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Dallas, where the clergy sex abuse crisis got its start, proves Francis wrong yet again August 22, 2018

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Francis, Bishop of Rome, declared a week or so ago that the Church has broadly overcome the clergy sex abuse problem, that there have been few reports of new abuse cases since roughly 2005.  Yeah, ask the people of Belgium, Nigeria, Chile, and other places about the truth of that statement, just another in a constant series of delusional pronouncements from the ostensible Supreme Pontiff.

But almost as a perfect rejoinder to that most recent incredible declaration, the Diocese of Dallas – where the first broad public knowledge of priest boy-rape scandals broke through in 1990/91 with the horrific Rudy Kos imbroglio – now comes stormin’ out with a report that the pastor of St. Cecilia’s parish has been reliably accused of several minors of molestation and/or rape, stole $60,000 from the parish, and has subsequently fled the country.  As an aside, St. Cecilia’s used to be one of the few somewhat beautiful parishes remaining in the diocese, before an unlikely fire and subsequent wreckovation put it on a par with all the rest (a very low par, indeed).  Some before and after pics are at the end of the post.

The Rev. Edmundo Paredes, longtime pastor at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff, is under investigation for allegedly molesting three teenage boys in the parish more than a decade ago and stealing from the parish, churchgoers learned over the weekend.

Paredes has fled and his whereabouts are unknown, though church officials think he may be in his native country of the Philippines, Bishop Edward Burns said at the conclusion of the 7:30 a.m. Mass Sunday at St. Cecilia.

The news regarding Paredes, who was pastor of St. Cecilia for 27 years, is only the latest revelation in the Catholic Church’s ongoing priest pedophilia scandal. Independent investigations have revealed that members of the church hierarchy both turned a blind eye and actively engaged in covering up the actions of pedophiles in the priesthood……

………Paredes, a graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, is accused of molesting the boys during his service at St. Cecilia. [If he was at St. Cecilia for 27 years, that means he was probably ordained in the early 80s and went through Holy Trinity at its absolute nadir of inculcation of heresy and rampant sodomizing during the mid-to-late 70s.]

In May 2017, Paredes came under investigation by the church for stealing from his parish. Church officials estimate he stole $60,000 to $80,000 in cash. He admitted to the financial misconduct and was suspended from the ministry and removed from St. Cecilia in June 2017, Burns said. [And yet we heard nothing for over a year] The parish of about 3,600 parishioners serves a largely Latino population and does not have the financial resources of larger parishes in northern Dallas.

After his suspension for financial irregularities, Paredes disappeared and may have left for the Philippines, though church officials do not know with certainty he is there. [I’d bet dollars to donuts they know exactly where he is, it’s just easier to pretend he’s invisible]

A spokeswoman for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas said that at the time of his suspension, church officials had no awareness of the allegations of sexual crimes.

In February, during the course of the financial investigation, church officials received allegations of criminal sexual acts by Paredes, specifically that he had molested three boys in their midteens more than a decade but less than 20 years ago. [And perhaps there were more since then.  For instance, what was the $60-80,000 for?  Hush money, perhaps?]

………The information was not disclosed earlier because Burns “did not want to hinder [the police] investigation or compromise the anonymity of victims,” a church spokeswoman said……..[Oh BS.  They were probably faced with the story coming out regardless, probably from outraged family or others who knew, and wanted to maintain spin control by getting it out, first. And  yet again, the Dallas Morning News fails to press the pertinent bishops with tough questions.]

……..Burns, who served with two of the 300 priests named in the document released by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, called the revelations sickening. Although he served early in his career with the two named priests and knew a number of others, Burns said he was unaware of their actions or allegations against them.

“Knowing that this occurred at the hands of men that you knew and even worked side by side with adds to a dimension of disbelief,” he said.

Oh double baloney BS.  You knew.  If you did not know about those two men, specifically, you probably had many reasons to suspect, and certainly knew and know that there are many, many active sodomizers in the clergy and the episcopate, men who are inclined to, and statistically much, much more likely, to abuse young boys than the broader population or priests generally.

