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There are Fewer and Fewer Reasons for the Repubnikan Party to Exist March 27, 2018

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Many conservatives were outraged, and badly shaken, but the 1.3 trillion dollar, 6 month omnibus continuing resolution that was passed last week to forestall the most meaningless event in history, the dreaded and loathed government shutdown, was just another confirmation that even though the party possesses the presidency, a large majority in the House, and a shaky but still existent majority in the Senate, the Republican Party cares absolutely nothing for the views and priorities of its voting base.  This was a giant upturned middle finger to the Trump movement and the conservatives that have given the Republicans their most sustained majority in Congress since the Robert Taft era.

Many even stalwart conservatives and longtime supporters of the Republican party are asking what purpose this party serves if the frankly amoral Chuck Schumer can claim that the democrats are getting more of  what they want from a Republican Congress and president than when the democrats themselves held power.  There wasn’t even a slight attempt to defund Planned Murderhood, secure real funding for the border wall (yes, there are some claims that there might be some funding there, but it is wholly inadequate), or curb the growth of the democrat’s bread and butter, unaccountable social welfare spending.  In fact, the leftist social program spending exploded under this 6 month continuing resolution.

The politics of it are disastrous, too.  Instead of taking the demonrats to the wall, now, nearly 8 months from the upcoming midterm elections, the Repubniks folded like a cheap green tent and funded the government for another 6 months, meaning the next continuing resolution (they’ve already told us there won’t be a proper budget for 2019, either, just as there hasn’t been a proper budget passed by Congress since 2009!!!!!) fight will take place in late September, only weeks before the election. With enough boneheads in this country still allowing themselves to be influenced by the democrat party’s propaganda arm (the so-called mainstream media), democrats will almost surely force an even more pathetic collapse from the Republicans then.

Trump also really disappointed in this process.  He tried to assert himself late, once the bill was already passed, but made no public full court press starting weeks ago to gin up opposition to the backdoor deals the Republican leadership was working on with the hard Left.  The exact thing Trump was elected to do – to kill the swamp monster by denying it the money it feeds on – was not even attempted, publicly, at least.  It was a major disappointment.

At some point, if voting for Republicans just gets us demonrat policies and we continue to witness the fiscal, moral, social, and cultural dissolution of this nation, there is no reason to vote for them.  They no longer serve any useful purpose.  And note, the biggest outrage here is not that they failed to enact the conservative policies tens of millions of Americans demanded of them, but that they failed to even try.

I went from living in a district so red that voting hardly mattered, to one that is so gerrymandered blue that it really really doesn’t matter, and I am wondering what all my time, money, and effort has gone to.  I am not quite as downtrodden as some conservatives are in the wake of this fiasco, like Stefan Molyneaux forecasting the eminent and permanent demise of this nation below, but I am quite disgusted and wondering when someone is either going to hijack the Republican party back from the statists, or a truly viable alternative to the corrupt uniparty is going to emerge.

Maybe we are stuck with a two party system, but no one said it had to be these two parties forever.

I think this was a pretty big deal, and Trump’s first really major disappointment. As for Congress, they all suck and should all go.



1. Tim - March 27, 2018

Fast one by the Donald?

2. Tim - March 27, 2018

Not related but watch this video before they take it down!


Look up “Hogg Hitler” on YouTube.

3. Camper - March 28, 2018

I think Ann Coulter said that this is Trump effectively abandoning his agenda and throwing the nation to the wolves. I heard that the budget actually banned the wall the further construction. Who knows if it is true, but a day will soon come in this country when there will be ruthless darkness. It is coming and I am going to beg God for a miracle.

4. Jo Lapiana - March 28, 2018

Has anyone here heard of, or been following, Q?

5. Camper - March 28, 2018

Hey Tantum, I decided actually to disagree with the thesis of this post. 90 Republicans voted against the bill. (145 or so voted for it.) Yes, the party is pathetically weak, but some congressmen have some principle. Still, this country is going down the tubes dramatically.

6. ms. Trump voter - March 28, 2018

Mr. President, you had one job.
You’re fired.

America – Fight on.

Tim - March 28, 2018

“Ms.” is a feminazi term unbecoming for Catholic ladies. Don’t capitulate to Satan’s termonology. Miss or Mrs. please.

7. Jo - March 28, 2018

The reason I asked, in a previous post, if anyone has heard of/been following Q was very specific. There is funding in the omnibus bill that will fund a portion of the wall but recall that he, Trump, was specific in that he will make Mexico pay for the wall. He also has funding in that bill for his newly EO’d military tribunals. https://americandigitalnews.com/2018/03/03/executive-orders-sedition-treason-espionage-court-martials-military-tribunals/#.WruoTyJOmEc

8. Tim - March 28, 2018
9. Margaret Costello - March 28, 2018

Totally off topic here but I was looking for some help. What would be a good alternative to the Neo-Conservative publications “First Things”? What would be a good Traditional Catholic version?

Also, totally off topic. I was watching the super stupid movie “London Has Fallen” on TNT tv the other day since they weed out the foul language. Good plot but horrible writing. Anyway, what got me was this: they edited out “God” when Morgan Freeman at the end (acting as Vice President) said “God bless you and God bless America”. TNT blotted out “God” so you only heard “Bless you and Bless America”. How crazy is that?

Thanks for the help and sorry for hijacking the comment thread:+(

God bless~

Camper - March 28, 2018

First Things is not conservative. It doesn’t even deserve to be known as “neo-Conservative”. The editor thinks of himself as a “Catholic socialist”, which is a contradiction of terms. Unfortunately, there may be no option. Actually, there is crisis magazine. That is probably the best option.

Margaret Costello - March 28, 2018

Thanks Camper but I’m looking for a print edition. It’s for my dad who is in his eighties and doesn’t use a computer. He loves “First Things” which is my own fault since I introduced him to it when I was a clueless neo-Catholic. Now I’m trying to find him an alternative. Appreciate the response:+) God bless~

Camper - March 28, 2018

The Remnant, or if you insist on being in good standing with Rome, the Wanderer. The Remnant is smarter, but it is your choice.

Margaret Costello - March 29, 2018

I’m not interested in a publication being in “good standing” with our current corrupt Rome:+) A friend of mine recommended Oremus Newspaper too. I’m grateful now for the options I’ve been given:+) Thanks again and God bless~

Tim - March 29, 2018

The Remnant and Catholic Family News are your best options.

Margaret Costello - March 30, 2018

Thanks Tim:+) God bless~

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