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Finally, a High Prelate Names Names…… August 27, 2018

Posted by Tantumblogo in Endless Corruption, episcopate, error, fightback, Francis, General Catholic, horror, persecution, Revolution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, the struggle for the Church, unadulterated evil, Virtue.

……..and Francis appears to be expecting the news media to make this story go away by their twin methods of character assassination of the source and ignoring the most key bit of revelation from Archbishop Vigano’s apparent affidavit (we don’t know exactly what it is, but it reads like a deposition given in writing to a grand jury)- that a cabal of self-interested, utterly immoral sodomites has inserted itself into the clergy and episcopate and run absolutely rampant raping boys, stealing from the faithful, and promoting heresy in order to try to redefine morality and Church belief in order to make their sins acceptable.  And Francis is their man, their creation, and their protector and defender, as he is utterly dependent on their support.  I guess we now know what happened to that 800 page dossier on the perversions of the priests of the Diocese of Rome that Pope Benedict literally hand-delivered to Francis, along with all the other evidence against the sodomite cabal.  It has all be destroyed and ignored.

There is now concrete testimony of what many already knew, which is that McCarrick, among others, was a ringleader in this criminal cabal, which really amounts to a corrupt criminal conspiracy under the terms of the RICO statute in US law.  Before I go further, I want to say a few things about McCarrick and his influence.  There have been people who have steadfastly defended former Dallas Bishop, now Cardinal, Kevin Farrell, because he supposedly did a wonderful thing in “allowing” the faithful of this Diocese to have a TLM parish.  What he did was nothing more than his bare duty in justice.  But what do we know about not only Farrell, but his replacement Edward Burns?  They are both very tightly associated with the McCarrick ring, Farrell being McCarrick’s #1 protege and highest flying disciple, Burns being a product of the many corrupt dioceses in Pennsylvania whose nefarious acts were detailed in a recent 1300 page grand jury report.  Indeed, who was the primary consecrator of Bishop Farrell at his consecration, but Cardinal McCarrick?  Isn’t it interesting, also, that Farrell more or less hand-picked Burns as his replacement, and Burns was consecrated by Bishops Zubik, Schwietz, and none other than Cardinal Wuerl (thanks to reader MFG for this last bit of info).

Speaking of our own dear local bishop, he put out this letter below to be read in all parishes on Sunday, August 26th, in response to the accusations of abuse and evidence of grand larceny against another Dallas Diocese priest, the former pastor of St. Cecilia’s in Dallas.  Released on August 25th, my birthday, it was, to me, quite inadequate even before Vigano’s testimony broke out late that Saturday night, and now appears very much less than what is needed:

Look, I like the idea of rosaries, but note they are requested, not mandated.  And a “ceremony of sorrow?”  How about one of outrage and extreme umbrage?  How about some public atonement for the sins so rampant in the clergy and episcopal hierarchy?  How about imposition of penance upon those involved in these endless sinful acts?  How about some personal responsibility on the part of the bishop, and especially his predecessor?

Note that the only real concrete change is one that primarily applies to the laity – a further expansion of the already disproven “safe environment” program.  The disgraced Father Paredes took the safe environment program.  Look how much good it did to stop him from abusing boys. Note that the “safe environment” program was imposed as a lawyerly escape from responsibility on the part of those most guilty of the priest boy rape pandemic – the bishops who knew and aided and abetted priests in their rape – in essence, transferring that responsibility onto innocent laity and, to a lesser extent, clergy, and establishing that there is a “process” for the sake of limiting liability when the inevitable future cases of abuse break out.

There is a sad note to this Father Paredes saga.  A friend knew him in the Dallas seminary, and said he was very pious at that time.  But anyone can fall into sin, and the Novus Ordo environment makes that even more likely.  Almost inevitable, in a sense.

The idea that any of these men, these bishops, were ignorant of McCarrick’s activities is laughableEVERYBODY in the hierarchy, the leadership, knew.  Most well-read laity knew.  The vast majority of priests knew.  Farrell and Wuerl playing dumb, pretending not to know, is just transparently pathetic.  Let it sink in, that’s how dumb they think you are, that you would fall for such flimsy falsehoods.  Make no mistake, they are part of this lavendar mafia, along with Tobin and Cupich and McElroy and many others.  As is Bishop Seitz of El Paso.  Guess who helped consecrate him as bishop of El Paso?  You got it, Cardinal McCarrick.  At the very least, every single bishop consecrated with McCarrick’s involvement is now severely tainted, irreparably so to my mind.