But heck, at this point, it would not surprise me at all to find that the majority, even the large majority, of both priests and bishops in the Novus Ordo world actively participate in this lifestyle that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.  That is how you build a wall of impenetrable silence, insure that most are compromised and cow the uncompromised, the few faithful priests, with numbers and authority.

And this is all, of course, is related to the original sin of doctrinal error.  The two feed one another – manifest sin drives rejection of Church Doctrine across the board and leads to formal heresy on a vast number of subjects, while the fall into error actually encourages more commission of sin.  It is all of a piece, cut from the same cloth. The sodomite infestation of the clergy, probably invented by original communist agents planted in the clergy a la AA-1025, is at the very root of the crisis in the Church, just as the worldly corruption of a married, untrained, immoral priesthood was at the root of the crisis in the Church during the very dark 9th and 10th centuries (and having read about that recently, the Church has gone through all this before, possibly, quite possibly, even worse – we just are confronted with it as a daily reality far more today due to instant mass communications).

Nevertheless, it is disheartening and disgusting.  And as the next post will make clear, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


1. Baseballmomof8 - August 22, 2018

Yeah… this “I HAD NO IDEA… HOW SICKENING… MEN I KNEW…” blah blah blah is getting quite tiresome.

2. Ima Pollyanna Catholic - August 22, 2018

I was really troubled after learning for the first time that Catholic bishops, cardinals and priests were involved in that awful stuff. What a shock! Who would have thunk it?

But I am feeling better today, knowing that those bishops are really, really sorry. This time. Again.

I think things are going to be OK.


3. LOTR - August 22, 2018

Finally, I hear from you what I have been saying for decades. One will never find moral deviation without doctrinal deviation. Every Novus Ordo priest and bishop should be approached with extreme skepticism.Forget their words and watch only their actions.

Camper - August 22, 2018

I welcome your message, but I have not heard of you, sir or ma’am. Do you have a blog or book we could read? Thank you.

4. Richard Malcolm - August 23, 2018

“But heck, at this point, it would not surprise me at all to find that the majority, even the large majority, of both priests and bishops in the Novus Ordo world actively participate in this lifestyle that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.”

Not in aggregate, I think. But in some dioceses – possible, even probable (Miami? Albany?)

Whatever the percentage is, it is far, far, far too high. Even after the modest cleanup of the worst pink palaces.

Let us pray that the traditional priestly societies maintain their vigilance against such pathologies. No community is ever completely immune. Even the FSSP got fooled once by Carlos Urritigoity, and the ICRSS by Timothy Svea.

Tantumblogo - August 24, 2018

“Let us pray that the traditional priestly societies maintain their vigilance against such pathologies. No community is ever completely immune. Even the FSSP got fooled once by Carlos Urritigoity, and the ICRSS by Timothy Svea.”

Agree. I was going to say something about this, but skipped it. I’m glad you brought it up. It is a constant threat and requires monitoring.

Richard Malcolm - August 24, 2018

I feel safer – far safer – with any of the traditional societies on this score than anywhere else in the Church.

But this does make them targets.

Both the SSPX and the FSSP got fooled by Urritigoity. Eventually, both figured it out, and to their credit, they did something about it, if perhaps not as quickly as I might have liked. +Fellay especially shines in this regard. He did not rest with the simple resolution of booting him out. He warned Timlin, too (to no avail).

The ICRSS screwed up in their screening with Svea; but to his credit, Msgr Wach moved expeditiously when it blew up, so far as I can tell.

My belief and hope is that these were teething problems for very new and very small priestly societies, who struggled to figure out their screening and formation systems. I think the ICRSS struggled especially because their leadership was European and spoke limited or no English, and they had a harder time with their few American vocations back then.

But they must remain extremely vigilant, and so must we as laypeople. They cannot let their guard down. The Enemy would rejoice greatly to corrupt any one of them.

5. PeterK - August 23, 2018

where are the before and after photos?

6. Camper - August 24, 2018

Off topic, but here is dirt declaring that Beto O’Rourke, Ted Cruz’ opponent in the election for Senate this fall, used eminent domain to swipe money from citizens in El Paso:


The article says that O’Rourke’s record of corruption has been hidden well, but the article does a good job of painting him as a criminal.
Hopefully, Tantum could do a short post on this topic.

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