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Are you a Catholic or an adherent of the First Church of Christ Sodomite? August 3, 2018

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, Endless Corruption, episcopate, error, fightback, Francis, General Catholic, horror, paganism, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, unadulterated evil.

Given the attempted papal redefinition of what must surely constitute solemnly defined doctrine if not outright dogma (the right of the state to use the power of the sword to maintain order and justice), and given the recent McCarrick “revelations” (can they be revelations if everyone already knew? – and remember Cardinal Farrell is his closest protege and former roommate.  Literally, every bishop, most priests and virtually every well-connected layperson knew of McCarrick’s perversion and his “Auntie Blanche” epithet.), a very partial list of the prelates of AmChurch for whom substantial evidence of “irresistible” attraction for the sins of Sodom exists, and should be conveyed to souls for their own edification as the major explanation for the crisis currently afflicting our Church:

Francis Cdl. Spellman , NY , deceased. page 313, C.I.A. & F.B.I. declassified reports
Howard Hubbard
Matthew Clark
Rembart Weakland
Thos. Lyons
Jos. Ferraro
Francis Mugavero, Brooklyn, deceased
Cdl. Ted McCarrick
Cdl. John Wright
Joseph Cdl. Bernadin
Bp. Robt. Brown
Bp. Thos Dupre
Cdl. Ed Egan, NY , deceased
Thos. Green
Paul Dudley
Jos. Green
Witon Gregory
Geo. Guilfoyle
Jos. Hart
Francis P. Murphy
John Myers
Anthony O’Connell
John R. Quinn
Jas. Rausch
Frank Rodimer
Geo. Rueger
Dan Ryan
Lawrence Soens
Cardinal Francis J. Stafford
Keith Symons
Lawrence Welsh
J. Kendrick Williams
G. Patrick Ziemann
Robert Lynch

A few more I add on my own:

M. Sheehan
Thomas Tschoeppe
Blaise Cupich
Robert McElroy

Much, much, much more has been cataloged in Randy Engel’s encyclopedic Rite of Sodomy.  The list above is surely quite partial, the total numbers are probably more like 2/3 or more of the consecrated bishops in the United States since the 1950s.

Look folks this is the final battle – these men intend to turn the Catholic Church into the church of sodomy/Episcopal Church USA, but I repeat myself.  I’ve just been reading an excellent history of the early Church and the many, many times virtually the entire hierarchy, including the pope on several occasions, went over to manifest if not formal heresy (it was more than once, and more than just Liberius), and how the faithful Catholics of the time were willing to literally spill their blood in defense of the Faith.  Many times in the early Church, when the fundamental theology of the Faith was still being worked out by the Holy Ghost, it was basically the lay faithful alone who kept the orthodox Faith, and not just for a year or two here or there, but for decades on end.  Many suffered loss of income, forced exile, torture, and even death, for their adherence to the Faith Christ brought to mankind.

So what shall we do, now that Francis is trying to deliberately teach error and what amounts to formal heresy?  While a Catechism may not be dogmatic, it is surely the most widely referenced formal teaching instrument in the Church since Vatican II.  In fact, the Catechism was deliberately developed to try to counter much of the post-conciliar heresy, while also formalizing other aspects of the Vatican II novelties.

Do we just whine and bend our knees a bit more – maybe – and pray God will take all this away?  Of course prayer is always the first and greatest recourse, but taking the early Christians as our example do we have the faith to be instruments of God in more concrete action?  What form should that action take?  It’s time for the faithful to start seriously considering just what this Faith means to them, and the degree to which they may be supporting the ongoing overthrow of Holy Mother Church, whether they admit of it or not.

I know this is very painful stuff but millions of souls are at stake, including, quite possibly, our own.  We can’t sit around forever waiting for someone else to be God’s instrument of salvation for the human element of the Church.  The saviors we are waiting for are us. There is no one else.  Do we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ or some man-made entity full of lies and doomed to destruction?

The choice is ours. May God give us the faith and strength to always correspond to His Will, and may He have mercy on us and on our Holy Mother Church.


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 3, 2018

Is Dan Ryan the former Illinois governor?

Tantumblogo - August 3, 2018

Bishop Daniel Ryan

2. Herb Glidden - August 4, 2018

your not telling the real truth



3. Baseballmomof8 - August 4, 2018

We have all known of this for years. Honestly, other than withholding money and prayers- offering sacrifices and such, what other actions do you have in mind?