But overall, I am very heartened at Vigano’s testimony.  Yes, it causes further scandal and further weakens the Church’s already horribly tarnished reputation in the world’s eyes, but when you have an ongoing conspiracy based on shared secrets and codes of silence, the only way to break these up is to start publicly naming names.  It’s not enough for me or Michael Voris or even the New York Times to do it, this naming and shaming must come from within the Church.  For decades, some well-intentioned men who were quite aware of the rot and moral sickness that had infested and multiplied in the clergy/episcopate refused to name names out of an erroneous belief that the problem was not that big, that it was up to Rome to deal with it, or that the potential scandal was worse than the ongoing destruction of the clergy.  They were wrong on all counts, so they did not act.  Or, they were bullied and intimidated into silence.

Finally, however, a prelate, one with impeccable connections and in the perfect position to know, has broken the false vow of silence this RICO-deserving cadre of weak, sick, pathetic, immoral men has managed to maintain going back decades.  I believe – I hope, but I think there is ample reason to hope – that +Vigano’s revelations have now permanently weakened Francis’ papacy to the extent that all the further atrocities against faith, moral, and canon law he intended to perpetrate will now either be prevented, or have such a huge taint of corruption upon them as to render any novelties introduced (like married clergy, or female cardinals, at the next sin-nod) as illegitimate.  I do think that will be Francis’ next ploy, that he will unleash some silly novelty beloved of the Left in order try to get the media back on his side, like women’s fauxrdination or something.  How the world, the Church, and the hierarchy react, will be key.

It is amazing to see how God works.  Eventually, the constant crimes and the culture of bottomless (heh) corruption these sodomites have created and maintained would be undone by their own sins.  That is how God tends to work, to allow our own sins to be the vehicle of our destruction, whether as individuals, institutions, or self-interested cabals of wholly unworthy men (I’m looking directly at you, James Martin, SJ – Sodomite Jesuit).  It is now known that virtually all of Francis’ most intimate, most vital supporters, and irretrievably tainted by sexual, financial, and/or other corruption.  A huge number of cardinals, like Parolin and Rodriguez Maradaiga, should, by any right, be totally out of the running for the papacy.  But in a Church this corrupt, who knows?  It may take many further revelations of the +Vigano’ type in order for the sodomite cabal, and those they control, to be broken up.  But it’s a huge step in the right direction.  Let the sun shine in.

And, of course, Francis should resign.  He should never have been elected in the first place.  He has proven himself the most unworthy man to occupy the papacy in the last 400 years, quite possibly more like the last 1000, back to the horrid days when petty “nobles” of Italy made their insane 4th sons Bishop of Rome.  No pope has dared to attack the Doctrine of the Faith with this degree of deliberate intent and willful malice in history, and none have formally embraced error to the extent he has since at least AD 1000 (those that did so in the first millenium generally did so out of ignorance, due to extreme threat of life and limb, or intellectual weakness – and none of those did so on anything like the determined, comprehensive basis Francis has).  Of course he should resign, though I loathe to give that horrible concept (papal resignation) further impetus.

Some more positives – the Bishop of Tyler, Joseph Strickland, who is not traditional, per se’, but who is a good man, a well-intentioned man, who does as well as he can by his present lights (I wish he would become very close to Bishop Gracida and learn all he can from that good man!) – very quickly informed his diocese that he found Vigano’s testimony credible and issued a demand for a formal and public investigation into the crimes and coverups we all know to be so rampant.  I think Bishop Strickland might have gone even further, to draw the logical conclusions from the testimony of +Vigano regarding Francis and his involvement in this coverup of ongoing sexual abuse of children and others, but he did far better than the Archdiocese of Newark, which basically attacked Vigano as a liar and has been blocking people on Twitter asking uncomfortable questions of the deeply implicated, <choke> <laugh> <snort> Cardinal Tobin.  Bishops Olmstead of Phoenix and Konderla of Tulsa have also released statements seeming to endorse Archbishop Vigano’s testimony, and calling for further investigation.  I think the investigation angle is misplaced, after all, who will call and dominate such an investigation, but it’s very targets?  And, I think we already have more evidence than we need to be rid of creatures such as Rodriguez-Maradaiga, Parolin, Daneels, McCarrick, Tobin, Cupich, and many more.

