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Non Sequitur, but Leftism Now Requires Whites to Publicly Hate Themselves…… August 24, 2018

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……at least, if the overwhelmingly white, and leftist, Twitter-approved “blue check mark mafia” are any indication.  I like Carl Benjamin less and less due to his silly and childish atheism (really, there can be serious reasons for atheism, but his is culturally absorbed and simplistic, and is of the same kind of culturally-dictated thinking that his progressive opponents engage in all the time.  In Britain today, it’s much more culturally acceptable and rewarding to be an atheist than a Christian), but he provides a valuable service here, publicizing a Twitter account that highlights all the reflexive anti-white racism of the unhinged Left.  Not that I’m on Twitter, or Facebook, for that matter – Google/the NSA have more than enough info about me already from my phone, which I am strongly considering ditching for a dumb model – but this is where more and more of the cultural conversation, the erstwhile public space, takes place, mostly for ill, but that’s where we’re at:

I’ve had another post pending regarding the persecution of conservative voices out of major social media platforms and how that ties in with the movie “Code 46,” but I haven’t got a prayer of finishing that today.  So it will probably go in the trash as too dated as another dozen or more attempted posts have gone over the past several months.

I do have some thoughts on Francis, hyper-montanism, and the crisis in the Church, but that will have to wait for next week, if ever.

One more real quick post then I hope you have a blessed weekend.



1. maggycast - August 25, 2018

What serious reasons can there be for atheism? Reason screams that intellect MUST have created us and the Greeks discovered the philosophical proofs for immortality millenia ago. The only refute for God I can come up with is the reality of suffering, but then again free will, redemption and eternal justice cover that base. Am I missing something? I don’t want to be broad sided by some atheist one day and I don’t recall any Thomistic proofs I haven’t read on the subject. I’m not a fan of listening to athiests spew their ideas, so I just stick to refuting their philosophy. If I’m missing a good argument for their basis, please let me know:+)

Hope all is going well with the family:+) God bless~

2. Baseballmomof8 - August 26, 2018

Hope to hear from you tomorrow on the bombshell news from the former Nuncio. Praying the dam breaks loose and the Truth is finally victorious.

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