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Coulombe Critiques the Novus Ordo and a Few Pics from Fatima Conference May 3, 2018

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A great excerpt from the weekly Tumblar House series of video Q&As with Charles Coulombe wherein Mr. Coulombe discusses the Novus Ordo and the problems with it.  He gives a fair and accurate assessment, though not as harsh and thoroughly critical as perhaps I might be.  He does note, quite rightly, that some “presentations” of the Novus Ordo are much better than others.  Indeed, the Novus Ordo in Latin, Ad Orientem, offered with great reverence with the Asperges and a solid priest giving good catechesis in the sermon with all the bells and smells, is what the Novus Ordo perhaps should have been, though I would argue that no change to the Mass was necessary and that humans are always on perilous ground in playing around with divine creations, which I would say the Mass largely is.  My family and I derived great fruit from just such a Mass for several years in the mid-2000s, and that experience paved the way for our eventual “transition” to the TLM.  Having said that, I strongly believe the TLM is the once and future Mass for the entire Church, but getting back there will likely take a very long time.

But what is generally offered in most parishes is a far, far cry from that relatively benign Novus Ordo experience.  In fact, what is offered in most parishes is a positive danger to the faith of many souls, especially those badly formed in the Faith (or formed well but in some false simulacrum of Catholicism).

What I really like in the analysis below, however, one thing Mr. Coulombe says: the Council did not address the problem truly affecting the Church, that the Mass did not need a radical makeover but that the penetration of Leftism into the minds and heart so most priests did, but this was ignored, as was the original driving force behind the Council, at least in the minds of the large majority of bishops polled before it took place – formally condemning communism as a philosophy and condemning those who embraced it.

I also very much appreciate the fact that many of the liturgical innovations that came as a result of the Council, though very few were called for in Sacraosanctum Concilium, already stood condemned before the Council took place!  These were condemned by Pius XII in his encyclicals Humanii Generis and Mediator Dei (which reminds me, I really need to re-read those).  Anyway, it’s a really good video and I hope you find watching it edifying:

Are those five Eucharistic miracles, or miracles associated with the Eucharist, he mentions above approved or clearly demonstrated?  I’m only familiar with one or two.

The pics below came from the March conference of Our Lady’s Army of Advocates at the DFW airport. It was a wonderful experience, not only for the talks, but for meeting so many good friends and readers of this blog.  The wonderful Rodriguez family of El Paso was there, and I got to take some pictures with members of their family, along with others.  The pics are a bit on the blurry side, but you takes what you gets.  Thank you to the kind Beatrice Rodriguez for sending these to me, and sorry it took so long to get them posted!

David Rodriguez, myself, Beatrice Rodriguez, and Father Michael Rodriguez

Michael Matt, Beatrice Rodriguez, me


1. The Lord's Blog - May 4, 2018

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Nice one……………….

2. skeinster - May 7, 2018

Looks like you had a great time! And they got to meet Tantum in the flesh!

I am a big fan of Charles Coulombe. His video on the SSPX is one of the best explanations of that subject I have ever seen.

Missed you Sunday- Adios for the present and love to you, Mrs. T, and your lovely family.

Tantumblogo - May 7, 2018

Oh S I am so sorry I missed you. We had a stomach bug go through the family – Angie and Josefina had it Tues/Wed, Juliette got it Saturday, and I had it Sunday. So I missed Mass. You would not have wanted me there anyway.

God bless you! Please stay in touch via the blog and perhaps we can drop by to visit sometime when you are settled. Waco is right along the way of most of the trips we take, so please send me your address to my e-mail, if you don’t mind. Plus Angie will want it for Christmas cards. You have my e-mail, I assume?

skeinster - May 7, 2018

Sorry to hear of the bug- it’s so miserable when it goes through any family, but especially a large one.
We’ll be back occasionally- all our family is here, you know and we will be coming up for birthdays, shows, etc.
I do have your e-mail and will be in touch with our new info.

3. Richard Malcolm - May 10, 2018

A drive-by from Pedantic Man… 🙂

“I strongly believe the TLM is the once and future Mass for the entire Church”

Well, I figure you cooked this in, but because I am Pedantic Man – I am sure you’re exempting at least the (uncorrupted) Eastern Rites, and perhaps even the remaining ancient and medieval Latin rites and uses allowed by Quo Primum (Dominican, Carmelite, Ambrosian, Lyons, Mozarabic, Braga, Sarum, etc.) and mostly still celebrated by a few hardy souls here and there. Obviously these latter would not account for more than a small percentage of Latin Rite Masses even in a Glorious Restoration, and most resemble the traditional Roman Rite (esp. pre-1955) very closely anyway. The real point…is what we’re trying to get rid of.

Bu thanks for the Coulombe interview – great stuff, as usual.

Tantumblogo - May 15, 2018

Fair point! My western chauvinism was showing through. I was thinking Western Rite. With regard to the Eastern Rites, things are more complex, though some problems have crept in.

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