You guys are probably already aware of Bishop Gracida’s public charge that Francis is a formal heretic and was not validly elected.  Not sure what you make of that, but I cannot say I find much to disagree with in Bishop Gracida’s assessment.  Someday, perhaps in Heaven, the truth shall be known about the disastrous abdication of 2013 and subsequent robber conclave that elected Francis the most Humble (TM).

I must also agree with Bishop Gracida that Cardinal Burke’s response to the explosive revelations of Vigano has been deeply disappointing.  He has said and done very little since the dubia was ignored.  This was a perfect opportunity to tie Francis’ promotion of error and, yes, attempts at heresy in redefining the Catechism on the death penalty and the disastrous Amoris Laetitia, with the rampant immorality in the Church. The two are inextricably linked, heresy is almost always driven by grave attachment to sin, and any mass movement of heresy in the Church’s highest offices, such as occurred over the past 60 years or so, must be driven by a mass attachment to the gravest, the most offensive and repellent of sins.

Rorate, in their most recent post, sums up my view regarding Francis quite succinctly, even beautifully considering the disgusting subject matter:

Francis has, with his authoritarian evil, heightened the tensions within the Church to levels not reached since the Protestant Revolt or the French Revolution.
But this time the revolutionary malice comes from within the Church, from a theologically stunted and morally bankrupt, evil-pursuing tyrant.
Francis must go.
An unbearable stench fills the edifice of the Catholic Church. It emanates from the Throne of Peter, where a corpse decays before the whole universe. The powers of the world still parade before the cadaver, offering it secular homages, but the Catholic faithful recoil in horror before the nauseating pagan spectacle.
Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is dead. He is not actually deceased, but his moral presence is gone. His moral corpse is the revolting cadaver sitting upon the Cathedra of the Prince of the Apostles. And his only real supporters — the liberals, the heretics, the apostates — are already scheming to figure out how to replace him when the inevitable occurs.
He has deceived, he has persecuted the truly faithful, he has confused the little ones in their faith, he has mocked Tradition whenever he could. Above all, he has lied, and he has been shown to lie, and he has been presented as a consummate liar in the protection of a racket of perverted and abusive priests who are his closest aides.
All that is left for him is to remove the corrupt moral body weighing on Holy Mother Church and go away. Abdication is the only possible solution to five years of growing disgrace and purposeful mismanagement.
The horror we identified on the very first day has come to full fruition, as a pustulous infructescence of corruption: Sodom in Rome.

I really hope Vigano’s testimony was given in concert with a federal grand jury.  There was some speculation on Twitter that may have been the case, but that I think it is just that, speculation.  To think what a RICO suit could do against this crowd of cowards is rather hilarious in a sardonic kind of way.  Talk of rats fleeing a sinking ship.  They would abandon the Church so fast there would be a crisis for lack of bishops and clergy.  And so be it, better a Church with a few faithful priests and bishops than one with a great mass of putrid, stinking heretics and perverts.

So what do you guys think?  Is this the beginning of the end of the pontificate of Francis, or will he worm his way out of this crisis and carry on as before?  Do you think the media will decide he’s on their side, one of their own in the great leftist machine, and try to bury this matter?  So far, it seems to be getting pretty wide coverage, so I don’t know how this will play out.  I suspect at least some US cardinals will fall as a result of this – Wuerl, who is already past retirement age, is almost a shoe-in. But Francis may be some bloody-minded stubborn and wedded to his progressive friends, perhaps he will give no response at all but his usual upturned middle phalange?

By the way, I mentioned how former pastor Fr. Paredes of St. Ceclia’s in Dallas wreckovated his parish after a fire.  Here are the before and after shots I failed to include in the previous post on the matter.



The before wasn’t that great, but the after is just so emblamatic of the barren, cold, modernist, spiritually bereft Church since the 1950s.


1. titaniumgirl - August 27, 2018

WOW! What can I as a faithful catholic do? Email? Letters who will listen? I’m not happy with the Bishop Burns’ response to all of this.

Tim - August 27, 2018

These wretches won’t listen, but God will…..pray!

Camper - August 28, 2018

For a start, if you are American, you could write your Attorney General of your state to demand an investigation into all the bishops of your state. If you are Canadian, write your province’s top prosecutor.

2. Tim - August 27, 2018

Finally, Voris is coming around.

Dismas - August 28, 2018

Gotta’ tell ya’. I just find this fascinating insofar as how Michael Voris has used this to get himself out of a serious corner he had painted himself into.

