effective tactic in their effort to totally disarm the entire law-abiding US population – co-opt children ostensibly traumatized by a recent attack (this one from generally liberal South Florida) into forcing weak-willed Republicrat politicians into a corner, forcing them to do something, anything to “stop the violence.”  How about the FBI responding to multiple tips (by name), and local mental health authorities not shirking their duties?  Nah, that’s too easy, and more importantly, doesn’t advance the agenda.

So now Trump is apparently going to advocate banning bump stocks, though those had naught to do with the Parkland, Fl shooting, and possibly raising the age of legal ownership for AR-15 type rifles from 18 to 21.  Because it’s fine to use an AR-15 type to die for your country at 18, but not for you to own one legally.

Ben Shapiro covers the Left’s very coordinated and, it seems, effective efforts below.  Gee, as well coached as these kids obviously are, one might almost wonder if the whole thing was at least allowed to happen, in order to serve a “greater” cause:

While not contained in the quotes included by Shapiro above, these kids have taken a nakedly partisan tack in response to this shooting, openly excoriating Trump and Republicans generally while showing great warmth and support towards demonrats and especially the far Left wing of that party.  In fact, it appears to me that these youths are very callously using the deaths of their fellow students as simply an opportunity to advance a policy position they have long preferred – using the logical fallacy of shroud waving in a despicable way to ban evil guns, rather than take action against the people who perpetrate acts of evil, or demanding the government hold accountable those who very apparently allowed this atrocity to take place.

Note the very deliberate F-U to the pro-life movement, commonly associated with the Right politically and, thus, support for relatively unrestricted private gun ownership, in calling this the “March for Our Lives.”  These shrill kids are obviously being coached, and Ace notes that the leftist media seems to be doing much of the coaching, with talking points going from statist media one minute and out of the mouths of these kids the next:

See Sexton’s post: He makes an interesting catch. CNN runs gun control talking points as “news,” then these same talking points make it into the mouths of the Child Crusaders, and then CNN now runs the Children Crusaders repeating CNN’s talking points as new news, this time out of the mouths of babes.

As Steven Crowder notes below, so-called assault weapons like the AR-15 are rarely used in these mass shootings, and are responsible for only a very small portion of murders involving a firearm on an annual basis.  So once again we see the prevaricating bait and switch of the Left, this time coming from children attempting to capitalize on the deaths of their deceased comrades (demonstrating the degree to which leftism corrupts even at a very early age), where they talk about banning or limiting one type of gun, but what they really mean, and intend to achieve, is a near total ban on private ownership of firearms a la Britain – where, incidentally, the murder rate has skyrocketed SINCE firearms were made very difficult for civilians to own:

I know some see me as a hard-hearted Pharasaical jerk, and I’m about to confirm that notion again, but these kids earn no sympathy from me.  As noted below, they are wholly ignorant of the issues at hand, hold very widespread false beliefs (propagated by their leftist media allies) regarding firearms (guns can be bought with no ID, no background check, minors can purchase “automatic weapons” with no problem, automatic weapons are easier to buy that setting up a social media account, etc, etc), and are essentially demanding the nation, and thus millions of law-abiding, hard-working, family-protecting gun-owning citizens turn over the nation’s firearms policy to a bunch of indoctrinated, uneducated, politicized children on the basis of having ostensibly experienced some trauma.  Actually, I should say correctly, they had my sympathy, but these obvious political agents of the Left have completely and irrevocably lost it, as they seek to hijack a tragedy for their own personal benefit and the direct personal harm of me and my family (that is, to take away my wife and I’s ability to protect each other and our children).  And in the meantime, they intend to usurp a right given by God and recognized by the Constitution for tens of millions of taxpaying, law-abiding Americans.  My only response to them is, go frank yourselves and if you want to live in a left wing gun regulated paradise, enjoy your stay in Mexico, where the murder rate is nearly an order of magnitude higher than it is in the US in spite of extremely rigid firearms laws.

As Dr. Peterson says, when you’re 15 or 18 or 20 you don’t know anything, haven’t accomplished a thing, and need to get your own life in order before you lecture the world on all its faults. You don’t even make serious proposals, you just rant against conservatives, Republicans, and the “older generations.”

Unfortunately, the Left may have pulled a coup in drawing children into this debate, since few politicians want to be seen as standing on the side of putting children in harm’s way, even if that characterization is manifestly false, banning guns is not the way to achieve that safety, and there are many other ways to improve the safety of children in government-run taxpayer funded schools leftist indoctrination camp. But that’s where we’re at, and if you want a bump stock, I suggest you buy one now.

And maybe rekindle that interest in acquiring firearms that mysteriously disappeared once the Obamanation left office. At the least, prices will probably be going back up, so now is the time to buy.  There are some very good deals to be had out there now, at least compared to the last 8 years when the threat of Obama prompted millions to purchase tens of millions of guns (BTW, a recent study concluded that there are not 300 million firearms in private possession in the US, but upwards of 650 million!).  Yeah, good luck confiscating all those.

