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This Nation Is Headed for a Most Unhappy Breakup February 23, 2018

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I’m not a big fan of David French or National Review – or T. Codrington Van Vorhies IV of the National Topsider, as Iowahawk calls them – but he does raise an important point in a recent post on how the Left is driving increasing political, social, and moral polarization in this country, to the extent now that we have two very large segments of this country who can no longer agree on even such basic things as what constitutes a male or female human, and whether bakers should be forced by government gun to bake a cake for a non-wedding of two people of the same sex.

What is developing is a situation where each side is so alienated from the other – a process driven by the Left’s relentless demands for always more revolutionary change – that it finds being governed by representatives of the other side intolerable.  Furthermore, the internet has encouraged and enabled the formation of ideological bubbles where most of us screen our sources of information to those which not only tend to comfortably reinforce our views, but even have a tendency to make them more extreme in confirming them.

However, as French notes, it is the Left that always, always leads in both of the phenomenons above.  The right was concerned and a bit panicked about the election of Obama, but we didn’t have public breakdowns and still-ongoing (more than a year after the event) screaming hissy fits about the election of someone other than our preferred candidate.  And it is the Left that is much more typically broadly ignorant of policy, and especially the viewpoints of the Right, than it is the other way around. The Left has virtually always forced the issues that divide us, and always always always presses for ever more radical developments, especially moral/cultural ones, but the right is also becoming radicalized as a process of both natural reaction to the constant antagonism of the Left, and as part of a process of coming to recognize its core principles more and more through media dedicated to that purpose.  The end result of this process appears to be such polarization that a Civil War type breakdown seems increasingly likely.

I don’t see much hope of the polarization decreasing in the future. In fact, I look forward to it continually increasing.  I also think the two sides will grow less and less able to live together.  However many believing Christians (and orthodox Jews) there are, there are tens of millions of people who continue to live with a fundamentally Christian moral framework.  Coexistence with the always more radical left is becoming increasingly difficult, and for more and more, impossible.  This cannot lead anywhere good.  I expect the national breakup with be short, sharp, ugly, and bloody.

Anyway here is French’s spiel:

 In most states, the Overton window moved to the right, and it’s still moving right.

We can do this issue by issue, but an issue-based focus obscures a larger and far more significant reality. We’re no longer fighting about “the” Overton window. Our differences have grown so profound that “the” window has broken. We’ve got two windows now. One for red. One for blue.

Since 1994 the Pew Research Center has been studying political polarization in the United States, and you can watch the two windows form right in front of your eyes. Here are two images that show the difference between the political positions of the “median Republican” and “median Democrat” in the “general public” in 1994 and in 2017:

And this brings us back to the three stories that started this piece. There is a difference, I believe, between progressives and conservatives. Given their control of the academy, legacy media, and Hollywood — along with their intense geographical concentration in large, urban enclaves — progressives are not only racing further to the left, they’re also deceiving themselves about their cultural strength.

They think they’re “winning” when they’ve really moved mainly themselves. The other window either remains unmoved or moves right in response. Arguments on the far-left side of the blue Overton window (like campus temper tantrums) are greeted with complete incredulity and open mockery on the right.

In fact, even progressive conventional wisdom (such as the notion that a man can become a woman) is at best on the far-left edge of the Republican Overton window. At best. Similarly, I’d challenge a Republican to walk into a Brooklyn coffee shop and find a single person who didn’t think you were a violent bigot for believing that Caitlyn Jenner is still a man and that the Second Amendment alone grants you the right to carry a weapon.

We may have exhausted all the “why Trump won” arguments, so I won’t go there. But I will say that the notion that one Overton community will govern the other is increasingly infuriating and even terrifying to the losers of national political contests.

None of this is exactly new.  It’s been apparent to many for decades.  But the process of dissolution of common interest and increasing animosity only continues to accelerate.  The Founders set up a system that could take surprising amounts of strain, but every system has its limit.  When we cross that limit is anyone’s guess, but I am thinking we’re getting closer than anytime in the past 150 years, with the possible exception of the late 60s.


1. Michael Aiello - February 23, 2018

We must pray for Our Lady’s continued guidance and also pray to St. Joseph. If Our Lady was influential in getting President Trump elected, she won’t leave us dangling. She will be our greatest intercessor.

2. Tim - February 23, 2018

Oh, we’re closer than the 60’s. Those malcontents and hippies still had their grounding in a somewhat normal american culture with some christian anchoring. The vast majority were participating due to boredom, idiocy or just to upset their parents. It didn’t last for the vast majority. I know from personal experience. I was brought up by hippies that intended to change the world. But then, the realities of life and their embedded upbringing brought them back to earth, marriage, children, financial and health concerns. Today they are mellowed out liberals who care about their 401k’s and retirement. However, it has rubbed off a bit more in each succeeding generation and now we are seeing the fruit of Satan’s efforts. We have wholesale numbers of young adults with no connection to traditional family, religion, communities. They have no concept of God, let alone fear of God.
They are totally hedonistic and narcissistic. They care not a wit about history or societal or family tradition….the 60’s generation still does by and large. These elderly hippies I know are appalled by the disregard of today’s youth towards past generations and history (at least the ones I know). The 60’s were bad but they were simply the warm-up act. The elderly 60’s radicals are learning the truth firsthand…..the revolution eats it own.