I’ll make clear that I am very pleased that he is taking this position; it is the manner and timing of it that I find so very interesting.

Many of us, myself included, have tuned Voris out for years based on his cognitive dissonance regarding the Pope and the true nature of the crisis in the Church. Many of us have said that the time must come when he finally cops to reality and that he would likely have to eat some crow when doing so.

But no! He does a very adroit about-face here without eating crow. You have to hand it to him. He draws that thin line between the theological and the moral as though the two were not intimately connected, and he attempts to defend his failure to point out the truth about Bergoglio as though that failure was solely due to his reluctance to approach the question theologically.

But now…as though it never was an issue before…he couches this criticism as being moral in nature – as though Bergoglio’s morality has not been at issue, along with his twisted theology, all along.

This is too good. Voris has now made a very strong and correct statement and he can be counted on the side of those who have correctly discerned this and fought it for decades even though he has criticized those very people all along for bringing all of this up. It is as though no time was appropriate for doing this before the moment that Voris decided it was.

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

Dismas, they had this in their back pocket as long as 5 years ago, or close to. If forced they would pivot on a “moral” issue, of which it was recognized there were already many in 2013/early 2014. This was about my last contact with them before the formal falling out.

Tim - August 28, 2018

There’s still a part of CM that’s a snake. He owes repentance and reparation for his calumny against the SSPX.

Dismas - August 28, 2018

Yeah, Tantum. You would know. Their position is untenable and they are bright enough to know that. So here was their golden chariot to extricate them from that untenable position. As if the rest of us out here are not quite bright enough to see this.

At any rate, I have to hand it to Voris for finally admitting the undeniable.

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

Sure. It’s good. Just know they’ve been less than honest about their real take on Francis from the beginning. They recognized like anyone with an ounce of sensus fidelium that he was a disaster, theologically, morally, politically, etc. But they would not say so publicly out of their sense that the papacy is above criticism – which is contrary to the Fathers and numerous holy Saints, abbots, and bishops of the Middle Ages, who criticized popes and sometimes, quite vociferously.

Papalotry is in many ways at the root of this crisis. And yes, to answer your question in another forum, I have made Ignatian retreats.

Tim - August 29, 2018
3. Tim - August 27, 2018

Cardinal Tobin is an enemy of the Church….our former shepard of unhappy memory.

This brings back memories of 2016……

4. Tim - August 27, 2018

Very good sermon on this matter:

5. Tim - August 27, 2018

“You guys are probably already aware of Bishop Gracida’s public charge that Francis is a formal heretic and was not validly elected. Not sure what you make of that, but I cannot say I find much to disagree with in Bishop Gracida’s assessment.”

So, has Miss Ann been right all along?

titaniumgirl - August 28, 2018

Looks like Ann has been right on the money

c matt - August 29, 2018

Although Ann’s and Bp. Gracida’s reasoning are different, they reach the same conclusion. Ann’s thesis is that Bergoglio was never Pope because Benedict’s resignation was flawed, therefore he never validly resigned and the conclave was void ab initio.

Bp. Gracida (my former bishop while I lived in Corpus Christi), if I follow correctly, seems to have two bases: 1, the conclave was invalid because of the politicking to get Bergo elected, and (2) Bergo’s heretical teaching has self-excommunicated him from the Church.

Like a criminal indictment, there are several charges – only one needs to “stick.”

c matt - August 29, 2018

Digging a little deeper, looks like Bp. Gracida also discussed a similar basis as Ann (invalid resignation). Maybe it’s just my computer, but I have a hard time reading abyssum.org – can’t seem to navigate it readily.

6. chiggg3 - August 27, 2018

Pustular infructesence

7. Camper - August 28, 2018

Maybe Voris was correct that this is the biggest news in the Church in 500 years. I think Vatican I might have been that, but this is definitely going into the history books. Oh boy.

8. Camper - August 28, 2018

St. Cecilia’s certainly does look barren, cold, modern, and ugly, but it doesn’t look like one of the horrible, sloppy, horrendously irreverent churches that one sees commonly across the nation’s landscape. For what it’s worth, Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles looks far worse.

c matt - August 29, 2018

Looks like they hired Joanna Gaines* for the remodel. It’s nice, it’s just not sacred.

* No offense to the Gaineses. I think they do beautiful work for secular projects.

9. Camper - August 28, 2018

I think a federal RICO investigation would definitely be appropriate.

