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Rejection of Christianity at the Heart of the West’s Self-Loathing Death Wish August 15, 2018

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Not much commentary, I’ve covered all this before, but the author here makes some good points, and reaches the obvious conclusion – the reason the West is in such a state of moral confusion and is possessed of a seeming death wish, unable/unwilling to defend itself, see the threats it is bringing into its very heart (islam), is because it has turned its back on its very nature, which is Christian (Catholic-Christian, to be exact).  Those who have rejected Christianity have tried every conceivable alternative, and all of them having failed, they would rather die, and see the whole construct die, than admit their failure and their adherence to a patently failed ideology.

For a quick addendum, see the video below, where Australian leftists (which the large majority are) express their horror at the idea of allowing persecuted whites into their country, and especially their revulsion at allowing Arab Christians from Syria in (see 1:28-35 below).  They are ready to surrender, to give the keys over to someone else, someone who still has the courage of their convictions.  Amazing, but true.  That is how much their false ideology, their diabolical narcissism, means to them.  They are ready to see millions die, including themselves, rather than give it up.  And note, all the people in the vid below were attending a rally in Australia in favor of mass muslim immigration to Australia, under the guise of “refugee” resettling, which, as you can see, they care nothing for.  They don’t give a rat’s rear end about refugees, they want to see Australia and the West remade into a muslim-dominated non-white state.

I do not know how to deal with such people.  What do you do with the 10, or 20, or 50, or 80% turned traitor and destroyer in your midst?!?  And bear in mind, these people may be fools, but they are by and large not dumb.  They know what they want, and what they are calling for – destruction of the West, so long as they believe they can maintain their ease and comfort.  They had no kids (speaking broadly), so damn the future.

Speaking of self-loathing death wishes, a reader sent me the cartoon below, and it’s quite apropos.  Same crowd, different venue, they all want to see Christendom gone, ,since it doesn’t align with their diabolically informed ideology:


1. Kathleen O'Regan - August 16, 2018

The enemy was always outside the walls, but that is not the case any longer, and it is only going to get worse each year, as these young people become old enough to vote. I work in education, and public schools are politicizing children. I see children encouraged to protest, vote for things, make silly changes so they can feel the power of working as a group (mob), and of course, children are taught the West is evil and all things foreign are good, especially Marxist principles.
Between the collapse of the church due to the homosexual predators, the onslaught of LGBT, and Muslims running for Congress, it is a dismal week indeed.

Camper - August 16, 2018

Hi Kathleen. There’s plenty to be depressed about. This country has perhaps 50 years left of one-eighth sanity remaining, but we still have 50 years! Let’s enjoy it!

2. Camper - August 17, 2018
3. Camper - August 17, 2018

In the same article, John Zmirak calls for American Catholics to demand that their State Attorneys General investigate the whole hierarchy. Folks, this is probably America’s last real chance in our lifetimes, and maybe forever, to clean up the Catholic hierarchy. Michael Voris is going bananas and maybe finally his website will amount to something:


As I wrote on August 7th, 2018 on tantum’s recent article “A Great Sermon for this Time of Crisis in the Church”:


Please excuse the all caps, but the following article should put the current state of the church in clear perspective.


Pope Francis does not believe in Catholicism. The real question is where his true loyalties lie.

Now we need somebody who can afford to become a member on change.org to start petitions to major State’s Attorneys-General. I suggest Texas, Kansas, Georgia, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, and others. I am broke. My contribution is the following text to rally everyone:

To our fellow American [Indianan, Kansan, etc] Catholics:

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union infiltrated into more than a thousand homosexual agents into the Roman Catholic priesthood, as described in the important book “AA-1025: Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle” and as recently confirmed by the important Catholic theologian Dr. Alice von Hildebrand. The Soviet Union did this to corrupt and demoralize their mortal capitalist enemies. Now, with evidence that even Pope Francis has covered up for pedophiles, one of the most disgusting brands of criminals possible, while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, only a handful of remedies remains to clean up our beloved Catholic Church: a very tough but fair and completely scrupulous investigation by our state’s Attorney General, similar to the recent sweeping investigation conducted in Pennsylvania. We have seen recently that Cardinal McCarrick was credibly accused of pedophilia going back fifty years. The following article, along with others by the important, talented, and honest Catholic journalist Michael Voris demonstrates that Cardinal Wuerl, covered up for pedophiles during his time as bishop of Pittsburgh:


An investigation by the State of [South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, etc] is absolutely necessary to clean as many pedophile-hiders out of the episcopacy as absolutely possible. It cannot fully clean the Church of the incredible filth that the Soviets managed to infiltrate into it, but it can go a very long way to ensuring that this does not happen again for centuries or even a millenium. Join us in writing a letter to our [Indianan, Iowan, etc] Attorney General, John Smith, Jr. This will help restore the prestige of the Catholic hierarchy once as many pedophile protectors as possible are cleaned out. This is absolutely a virus that could damage the reputation of the Catholic Church for centuries. The federal Department of Justice is also considering treating the Catholic Church legally as a criminal organization hiding pedophiles and prosecuting it under RICO, the law that the Department of Justice uses to prosecute organized crime in America.

America itself is headed towards communism, a severe punishment from God. We cannot afford any longer to have mediocre prelates who cover for pedophiles. Every single chancery within our state must be thoroughly but fairly investigated by our Attorney General. Thank you for your signature.

4. Camper - August 17, 2018

Here is the address to become a member of change.org:


5. Camper - August 17, 2018

Tantum, please try to write an article promoting my petition.

6. Elizabeth Dreisbach - August 17, 2018

I highly recommend listening to Dr. E Michael Jones, reading his books, or subscribing to his Culture Wars magazine. He provides a thorough, Catholic, and impressive analysis of history and current events.
His most recent interview on YouTube addresses the issue of homosexuality with clergy, politicians, and the oligarchs. Must see!

Camper - August 17, 2018

Elizabeth, can you provide a link or maybe even a summary? It would help a lot.

Htown - August 18, 2018

Here’s a link to his latest talk:

Htown - August 18, 2018

E Michael Jones is the most brilliant scholar in the Catholic Church right now. Listen to his talks and get red-pilled by Christmas.

7. Camper - August 17, 2018

Contact forms for some state attorneys general:



Georgia: https://law.georgia.gov/contact-us-0

Florida: http://myfloridalegal.com/contact.nsf/contact?Open&Section=Citizen_Services

California: https://oag.ca.gov/contact

New York: https://ag.ny.gov/complaint-forms

Hopefully that will be enough for now. I really hope there is a fire here to clean up the hierarchy.

Tantumblogo - August 22, 2018

Sorry, Camper, caught in spam filter due to all the links.

8. Camper - August 17, 2018
9. Tim - August 17, 2018
10. Camper - August 17, 2018

Tim, can you help? Maybe start a petition on change.org? This seems like such an important change to clean the filth out of the hierarchy.

Tim - August 21, 2018

With all due charity and respect, do you honestly think a petition would do one iota of good with these destestable men and their brainwashed Novus Ordo(the majority of anyway) flock?

Prayer, fasting, sacrifice are the only weapons here in my opinion.

Also, choke these traitors off from our hard earn money, make the cash dry up because THAT IS THEIR GOD.

Highlight from recent SSPX sermon:

“Work is good, prayer is better, sacrifice/suffering is best.”

Camper - August 21, 2018

Hi Tim. I meant a petition to the attorneys general of the respective states.

