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A Great Sermon for this Time of Crisis in the Church August 3, 2018

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Is your faith suffering under Francis?  Feeling cold, more disconnected from grace and the Spirit?  I must admit, I have felt this a great deal over the past 12-18 months.  Francis is a sopping wet asbestos blanket for the fire of faith.  He’s a nightmare of worldliness, selfishness, error and people-pleasing.

But this sermon is a good antidote to Francis’ destructive effects.  I really enjoyed listening to Padre Pelegrino (who has been featured on this blog before), and I hope you will, too:

It is good to remember, that just keeping the Faith is a form of triumph.  It’s certainly a personal one, and one we should hope we can share with our family and friends, as well.  But I still think, with regard to the previous post, that in this time of intense crisis we need to think beyond just ourselves, our family, and even our parish, and for the millions upon millions of souls who will fall out of the Faith and very likely into an eternity in hell due to the errors being promoted by Francis and his cohort of revolutionaries.

In addition to work and just life generally, another thing that kept me from blogging for the past month or so was the process of selling my truck of almost 16 years and buying a new one.  It took much longer than I hoped but I finally did sell my faithful – until the last 6-8 months – former truck and get a new one.  And I switched teams in the process:

After 31 years of driving nothing but Chevy’s I got a Ford.  I just can’t stand what the General has done with his trucks the last two generations (and now 3 with the 2019s coming out).


1. Baseballmomof8 - August 4, 2018

That was beautiful and encouraging- much appreciated 🙂

2. Jan - August 5, 2018

I still can’t believe he said young women thinking of becoming nuns, need not be virgins.

Are you kidding me?

Tim - August 11, 2018

Modernism is a hardy and vicious virus.

3. Charles Curtis - August 5, 2018

Nice truck. I would have bought a Ford myself if they still made manuals. Had to go with a Toyota, since the only traditional US brand that still makes a standard is Ram, and only in a diesel that will cost you at least 45k.. The Toyota is made in the US due to the 25% tariff on light trucks that dates back to 1964. Maybe we can get many more vehicles that aren’t driven robots, and are made here, too.. Seemed a prospect beyond all hope until recently, but strange things have been happening.. So we’ll see. When I buy my next truck, maybe I won’t have to go to Latin America or Europe to get what I demand. Maybe Americans will learn how to properly drive again, after we revitalize our industrial sector, too.. The tide of decadence could yet possibly be turned.. We can only hope.

4. kenzigrino - August 6, 2018

I really needed to hear that, thank you!

5. maggycast - August 6, 2018

Thank you for this, Tantamblogo:+) Hope all is well with your boy’s health and family life:+) God bless~

6. Camper - August 7, 2018


Please excuse the all caps, but the following article should put the current state of the church in clear perspective.


Pope Francis does not believe in Catholicism. The real question is where his true loyalties lie.

TLM - August 11, 2018

Correct Camper….Francis is not a Catholic. But….”The real question is where his true loyalties lie.”……..I think we already know. He has thrust us into ‘Anti Church’ territory.

Tim - August 11, 2018


Camper - August 11, 2018

Thank you TLM. I am glad I finally got a response.

7. c matt - August 10, 2018

When you say you can’t stand what General has done to its trucks, are you talking about aesthetics or engineering?

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