Camper - August 4, 2018

I’m leaving soon for the SSPX. I cannot support this horrible gang. They are destroying the world and Francis is a good candidate for precursor to the anti-Christ.

Tim - August 7, 2018
Tim - August 8, 2018


4. X-opher - August 4, 2018

Is this “John Myers” retired Archbishop John Myers of Newark, formerly Bishop of Peoria?

TLM - August 4, 2018

I would love to know what credible evidence there is on Blaise Cupich. I’m in Chicago with him:(……..I’d also like to know, and I hope someone takes a very close look at him, what he knew about McCarrick and when did he know it? I have emailed him a couple of times, but noticed just the other day his ’email’ is down…..hmmm……have also sent tweets to him, and I’m waiting for the next time I do, for him to block me. So far, I don’t give money to either the ‘Bishop’s initiatives’ or even to my own parish, which is going right along with him. I give to traditional parishes and orders and our local food pantry, and veterans. If our local parishes go under, I look at this as ‘collateral damage’. So be it. There have been a couple of protests downtown in front of Holy Name Cathedral, (one when Fr. James Martin was scheduled to talk at the last Lenten Retreat) but it’s hard for me to participate that way, as I am disabled. Other than that…..and lots of prayer and sacrifice, I don’t know what else to do. Any other suggestions? Looks like at this point in time, the faithful have had enough and are ready to take the war TO THEM.

X-opher - August 4, 2018

Well, no one has yet replied to confirm my query, but I do have to say, in justice, what I know of John Myers as Bishop of Peoria. In 2001, he came to our high school and said Mass. In his homily, he preached the truth about modest behavior among young people, particularly in regards to passionate kissing and the like, some of which he had apparently heard had taken place on stage in a school musical not long before.

Prior to this, the only criticisms of him I had heard were of his conservatism. No, I guess I had heard of something involving mishandling one of those sexual abuse matters.

5. Rex - August 4, 2018

Actions to take:
Spiritual and material.

Spiritual: Prayer, mortification and novenas

Material: Private and public.

Private: Withold any money to the “official” church. Don’t participate of any campaign, initiative, donation run, etc…specially if it is being sold as an initiative with a compassionate or logical common sense type of intention that sounds good to any one like: Helping the poor, the marginalized, etc.

-Practice fraternal correction in two’s. : What you do here is to meet with any member of the hierarchy in groups of two or three (so there are witnesses) and you give a verbal warning like this:

-The laity knows who you guys are and what you are doing. You guys don’t belong to the Catholic Church. You have no authority over us. Repent publicly and speak out the Faith or go with Satan.

Public: Attend any event organized by the “official” church and speak out in groups the same message stated above in addition of reciting the holy rosary as loud as possible.

6. Arthur McGowan - August 5, 2018

Many of the names are misspelled. Even “Bernardin” and “Rembert.” Easy to check with Wikipedia.

7. Arthur McGowan - August 5, 2018

It’s “Blase.” Easy to remember: He’s blasé about sodomy and abortion.

Camper - August 8, 2018

I’m sorry, but “blase” sounds like a name a homosexual would have. Doesn’t it, or am I imagining things? Reeaaally faggoty.

8. Tim - August 8, 2018

Add Joseph Cardinal Tobin.

9. Tim - August 8, 2018
10. Tim - August 9, 2018
11. ms in DFW - August 13, 2018

I’m very sorry to see you list Bishop Tschoepe.
He was “assistant pastor” at my parish after his retirement as bishop. I can’t think of anyone at my parish who didn’t think he was a good and holy, even saintly man.
I think the worst anybody could say about him was that politically and bureaucratically he trusted the wrong people. As a long time resident of this diocese, I’ve also “heard” he was “maneuvered” into position in order to make his predecessor look good by comparison, a predecessor I believe I have heard positively commented on at this blogsite, But that is just a “story” — I have no facts to back it up although I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.
I’m speaking from first-hand experience of him as a pastor.
I know people will argue with me about him from dawn until dusk. It’s happened before and will happen again.
Please just be sure is that what is said is fact — not hearsay, innuendo, hindsight, speculation, etc.
I don’t believe myself and those in my parish who experienced the positive pastoral ministry of Bishop Tsshoepe to be in any way naive or stupid, even though we may considered “hicks” by some. (I am a graduate of the University of Dallas and the University of Texas at Austin.)
But of course everyone is entitled to their opinions.

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