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The Awesome Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea at Our Lady’s Army of Advocates DFW March 30, 2018

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I haven’t the time to give much of a recap of the talk below, but I’ll wager this – once you start watching/listening, you won’t be able to stop.  I’d never seen Fr. Relyea give a talk below, but he was absolutely fabulous. It’s just crack cocaine for traditional homeschooling Catholics.  Give it two minutes and he’ll take you an hour-plus.

It’s also a wonderful palate cleanser from the post below.  If you could imagine Christopher Walken having a twin brother as a traditional Catholic priest, that would be Fr. Relyea.  Too bad he couldn’t come over to share some cigars with Dismas and me (that was another tremendous pleasure from the conference, meeting longtime reader and commenter Dismas).

We need more like this, captivating, motivating, exhilarating traditional Catholic priest-speakers.

More from the conference later.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Disney stuff.  I’m not a big fan of Disney and we’ve generally disowned all that, but I do think demonic infiltration by underwear might – might – be a bit of a pious exaggeration. Perhaps pious exaggeration is a bit too strong, but it does strain credulity.  It could be totally legit but it might come across to the uninitiated as a bit extreme.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways, however, so who knows.

For the rest though I really enjoyed his talk.  He’s a fun and gregarious guy, just a prototypical Queens/Brooklyn type.


1. Tim - March 30, 2018

Happy and blessed Eastertide to Tantumblogo, his family and all the DCB readers!!

Margaret Costello - March 30, 2018

Ditto! Happy Triduum and Easter TantamBlogo and family:+) Readers too:+) God bless~

2. Camper - March 30, 2018

Happy Easter, everybody.

3. Camper - March 30, 2018

Crack cocaine for rad trads, huh? I guess the world has changed!

4. Camper - April 1, 2018

One thing he says is that sending one’s children to Yale is a very bad idea.

5. Camper - April 1, 2018

Harry Potter and Disney are from hell. Anybody with Disney memorabilia can be possessed or harrassed by demons.

6. Camper - April 1, 2018

Bishops who do not criticize the pope as a heretic are sinning gravely. Real men criticize the pope to his face.

7. Camper - April 1, 2018

One cannot become a saint without doing mental prayer. Couples must pray together by themselves, away from the children, as well as alone with the children.

8. Camper - April 3, 2018

He’s masculine, strict, and orthodox. I would get rid of underwear from Disney. Either this priest or another has said that sexual immorality of any kind is a gateway for the devil, but I could just be making that up.

9. Barbara Hvilivitzky - April 4, 2018

Father Relyea only sounds crazy because everyone else is so soft. This is the way good old fashioned preachers used to talk. Remember the Cure of Ars – he said some pretty “exaggerated” things too and look what happened to his parish.

Father also says going to the beach nowadays is mortally sinful. That sounds crazy too, until you think about it. Once a man or woman knows that putting your hand in the fire will burn he or she is directly responsible for the burns. Anyone listening to Father Relyea on this topic knows NOW there are serious dangers to sin at beaches today – and the results are mortal.

Why beat around the bush? Truth is truth.

Camper - April 4, 2018

I don’t think it was in this talk that he said going to the beach is mortally sinful. It has been many, many years since I went to the beach, but it makes sense.

This priest makes me think of the reason I dislike “homilies.” Fr. Relyea preaches sermons, and the difference is obvious. Of course, Fr. is a little rough around the edges, but

Tantumblogo - April 4, 2018

Well for anyone who is not really 100% on board with Catholic spirituality and ready to believe at face value any claim that comes from a priest or other spiritual authority, such claims may not just be off-putting but destroy the credibility of the authority in their eyes. Which was entirely my point, to the uninitiated, such things sound ludicrous. And while this blog’s readership has narrowed over the past few years, there are still quite a few people who just stumble onto it. That wasn’t Father’s audience at the time he gave the talk, but that is part of the audience now, and thus the comment.

There is also a huge distance between immorality at beaches and a child wearing a certain kind of underwear. The spiritual danger of the former is much more obvious than the latter, and I have no stake in this as we don’t own anything of the sort, so I’m not defending myself. But your point is well-taken, while the spiritual danger of a beach is very apparent to me, it is not so apparent to the vast majority of people today. I suppose that’s one reason why we don’t vacation at the beach anymore, in spite of our kids loving it.

Camper - April 6, 2018

It’s hard to believe that normal Americans don’t think it is immoral to go to the beach. Since Americans are so divided today, using the term “normal Americans” rather stretches logic, but in general, I mean left-wing Republicans, since they are probably the closest to middle of the road types. Of course, atheistic Republicans can be vile barbarians too, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Beaches these days, even in America, are filthy, and I’m not talking about the water. Bikinis have been on western beaches since the ’60s, and surely today the standards are far worse. Maybe some women who would know would care to comment on the standards of beaches today.

Tim - April 8, 2018

If you like the beach, go after Labor Day and at many of them you will find deserted, especially during the week.

10. Camper - April 4, 2018

Pokemon and the Twilight series are also evil and must be boycotted because otherwise, one could come to be oppressed by demons.

11. Camper - April 4, 2018

Married couples need to read Castii Conubii and the Council of Trent – “the greatest council there is” according to Fr. Relyea.

12. Camper - April 4, 2018

Children also blame themselves during divorce.

13. Camper - April 4, 2018

If the husband won’t lead the family, then the wife must lead.

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