In closing, I’d  just like to add, when will people stop giving their money and time to CNN, ABC, CBS, and all these other naked organs of leftist propaganda, so that the whole bloody business will collapse and go away?  Even many conservatives, especially older conservatives, continue to get most of their information from the lamestream media, even though they know the information conveyed is often very biased, missing key nuance/exculpatory evidence, or just plain false.  Stop watching them!  They are already dying, but a concerted effort will help hasten that end.  Unfortunately the politicians, especially at the federal level, continue to treat the statist media as the gold standard, so they are inordinately influenced by what some agenda-driven jaded teen says to 300,000 people on CNN, and ignore what Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro say to 3,000,000 people on Facebook and Youtube.

As for the post title, you know the old dumb hippie song “Teach, the children well?”………..there you go.


1. Baseballmom - February 21, 2018

Very well stated. Good to see some more level headed students come out against the liberal media. Many of the no guns crowd are also parroting their parents and teachers.

If we really want to save kids lives then let’s outlaw suction machines. About 262 kids were killed in Florida on 02/14/18. 245 of those were killed by suction machines or similar medical devices.

Tantumblogo - February 21, 2018

And how many more were killed chemically, but drugs? That is becoming increasingly frequent and probably outnumbers surgical abortion at this point.

But an awesome point, thank you.

Tantumblogo - February 21, 2018

Hey did you pick up on the line in the title? I’d like to delete the explanation at the end of the post if people are catching the hook in the title.

Baseballmom - February 22, 2018

Yes I did. But that’s because I’m old…. 😉

2. The Lord's Blog - February 21, 2018

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:

3. Avery - February 21, 2018

I am from Holland, I’ve witnessed WW2, you sound like a narcissist
Nazi. Ben Shapiro, Are you Evil? What is your goal?????
You use the word Leftist as if they were a plague, just like the Jews
were according to the Nazi’s. You van talk very fast but to me you are
a spoiled kid, who tries to look very smart and intelligent.

The thing is, you’re not . You’re rhetorics are shameful, you would lose any debate with these young people if you would talk something slower, so that people can hear what nonsense you say

Tantumblogo - February 21, 2018

I would lose an argument, says the person who offers nothing but calumniating personal attacks. As for how fast I speak, I actually have a Kansas/Texas drawl so I speak pretty slow.

Perhaps you should worry more about unelected, undesired euthanasia of elderly and sick people in Holland rather than US firearms policy.

Avery - February 21, 2018

You Misinformed people, you really pick on the fake news you want to believe.
For your information undesired euthanasia does not happen here. Your Ambassador had to agree with that.
You fucking Americans believe any conspiracy theorie
But you don’t want to see that Russia is fucking with you.

You are becoming a third world country

Tim - February 21, 2018

Your language clearly shows your low grade intelligence….if even that. You have zero credibility.

Avery - February 21, 2018

Thanks Tim for not responding to my points.
Really helpful

Camper - February 22, 2018

His English needed work too. Maybe he was looking for help with his English.

Avery - February 21, 2018

These kids are pure in their reaction, and for you to criticize them is beyond low. Lowest I can imagine.
Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim - February 22, 2018

Pure leftist idiocy.

Camper - February 22, 2018

Are you trying to be funny? You are doing a really good job at it.

Numbskull - February 22, 2018

You’re kidding right? Because citizens don’t have guns in Western Europe, you’re the ones becoming a third world country overrun by Muslims.

Tim - February 23, 2018

ALL euthanasia is undesired ny GOD!

Baseballmom - February 22, 2018

Hey TB, YOU fast talker you!!!! Who liberated Europe at the end of WW2? Oh yeah, it was the allies…. we did it with flowers and peace signs, right? Neville Chamberlain led the way, with “Peace in our time” – right?

Tim - February 22, 2018

Who liberated Europe? Was is Obama, Hitlery, Antifa, BLM????
Hey Avery, you got quiet all of a sudden.

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2018

Well that is the perfect place for me to bring my next point up – under the 1994 Assault Weapons ban, firearms like the Ruger Mini-14, Springfield M1A, M1 Garand, among many others – all either variants of military rifles or derivatives of same, with the M1s shooting a much, much more powerful cartridge just as fast as the AR-15 – remained legal throughout as they had no pistol grip.

The point being, the Assault Weapons ban was never about real gun safety but was a means to an end – a long step towards the banning of all guns. So now the mask is dropping and the Left is advocating banning all semi-auto firearms and I’m sure it won’t be long in this process until they are arguing for banning all of them, or virtually all. The goal is a disarmed populace unable to defend itself. But I think if they try to make gun control a key issue in 2018 they will regret it, as they are coming to regret running against Trump, the tax cut, etc.

Tim - February 21, 2018

From Holland?……nuff said.

Avery - February 21, 2018

You wish you were a Dutch citizen. Google it
But we won’t let you in

Tim - February 22, 2018

I don’t want in, your culture is a bigger portal to Hell than ours. Maybe no guns, but you put your people “to sleep” like they were animals. Soul killers!