Baeballmom - February 23, 2018

You nailed it on the 60’s. My older sibs were teens then (i was a teen in the later 60’s) and the differences between those rebellious years and now is great. Sure, there were the hippies who only cared about sex without consequences – but there were also many who truly wanted to “make the world a better place.” They had a common morality that is totally lacking in today’s “rebels” (I won’t say “millennials” as seven of my eight are in that group… and they are moral hardworking individuals)- and they knew at least that men were men and women were women. They embraced an idealized liberalism and a desire to make change “for the better” – and they knew what “better” was. Unfortunately, many raised their kids with little or no morality or boundaries, and with abundant material wealth (for the most part). A dangerous combination.

Tim - February 24, 2018

My hippie upbringers had a boomerang hit them in the 80’s. As a new voter in the early 80’s I voted for Reagan. They got a counterrevolutionary taste of what their parents must have felt. They were stunned beyond words. They’re used to my politics now but most are quite outraged at me for going traditional Catholic. Oh well, I keep praying for their long awaited return to Holy Mother Church and sanity.

Eoin Suibhne - February 25, 2018
3. Raul De La Garza III - February 23, 2018

We are in what generational theorists, Neil Howe and William Strauss, call the Crisis period.

Your observations about this time being related to that of what occurred in the 60s is no surprise. We are now seeing the logical result of what began in the 1960s with the Boomer ‘consciousness revolution’ wherein that generation focused on changing the interior world, the current generation seeks to alter the external world. often taking their cues from their Boomer grand parents… Gen Xrs like you and I have also sought to atomize in our own lives but often with a desire to live and let live, leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone attitude. So we look at these kids and shake our heads wondering why they don’t do like we did and not worry over much about social justice project X and Y and simply just focus on making your own way in the world without too much regard for the world around us… ‘Why ask why?’ was kind of our catch phrase and not simply a beer commercial.

We, as Generation X find our role in this crisis as the managers of it standing in the middle between Boomer and Millennial trying to keep the former from running the latter too far and away on whatever ideological crusade being preached.

See further, The Fourth Turning by Howe and Strauss.

God love you, amigo.

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:10 PM, A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics wrote:

> Tantumblogo posted: “I’m not a big fan of David French or National Review > – or T. Codrington Van Vorhies IV of the National Topsider, as Iowahawk > calls them – but he does raise an important point in a recent post on how > the Left is driving increasing political, social, and mo” >

4. petranchmom - February 23, 2018

Yes, we have arrived at the point where we see the other as standing on their head and making no sense (what is up is down and what is down is up). My daughter just texted that she had just finished praying the rosary in front of an abortuary, when a young woman stepped outside of the door and yelled to her, “We are closed for the day! All the babies are dead!” Then she stepped back in and closed the door. Male and female, He made them…until now. The scantily dressed hollywood actresses want to take the moral high ground after all these years of filth and want men to stop (what? stop everything?). Hashtag put some clothes on and be real women…just say no, settle down with the real man God intended you to hashtag say yes to, marry, and have oodles of children with. There are so many others, but the most incredulous one is to let The Little Sisters of the Poor not be forced to pay for abortion-inducing birth control, any birth control, etc., and allow them to continue serving the elderly! That along with seeing babies and not clumps of cells and not allowing men who think they are women into women’s bathrooms and showers have put me over the edge. No common ground.

5. Tim - February 24, 2018

An example of today’s liberal nitwits who have their roots in the 60’s. Never confuse liberals with facts!


6. Murray - February 24, 2018

I’m seeing this more and more: people on both left and right are increasingly unable to tolerate coexistence with each other. I can’t see how this ends well.

You’re right, though, that this has been largely driven by the left’s escalating series of lunacies. People on the right mostly just want to be left alone and have no desire to dominate others, but there are no brakes on the leftist train, and they won’t be happy until everyone is under their bootheel (and not even then).

It used to be said that “conservatives believe that liberals are wrong, while liberals believe that conservatives are evil”, but no more. For my part, I’m fully convinced that liberalism is satanic down to its roots, and I fear that it will have to come to blood.

I don’t think that there’s any non-catastrophic way out of this, absent divine intervention. It’ll have to be something like total economic collapse, major natural disaster, or war–whether internal or external–to bring people back to their senses.

Tim - February 24, 2018

I totally agree with your assessment.

Camper - February 24, 2018

I agree except that an economic collapse will simply lead to Stalinism, with or without the gulag.

7. Camper - February 26, 2018

The first Duke of Wellington said that democracy would destroy the UK by the rule of law. I don’t think a civil war is going to happen because the right knows that it would probably be the ones to start it and it would make them look bad. I just don’t see a civil war starting. It would require the breakup of the US army, and I just don’t think that is going to happen. The vast majority of Americans decided to exclude the possibility of civil war from their philosophical baggage after 1865. The main kind of “political philosophy”, or, perhaps better put, political ideas or even just ideology, that Americans know is basically American history.

8. Camper - February 26, 2018

I should have added that, barring some unforeseen events, the obvious future for America is domination by the left with some variation on communism, with thought crimes and even a gulag. Really, can anybody see the right as we know it surviving even ten years, given the dynamics in this country? Tom Cotton is not going to save the country. He won’t even be elected president because he has truckled to Trump’s pandering on immigration. He’ll be seen as an Arkansas version of Marco Rubio. There’s Ben Sasse and not many others. Trump will probably run for reelection in 2020 and will get steamrolled. The Democrats may take the Senate then. I really think Trump’s election gave us another four years, but by 2020, all bets are off.

9. reader - March 2, 2018

California exports its poor to Texas, other states, while wealthier people move in


10. reader - March 2, 2018

Going left, left, left…

100 Flowers – California’s Falling Into The Ocean – YouTube

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