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A Bit of Good News: Bishop of Tyler Learning TLM, to Assist at TLM on Corpus Christi April 26, 2018

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From a reader in Tyler, we are informed that Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas is “learning” the Traditional Latin Mass and will assist (it is believed, in choir) at a TLM to be offered by diocesan priests at the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul on the Feast of Corpus Christi (Thursday, May 31).

It is always a happy development when a bishop indicates interest in, and appreciation for, the unadulterated, un-modernized Mass.  It means that the bishop has a sense of the importance of reverence for God and recognizes the undeniable centrality of Jesus Christ, and His Sacrifice on our behalf, in the ancient form of the Mass.  It also usually means that bishop is of a predominately orthodox outlook in matters beyond the liturgy, as well.  It’s not a guarantee of doctrinal orthodoxy on all matters, but it’s a darn good sign.

Tyler, a remote and small diocese, most of which could easily be considered mission territory due to the paucity of Catholics (even after decades of hispanic immigration into Texas), has been blessed with some relatively orthodox bishops for years.  Good on them.  Perhaps one of those bishops might be promoted to head the Diocese of Dallas someday?

On that front, some well placed birdies who would know have strongly hinted there will probably be a TLM in the northern deanery of the Dallas Diocese in the not too distant future.  Nothing is confirmed, yet, but there is a pastor or two who are willing and there are no impediments from the chancery, which is a big change from the previous administration.

So there is likely to be at least a weekday TLM alternative for all those folks in Collin County before too long.  Don’t take that to the bank, but it’s more likely than not, from what I am told.  Timing and location still TBD at this point.

Thanks to reader JB for sending in the bit about Bishop Strickland.


1. Tim - April 26, 2018

Good news is always welcome. The Church will be taken back incrementally.

2. NickD - April 26, 2018

Something else interesting regarding the Diocese of Tyler: a couple of weeks ago, the priest Director of Faith Formation came to College Station and told members of the Latin Mass carpool that the diocese is trying to recruit traditional Catholics to work for the diocese, in all sorts of positions

3. Blaine - April 26, 2018

Fantastic news. My wife and I drove through there recently on a trip to Shreveport. We had flown into Dallas and took I 20 across. We talked a lot about the possibility of moving to the Tyler area in the future. Maybe in 5 to 10 years.

4. Randy the Redneck - April 26, 2018

Having lived in Tyler and having been fortunate to attend St. Joseph the Worker from the beginning, I can say that Tyler is a great place for Tradcaths to consider.

Bishop Strickland is a “nice guy” . As with anywhere else there are problems at the parish, especially with a drift to compromise. I found Bishop Strickland (who was Father Strickland at the time) to be a fellow who listens, which places him in a category apart from most other bishops. He did have some positions that varied significantly from, should we say, those positions promoted in the Syllabus of Errors. Maybe in the years since my departure some lights have come on for him.

All-in-all, the Diocese of Tyler was interesting. At one time there were priests in various towns offering the True Mass, though not exclusively.

Lots of good things to say about Tyler.

5. Currículo desenvolvedor web - April 27, 2018


A Bit of Good News: Bishop of Tyler Learning TLM, to Assist at TLM on Corpus Christi | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

6. KF - April 30, 2018

I wonder why the Tyler bishop denied Hugh Owen from speaking last week when Mr Owen was in Tyler Texas? The last I heard Mr Owen had to speak in a private home there.

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