Camper - February 22, 2018

Holland. Let’s see. Guns are banned, taxes are even higher than in America, crime due to terrorism is probably rampant, and Geert Wilders recently lost his election. That leaves out euthanasia. I’m trying to be nice to you because maybe the reception we gave you wasn’t the best, but you were not polite either. You also used four letter words twice. Why are you trying to shame us?

Tim - February 22, 2018

Leftists are a plague. They are Satan’s standing army on earth. So you saw WW2 and that qualifies you to judge Tantumblogo a narcissist? How does that even follow? Your hand is quite weak.

4. Tim - February 21, 2018
Avery - February 21, 2018

Here In Holland we cannot get our hands on any gun,
so this school shootings never happen here,
check it out

Numbskull - February 22, 2018

No, but you’re going to be overrun by Muslims thanks to the Jew NWO.

5. Avery - February 21, 2018

Really You people are ok with AR -15 to be bought by anybody
A rifle designed for the military?
Why should you want such a weapon, for hunt? safety?
You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to figure out that that will
cause accidents,murders.

Tim - February 22, 2018

Should we ban cars, butter knives, electricity or any other plausible cause of death? It is the total lack of respect for the sanctity of human life that is the root of this matter. People have had guns for centuries and only very recently have these mass shootings been around. It is the decline in morals and Christianity driving this.

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2018

The vast majority of firearms in use today were originally designed for the military, or are derived therefrom. The bolt action Mauser 98 was originally designed for the German Army, so on your basis basically all firearms should be banned.

And yes your country kills – involuntarily, without their consent – hundreds or thousands of people a year and call that murder a nice name – euthanasia.

As for the moral authority of the children and how sincere they are, do you have some special personal knowledge of them and their history, or do you rely on what you read in the media? As I noted, that coverage is biased and often outright false. The children are perpetrating numerous, already abundantly refuted myths (one might even call them lies) about US firearms laws. They are proposing no concrete solutions but appear to be demanding, and are working with elements that are demanding, almost complete banning of private firearms ownership and the confiscation of hundreds of millions of guns. They are working to take away a right that is sacred to Americans and enshrined in the Constitution, the right to defend myself and my family by legal means.

But enough of this. Aside from personal loathing of a particular firearm, and one that isn’t even that dangerous or powerful (it is actually quite humorous that it is presented as such a boogeyman, when there are numerous guns firing far more powerful and destructive ammunition just as fast or faster than an AR that would not fall under the 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban) you have offered nothing but ad hominem and emotional arguments. No more troll feeding. Goodbye.

Camper - February 22, 2018

Aahh, Tantum, he was funny! Who is going to entertain us now?

Tim - February 22, 2018

You betcha!

Camper - February 27, 2018

As I wrote below, the AR-15 was designed specifically for civilians, not the military. You really come across as absolutely the utterly predictable, ludicrously decadent and goofy European that good Americans loathe. Calling Tantum a nazi is absurd. We bailed you out with weapons in 1944 and you still don’t show us respect!

Camper - February 27, 2018

Also, killing somebody in self defense is not murder, but honorable self defense. Sometimes it seems that people like you would rather that murderers get away with it.

6. Chris - February 22, 2018

I am certainly concerned about the trauma to the young people, but it is foolish for the media and liberals in general to propose that teenagers should be dictating the laws of our society. No question, the kids of the school lived through a horror, but imagine the thought of several million defenseless teenagers and their parents being hauled away to a death camp! Liberals would have us believe that human nature has evolved to be immune from future scenarios of genocide.

7. Tim - February 22, 2018

Numbskull - February 22, 2018

yea, something really stinks about this shooting. Google has banned videos showing one of the students rehearsing lines.

Tim - February 22, 2018

This is another story for Tantum’s “Tin Foil Hat” post. I am more and more convinced that the deep state is behind these massacres. Stir up the political environment with raw emotion to eventually disarm the citizenry. 20 years ago I would have dismissed anyone who believed that as a nut job….not anymore.

Camper - February 27, 2018

Tim, do you realize that there was an excellent chance that the Las Vegas shooter was trying to kill Trump’s supporters? I think that is probably the most likely angle on his motivation.

8. Tim - February 22, 2018
9. Tim - February 22, 2018

10. Tim - February 23, 2018
11. Chris - February 23, 2018

Tantum is quite tolerant to allow Avery to visit this blog, considering Avery’s trashy language. Leftists tend to resort to trash talking and name calling when short on rational thought. I hope that Avery is not pretending to be Catholic. To be clear, I would not buy any weapon if it did not have the capacity to kill. Avery should be praying that the US not back out of NATO, Were it not for the US, Avery would surely be speaking Russian by now, Arabic in a few more years.

Tim - February 23, 2018

Tantum’s a swell dude, he puts up with all of us on a regular basis!!!

Camper - February 27, 2018

I call leftists names that they deserve to be called. The AR-15 is not suitable for military operations because it has no burst or full-auto mode. He really was a typical European, calling Tantum a nazi or whatever it was. If he had been from Cambridge, Tantum might have been more justified in keeping him.

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