10. Mary - August 28, 2018

Re: the church wreckovation: notice the speaker covers up Jesus.

11. Murray - August 28, 2018
12. Magdalene P - August 28, 2018

I doubt Francis will resign; he has more agenda to push–homosexual of course.

Camper - August 28, 2018

Right now, dear Magdalene, it certainly is a very interesting question. One would think the pressure on him would be overwhelming, but this man’s capacity for sin is so great that he might refuse to resign.

13. guy Mcclung - August 28, 2018

Bishop Gracida, 64 trips across the English Channel in 1945 without a tourist visa. Each mission past 25 he did not have to go; after 25 you could come home. Every time after 25, he truly and really did “lay down his life for his friend” because that meant that someone else did not have to fly that day. So who you gonna believe? homopredator puppetmasters in Rome? sodorapists enabled and protected by the US bishops for decades? Wolves who have stolen over 4 billion$s from us? or a man -and I mean MAN of God? As Ann Barnhart says, Jesus is in His temple and it is Whip-O-clock. They cannot stop this, they cannot stop God Almighty. Deo Gratias! Guy McClung, Texas

14. Tim - August 28, 2018
15. Tim - August 28, 2018
16. Tim - August 28, 2018
17. Tim - August 28, 2018

The “Deep Vatican”. The Church needs its “Trump”.


18. Tim - August 28, 2018

WOW, Fr. nails it.

Camper - August 28, 2018

Short and hard hitting. Love it.

19. Baseballmomof8 - August 28, 2018

We do not need any more investigations. All the evidence already exists… Cdl. Vigano made that quite clear. And you are right, who would call for it? Who would lead it? No! These men need to be removed from office… every name he named. But who will do that?

Camper - August 28, 2018

The police and the government’s prosecutors behind them. We need civil (government) investigations of these crimes.

c matt - August 29, 2018

Who would lead an investigation? If PF called for it, the panel would be: Rodriguez-Maradaiga, Parolin, Daneels, McCarrick, Tobin, Cupich.

Camper - August 29, 2018

Jeff Sessions should start it. No church “leadership” needed.

20. Charles Curtis - August 28, 2018

That “wreckovation” is an improvement. Have you seen ancient Romanesque churches in Europe? They are always very spare, and they’re my favorite style of church. This renovation removed that abominable busy 70’s (resurrected Christ?) mess, put the crucifix in the center, and has Our Lady of Guadalupe more clearly displayed. The only thing that would improve it would be to pin the altar to the wall, put the tabernacle on the central axis above it, and put an altar rail demarcating the sanctuary.

Tim - August 28, 2018

They both have the same obvious problem, the Cramner’s Table in the Sanctuary.

c matt - August 29, 2018

That, and why would you flatten those beautiful arches, and replace the lighting with what appear to be kitchen island pendant lights?

21. Camper - August 28, 2018

If you thought Francis would be forced to resign, think twice. I have already seen an article on hotair.com that is skeptical (to say the least) about Vigano’s claims. The swine (“drive by media”) will get away with anything if the police don’t force it.

Camper - August 28, 2018
Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

All those allegations from Tornielli are false. Sanctions were imposed on McCarrick by Benedict but he was too weak to enforce them. The Nienstedt issue is a leftist calumny Vigano has already refuted. They are just trying to discredit the source, and I am very, very disappointed in Ed Morrissey from buying the arguments of a longtime Francis supporter wholesale, without critique or examination. But then again, I am not even slightly surprised, Morrissey is of the Scalia-Eden wing of the slightly less leftist American Catholic media which starts and ends in papalotry.

Camper - August 28, 2018

I’m sure, but try telling that to the masses. hotair.com and its sister websitesget far more traffic (I believe) than any good Catholic website, including Michael Voris. That’s how I’d bet anyways.

Camper - August 28, 2018

Not sure who Eden is. Would love to know.

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

Dawn Eden.

Camper - August 28, 2018

She likes theology of the body and worked briefly for EWTN, which makes her suspect.

Camper - August 28, 2018

He’s citing John Allen as if he is a trustworthy source. Ugh. Looks like sound Catholic bloggers and their supporters have their work cut out for them.

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

I was right, Tornielli is a close ally of Francis and a thoroughgoing liberal.

Camper - August 28, 2018

What is Ed Morrisey smoking? I guess those who have only gone to indult masses all their lives don’t have a very broad outlook. John Allen, I believe, thinks homosexuality is just fine!

