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Solemn Vespers of the Dead for the Centenary of the Conclusion of WWI at UD Nov 6 November 5, 2018

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I hope I can attend this tomorrow night.  Solemn Vespers for the Dead in the traditional Rite will be offered Nov 6 on the campus of the University of Dallas at 7:30 pm at the Church of the Incarnation.  All details below:

Check out the generous confession times at the Church of the Incarnation, too – 45 minutes a day or more Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat.

I heard the Catholic Action for Faith and Family Conference was a big success.  My daughter was there yesterday to sing in the schola for the solemn pontifical low Mass Cardinal Burke offered on Sunday morning.  Many other events over the weekend were sparsely attended because so many other folks were off at the big conference at the Irving convention center.  Bishop Burns was there.  I’ve heard some other good things about Bishop Burns in the last several days on other fronts.  Even though he is closely associated with the sad triad of Wuerl/McCarrick/Farrell he seems cut from a bit different cloth.

But the opening of the diocesan records on priest boy rape is a nothingburger.  It’s all been carefully checked over in advance but there may be a few belated revelations.

All that aside, I have a small but growing pious hope that in Bishop Burns Dallas has finally gotten someone a bit virtuous as bishop.


1. Baseballmomof8 - November 5, 2018

I pray you are right about your bishop! If so, your diocese will be truly blessed. Hope you and all the family are doing well.

2. woodyiu79 - November 7, 2018

With respect to Cardinal Burke in town over the weekend, I read that the nuncio of the US has verbally requested of all US bishops to not invite him to any talks or visit him when he is in the diocese. I was at the Ponitifical Mass on Sunday and saw Bishop Burns after the Mass hastily going to the front to greet Cardinal Burke and have pictures taken with him. Perhaps that is a good indication of what kind of Shepard Bishop Burns is for our diocese.

David - November 9, 2018

I attended the Saturday Mass, Confession, the afternoon talks (thank you Fr. Trigilio), the Q&A by the good Cardinal (Cardinal Burke even said Protestant clergy have been asking what is happening in the Catholic Church and are concerned – yes, this is for real), and the Pontifical Mass in Latin.

I stayed for the closing banquet, and Bishop Burns stayed and said a few words with Cardinal Burke at the banquet. Cardinal Burke thanked him. Our newer bishop did a good job. I could tell at the banquet he was speaking from the heart, and the TLM was offered too.

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