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Coulombe: Attendance at SSPX not Grave Disobedience……. February 28, 2018

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, catachesis, General Catholic, Latin Mass, Liturgy, Restoration, SSPX, the struggle for the Church, Tradition.

……….or necessarily sinful, because even if one grants that the SSPX “rejects” certain parts of Vatican II, according to Benedict XVI, any novel declarations made at Vatican II were not dogmatic and thus not binding on conscience.  Thus, the SSPX has been and remains free to disagree with Guadium Et Spes, Dignitatis Humanae, and Nostra Aetate to their heart’s content, in so far as those parts they disagree with present novel but non-dogmatic explanations.

Now, of course, many partisans of the revolution in the Church will argue that every single last jot and tittle of Vatican II represent THE most dogmatic things ever produced by the Church, especially the most novel or revolutionary parts.  But I think Benedict is correct here, and has the support of both Paul VI and John XXIII in these respects – both of them declared the intent of the Council was not to define any new dogmas, but simply to explicate Church “teaching in a modern light.”  The revolutionaries must make every utterance of Vatican II dogmatic in order to try to compel souls to adhere to the revolutionary program.

Now there are other matters surrounding the SSPX, as to whether they somehow disobeyed papal directives under Paul  VI or John Paul II, but those matters really dealt with specific individuals and the individual excommunications have either been lifted, or the individuals in question have long since passed to their reward.  I read some claim that all SSPX priests were suspended a divinis in 1976 and that those suspensions remain in effect and this serves as the basis for SSPX Masses being “valid but not licit,” according to many.

As to the actual question, however – whether attendance at an SSPX Mass constitutes “grave disobedience” or not – I think it very much depends on the spirit of the person who attends the Mass, does it not?  One can attend a Novus Ordo offered by their bishop in a spirit of grave disobedience.  I can think of a variety of reasons why one might feel compelled to attend SSPX Masses regularly without doing so from a standpoint of disobedience or bad faith.  Perhaps all local Novus Ordos are so filled with abuse, error, and heresy that they represent a positive danger to one’s faith (and that of their children), perhaps one is just blown away with the beauty, reverence, and majesty of the TLM and no other option is available, perhaps the SSPX just happens to be close by, the Mass is beautiful and the soul in question isn’t hung up on which side in this debate might be right or wrong (IOW oblivious to the political situation), etc., etc.

Anyway Mr. Coulombe:



1. Mark Docherty - February 28, 2018

“One can attend a Novus Ordo offered by their bishop in a spirit of grave disobedience.” This is spot on, and very widespread. This no about it. How many Clown Puppet LBGTXYZ Masses are there? The majority of Masses in the NO are attended by people who are disobedient in one way or another. Yet attending an SSPX Mass is verboten? And I’m not even an SSPX Massgoer.

2. Tim - March 1, 2018

“I read some claim that all SSPX priests were suspended a divinis in 1976 and that those suspensions remain in effect and this serves as the basis for SSPX Masses being “valid but not licit,” according to many.”


Archbishop Lefebvre filed an appeal, as his right under canon law (he was also a canon lawyer, so he knew what he was doing) and the appeal has yet to be heard. Therefore, the “suspensions” are legally on hold(null and void) until his appeal is heard publically, which by canon law, is his right. Mot happening anytime soo , I suspect.

3. sixupman - March 1, 2018

Anti-SSPX arguments are puerile. I have a UK diocesan bishop rather than invite Traditional or Eastern Catholic Orders into the diocese, or sell a church to SSPX, he would rather close 20 churches. He seeks to adopt a policy, similar to that being tried in the USA, of handing parishes over to lay management with the priest virtually an employee of the parish controlling clique.

4. James Athanasius Bond - March 1, 2018

I can find no reason to not attend any and all functions conducted by the SSPX. They are faithful, uncompromising Catholics. God bless them and cause then to grow. Let’s look at the concillar church; worshiping with false religions, irreverent masses, not believing in the real presence, not believing in the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ. The SSPX Priests are real hero’s of the genuine Catholic faith period!

Tim - March 4, 2018


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6. Edison Frisbee - March 1, 2018

Is anyone really worried about what the Vatican thinks of the SSPX at this point?

James Athanasius Bond - March 1, 2018

Not me.

Tantumblogo - March 1, 2018

Under Francis? No.

James Athanasius Bond - March 2, 2018

There should never had been any question that the SSPX was genuine 100% loyal to the true Catholic faith. It is Rome that has departed from the faith and become pagan in ideas and practices. The SSPX is a guardian of our Catholic faith.

Tim - March 4, 2018

The SSPX is the key (not the only for those of you who are about to go ballistic with the overused and quite old anti-SSPX attacks and quite frankly laughable and boring at this point) instrument of God to spark the restoration of His Holy Church from the modernist crisis.

The “Vatican” knows it to. That is the reason they hate them and want them destroyed. They pay no mind to the seds and wack jobs because they do not have Truth behind their causes but the SSPX does. The modernists fear the SSPX and that is why Paul VI never granted Archbishop Lefebvre his appeal….he and his cardinals knew Archbishop Lefebvre would have publically cleaned their clocks.
Once Cardinal Ratzinger was approached by a group of liberal cardinals who wanted him to “shut Bishop Fellay up”. Cardinal Ratzinger’s response was “how am I supposed to do that all Bishop Fellay does is quote Scripture and the Councils”.



James Athanasius Bond - March 4, 2018

OOuH rah! Amen!

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