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Please Pray For – and possibly support – the Ramirez Family May 7, 2018

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We don’t know this family – I think my wife might know the mom as a friend of a friend sort of thing – but given what we went through just a year ago with our son suddenly having a seizure and then being diagnosed with a brain tumor, it didn’t take a lot of imagination on our part to know what this family was going through as the e-mails and text messages imploring prayers started flying around Saturday afternoon and evening.

This situation involves a local family and their 10 year old daughter.  Via their Youcaring site:

“Maggie was running around with her siblings just this Friday.  She woke up with a bad headache Saturday (the day she was to make her First Communion) and is now on life support with a rapidly growing (inoperable) brain tumor.  They’ve been told there is basically nothing doctors can do and they are still clinging to hope that God will grant them a miracle.”

That was Saturday.  Then yesterday:

Yesterday at 7:31 PM we said goodbye to our beautiful Magdalene Therese. Please forgive me if this is how you are hearing the news. I called everyone I could think of but we are exhausted of mind and body. I rushed Magdalene to the hospital Saturday afternoon where we were promptly careflighted to Dallas Childrens. My darling girl had a brain tumor that was taking up much of one side of the brain. The doctors and ICU team fought for her but the tumor was growing too fast to stop. We had almost no time to prepare for her passing. This was so, so sudden.

Please know that while we are heartbroken we are not in despair. My beautiful girl was and is a testimony of the amazing love of Jesus Christ. She was not afraid to die at any point in her life and often talked about what it would be like for her. She loves Jesus with all her heart. She is now in the fullness of His presence and we completely trust and rest in the resurrection.

Our beautiful Maggie passed away surrounded by family and close friends. We sang her favorite song “How I Need You” by Matt Maher and I held her close.

Please pray for us. We so miss our darling girl. She was and is an amazing sister and friend. I’m so glad that I often told her how happy I am to be her mom and how very special she is to me.

Funeral arrangements will be posted once we have them. This is the last picture I have that she took on my phone. She is so amazing. I miss her so much already.

ETA: Official time was 7:41. I had my hand on her chest the whole time and 7:31 is when I felt her heart stop.

Oh sweet Jesus my heart aches for this family.  My God we are blessed having a son diagnosed with a brain tumor after a sudden set of seizures but our outcome has so far been so very much different.  God’s will be done, but that doesn’t make it easier to understand.

You might consider helping this family by prayer and any material means you have at your disposal.  Obviously this was a sudden loss and there are substantial expenses that were totally unexpected.  The crowdfunding site is here, and I am happy to see that it is being very generously supported.  A  picture of what one prays and assumes will be another Saint glorifying God forever.

May God have mercy on her soul and assuage the loss of her parents and siblings.  Requiescat in Pace.



1. The Lord's Blog - May 7, 2018

Lord what is your pleasure? Love in Christ.

2. Daze Inde - May 7, 2018

So very saddened by this heartbreaking story, yet encouraged by the great faith of the Mom. Little Maggie did not make her First Communion day as planned, but received her Lord, wholly united to Him, it seems, and safe in Heaven. Lord, have mercy.

3. Baseballmomof8 - May 7, 2018

Oh my dear God… prayers for her devastated family. Prayers for her dear soul as well.

4. Tg - May 7, 2018

I am crying as I read this. I will donate and keep the family in my prayers. Such a beautiful girl. (This story kind of reminds me of a documentary I saw about cancer a few months ago. The young woman was only 16. She had an inoperable tumor. She refused chemo. she would take frankincense oil and put it under her tongue and around her head. In a few months the tumor shrank. She’s still alive to tell the story. I think I would try it if I had a brain tumor.) In this case, God wanted this girl with him. May she rest in his arms.

5. Elizabeth Dreisbach - May 9, 2018

Thank you for posting this sad news. Mater Dei family? God bless them for their love and faith in Christ. Rest in peace sweet Magdalene Therese.

6. Margaret Costello - May 9, 2018

Sweet girl:+) By the way, have you seen the Vortexs on the Texas law that says it can basically do what England did to Alfie after someone is in the hospital over 10 days? You might want to reconsider living in Texas, Tantam.


God bless~

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