11. Canon212 Update: The Fire is Lit. Let All the Tinder Burn – The Stumbling Block - August 17, 2018


12. Tim - August 21, 2018

Once the prelates in the cartoon enter under the “all are welcome” sign they arrive here:


13. Tim - August 21, 2018

Interesting comment from Mark Dice’s video this morning:

“WHY DOES THE LEFT HATE THEIR OWN COUNTRY??? PSYCHOLOGICAL PROJECTION is the medical illness whereby the individual transfers their own psychological sickness of delusion and dysphoria onto others while at the same time claiming they themselves are perfectly sane ! In an [un]ironic twist of fate it turns the Left is typically guilty of the very things they so often accuse others of doing and being. Accuse political opponents of treason…while committing acts of treason, accuse political opponents of racism…while basing much of its own ideology on racism. Accuse political opponents of collusion with the enemy, (Russia),…while having a historical record of colluding with the enemy that spans more than 70 years. Accuse your political opponents as the enemy of free speech…while actively blocking conservatives of free speech. The list is endless. The left is a philosophy of “insanity”, where the level of insanity is measurable by its own absurd claims ….trees can be racist, straws are evil, patriotism is an obscenity and wearing a vagina on your head while screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs is your symbol of feminist bravado. Modern progressive liberalism (cultural-Marxism) , has evolved into a religious cult. It is a replacement for protestant Christianity which the left has worked so hard to undermine and destroy. The left are now speaking the language of faith…albeit a faith without God. In this case the God of progressive liberalism is the all powerful, benevolent State which can do no wrong…..as long as its run by the left. Criticism of the cult of progressive liberalism is heresy and deserves to be punished, ridiculed and banished from society. Progressive liberalism (cultural-Marxism), is an expression of an extreme form of POLITICAL NARCISSISM where SELF is elevated to the status of godhood. TRUTH is no longer determined by REALITY but by FEELINGS and EMOTION. These “cultural-Marxists” will compromise their own MORALITY on the alter of political correctness for the sake of their Socialist-globalist-one world government agenda. The left considers any speech that does not confirm to progressive thinking as hateful and therefore should be silenced by calling it hate speech and censored. This , the progressive left says, justifies them applying censorship to any speech on You-tube, Twitter, Facebook and a myriad of other social platforms that does not conform to “their” ideology. Of course, ironically the left makes the claims it is the right that is anti-free speech. If you are taught or think that speech can be a “form of violence” then inevitably you will resort to violence to suppress the speech you do not like. When faculties in our universities and college campuses nurture, cultivate and encouraged such thinking the unescapable result is fascism….with all its hideous elements…despotism, hate, character assassination, threats of violence, and intimidation. This is how fascism begins….and the Democrat party, the education system, and the liberal media has embraced this ideology 100%! Chris Cumo of CNN recently said, “violence by the left is different when compared to violence by the right. Violence by the left, although wrong is understandable.” The justification of the violent left is being excused by the media ! Progressive liberalism (cultural-Marxism), is nihilism…the mindless impulse to tear down that which you did not build, the utter rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. The nation state represents the core manifestation of that which the left hates. The nation state represents independence, from the collective. This is why they seek to tear down all nation states and envelop them into a border-less superstate. Once this goal is achieved a super-racist state is enthroned based on the political principles of cultural-Marxism. Advantage is awarded to individuals based on race and gender…their “identity group”, rather than individual merit and character. Its like watching the fall of Rome in real time, only this time its the whole of Western Civilization !”

14. Christian Catholic - August 21, 2018

Catholic Christian? Seriously? Redundant.

Tim - August 21, 2018

Yes, redundant. Catholics are the ONLY Christians.


Tantumblogo - August 22, 2018

I just used it as a quick way to separate out the protestants. It’s a blog folks, you want journal quality writing, you can start paying me. $500-$1000 for an article/post is a fair wage. Once I start getting the checks, you will have all your grammatical minutia needs met.

Tim - August 22, 2018

It’s not grammatical minutia, it is a redundancy. Catholic and Christian are the same thing. Protestants are not Christian even though they like to masquerade as such. It is an important distinction. This is not an attack on you, just pointing out something important, we all have great respect and appreciation for your efforts. I’ll place my contribution check in the mail tomorrow.

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