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Father Michael Rodriguez – Is It Acceptable for Catholics to Assist at the Novus Ordo……..? April 8, 2019

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………and is it acceptable to assist at the SSPX if that is their only alternative? Interestingly,, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College, among many others, agrees with the latter conclusion regarding the SSPX, that yes it is acceptable/licit (the question of validity having long ago been settled) to assist at the SSPX, particularly when one is faced with a liturgical desert in a particular locale..  I agree with both good men, and I’m very grateful that the SSPX is around in this current climate.

Now, I personally feel increasingly strongly that one should assist at the TLM if one is reasonably available.  Of course, the definition of reasonable availability will vary from person to person.  But I would also add that not all Novus Ordo Masses are the same.  While they are exceedingly rare, rarer, in many cases, than the TLM, very reverently offered Novus Ordo Masses with priests who are solidly catechized and who promote the solemn Doctrine of the Faith to the utmost of their ability are to me an exception to this general guideline.  I do have a personal bias, however, in that just such a Mass and priest played a pivotal role in my family finding its way to the TLM.  That priest continues to serve and do very much good.  Other viable options are reverent Eastern Rite Masses and the like.  There is a quite worthy option in the Irving area in St. Basil’s.

Finally, I’m sure SSPX partisans may take exception to framing of Kwasniewski’s post, making an argument that the SSPX is okay in certain conditions.  I know many folks fully believe that the situation is quite the opposite, with the SSPX being entirely justified and association with it being really the default option. I get where you’re coming from.  But rather than taking exception for Kwasniewski failing to evaluate the SSPX’s status as you might prefer, consider how far the situation has come in just the past few  years, where now mainstream conservative Catholic sites are proclaiming it just fine to assist at an SSPX Mass for the Sacraments in the vast majority of cases (because a liturgical and doctrinal wasteland full of abuse and outright evil is exactly what most people face in this tragic time in Church history).

Anyway, Father Michael Rodriguez below, along with Father Isaac Mary Relyea, answering a number of questions at a recent Catholic conference.  You’ll take this short post, and you’ll like it!


1. Tim - April 9, 2019

Fr. Hesse put this matter to rest long ago. The SSPX is God’s vessel to carry True Catholicism through the storm. They have made possible other lifeboats…the FSSP and ICK. Without the SSPX the entire ediface would fall and the modernists would emerge victorious. We know from Our Lord that that scenario is impossible. Let’s stop all the talk of SSPX “irregularity” and “special situations” where attendance there is “alright”. The SSPX is Catholic whole and entire, you cannot say that about the Novus Ordo regime. The fence sitting and the weasel words regarding the SSPX need to stop and we all need to realize that we should actually be discussing what situations that it is morally acceptable to attend the Novus Ordo which is not fully Catholic and poses a grave danger to souls.

2. Michael - April 9, 2019

Starting at 8:37.

Father Isaac Mary Relyea: “Your Novus Ordo priest is a homosexual and you don’t want to attend the Society of St. Pius X? Are you on drugs?”

Tim - April 9, 2019

Obedieolatry is a mental and spiritual illness.

Frogs in the pot of water on the stove.

These people need an emergency dose of Fr. Hesse.

3. Tim - April 9, 2019

So a lot are concerned with SSPX “canonical status” but they completely ignore the clear warnings of Anne Catherine Emrich(18:49).
Newsflash….the SSPX is one of her “cottages”.

Tantumblogo - April 9, 2019

Was speaking generally. Seriously, I think it is remarkable how much many opinions about the SSPX have changed in the past few years. I think it is a positive side effect of Francis. More and more people are seeing just what modernism is and where it leads, especially conservative neo-Catholics who had blinders firmly in place for decades. Eventually I predict basically all those who remain in the true Church will be very glad for the SSPX and their existence.

Tim - April 9, 2019

I would agree. I know a fair number of people who probably wouldn’t attend an SSPX Mass if at their local parish Satan himself was the celebrant. Almost 50 years of nonsensical lies he ave brainwashed many otherwise fine, intelligent people. Obedieolatry is a serious problem.

4. Tim - April 10, 2019

Video unavailable????? Does Francis have inside connections with Youtube????

5. Eoin Suibhne - April 14, 2019

For many years, I disparaged the SSPX and those who attended its Masses. Then I did my homework. I do not live anywhere near an SSPX chapel, but I now would have no problem assisting at Mass at one.

(FYI, Dr. Kwasniewski is no longer at Wyoming Catholic College. He is now devoting most of time to defending and promoting the Traditional Catholic Faith. https://www.peterkwasniewski.com/)

Tim - April 14, 2019

May God bless you! We all need to do our homework in this age of “Fake News”.

6. Kate R. - April 18, 2019

The video was unavailable.

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