Camper - August 28, 2018

He writes for hotair.com, an immoral publication that I try to read sparingly. That should say enough.

Camper - August 28, 2018

I thought La Stampa was trustworthy. I guess not.

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

I could be getting my Italians confused. Nevertheless, the points raised are weak and already refuted.

Camper - August 28, 2018

That’s sad. Now we can add the formerly excellent hotair.com to the list of websites that, at least occasionally, publishes “fake news.”

Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

Hotair largely lost their mind over Trump. Allahpundit (a militant atheist) did, anyway. The others vary in quality. I like Ed Morrissey on a number of non-Church related matters. But he is much too informed by the former protestant papalogists of the Shea/Akin/etc variety.

Camper - August 28, 2018

Maybe the truth will come out eventually. I think the laity are not impressed with Francis and his friends. The small size of the Pope’s audiences is proof of that.

Camper - August 28, 2018

They still published plenty of good political insight. Now I do not think there are any websites that produce analysis of secular politics that have nothing to do with abortion, the sexual revolution, etc. lifezette.com has filth. I have even seen trash on oann.com. The devil is everywhere.

c matt - August 29, 2018

Speaking of Akin, where are his “Vigano: Ten Things to Know and Share”

22. Camper - August 28, 2018

Considering he is in good standing with Rome, mundabor’s blog is outstanding. (Yours is wonderful, too, TB).


23. Camper - August 28, 2018

I really wonder what is going to come of this whole scenario. Is Francis really going to be made to resign? Bishop Gracida is good but older than 90. He is going to die sooner or later, and then who will oppose these scum other than the SSPX? Without large scale police investigations, those in good standing with Rome will absolutely head south, and soon.

I really think Fr. Z’s plan of trads eventually dominating the church, becoming bishops, and reforming everything in a sound and true way is a pipe dream. Maybe I am too cynical about what is happening, but if it has gotten this bad, how could it be reformed? Maybe I need to pray for more hope.

c matt - August 29, 2018

God has been known to use foreign tribes to cleanse His people on occasion. The civil authorities could fit the bill; and the remnant rebuild after (then shwarma).

Camper - August 29, 2018

May I ask if you are in good standing with Rome? You said something somewhere else that made me think you were either with the SSPX or the sedevacantists. I promise I won’t give you a hard time or engage you in a long polemic.

24. Tim - August 28, 2018

25. Tim - August 28, 2018
26. Canon212 Update: Establishment ‘Faithful’ Trying To Get Out in Front. Catholics Use Caution – The Stumbling Block - August 28, 2018


27. Tim - August 28, 2018

Look for this prelate to meet with an “unfortunate accident.”

28. Camper - August 28, 2018

Many state Attorneys General have limited power to investigate because they are not allowed to convene a grand jury:


Tantumblogo - August 28, 2018

Yes, well, apparently, there are currently 48 grand juries impaneled nationwide investigating Church sex abuse. I think we are very close to a tipping point, where the powers that be will stop treating bishops as part of the club and giving them special treatment. It almost happened in 2005-6, but was nipped. I get the sense people are beyond sick of hearing of this and want really hard-hitting action taken. I think there is a real chance that before this is over, bishops will be going to jail, and then things will start to move really, really fast. We’ll see. Lots going on behind the scenes, and we are only seeing tiny bits of it. I wish I knew more, but I don’t.

29. dad29 - August 29, 2018

One of my daughters is a U of Dallas grad; in fact her graduation happened the year that Farrell became Ordinary of Dallas. She mentioned that he was the cause of a shift in the U’s philosophy of education. Don’t know how things have gone since (about 10 years) but the loss of the woman who ran their choir was serious….

Camper - August 29, 2018

Would be interesting to hear any followup to this. Count on swine like Farrell to foul things up.

Rose - August 30, 2018

There is a petition to have UD rename Cardinal Farrell Hall.

30. Tim - August 29, 2018

Camper - August 29, 2018

Tim, this could be used against the SSPX.

31. Tg - August 30, 2018

I hope it’s the beginning of the end for Francis. I am not sure he’s the pope. I heard the most amazing homily from my NO parish after reading the weak letter from Bishop of Austin. He said the problem is homosexuals in the priesthood. He said he saw it first hand when he was in seminary. He said nuns have no business in the formation of priests. He tells it like it is. People clapped at the end to show their support. I did too even though I don’t like clapping.

According to Ann Barnhardt, you have to watch even traditional priests as there are sodomites among them too.

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