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Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Gregory Latz June 17, 2019

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I have asked for prayers for this man for some time.  He fought a long battle with cancer and I learned to my sadness some weeks ago that Mr. Latz had died.

Please, if you would, also pray for my brother-in-law Brian Haeglin, who suffered a severe stroke about 2 weeks ago and is still hospitalized, and likely will be for weeks.  Thank you and God bless you and your family.

They don’t call this a vale of tears for nothing.

I would also like to thank longtime reader Tim T for his continued support, and for his surprising gift in the mail this morning of some good and very interesting Catholic books.  I haven’t read them yet, obviously, but I look forward to doing so, especially the biography of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  This is the one by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais.  Interesting timing, I had been strongly considering ordering Michael Davies’ Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre.  Do any of you familiar with both have any thoughts on these two books or preferences between them, as I believe they are generally regarded as the best studies of Archbishop Lefebvre.  ?

Whatever one thinks of the SSPX, and I am personally well-disposed towards them and thankful for their existence (as they, at the very least, saved the public practice of the TLM, in my opinion), Marcel Lefebvre has had a huge influence on the Church in the past 60-70 years and more and deserves careful study.  Plus, history has always been my favorite subject.

So thank you again Mr. T!  I pity the fool!

No relation, I just felt like throwing a pic in this post.


1. Baseballmomof8 - June 18, 2019

Prayers for Mr. Latz. Good to hear from you again 🙂

2. Dismas - June 18, 2019

I read the Apologia way back when I reverted to the Church and was stunned to see the “changes” and knew nothing about any of this. Those volumes were extremely helpful in understanding what had happened. Moreover, Davies writes in such a readable style. Along with these three volumes, The three volumes of “The Liturgical Revolution” by Davies is highly recommended.

I have not read the autobiography. I have heard it is very good.

3. Camper - June 19, 2019

Hi Tantum. Thanks for the posts. I tried to contact you lately, but you were too busy to repond. I’m not upset. You went to demonstrate outside the strip houses and it didn’t do much. Why not demonstrate outside the sodomite bars? You would become controversial right away. There would be no shortage of publicity. Young men would have to do it I (I don’t qualify) and they would deserve a medal for bravery. Be masculine but gentle. You would deserve huge spiritual credit for trying. I hope somebody else could do this too. If one doesn’t know of a fag bar in one’s own area, one could just demonstrate outside of city hall or the local congressman’s office. A great and key way to fight the culture war.

4. Camper - June 19, 2019

BTW, I’ll pray for Mssrs. Latz and Haeglin.

Tim - June 19, 2019


5. Tim - June 19, 2019

Thank you Tantum….nice Rocky 3 reference! Greg was a 1st class Catholic husband, father and friend, and my son’s Confirmation Sponsor, may he rest in peace. I was privileged to be a pallbearer along with other close friends of Greg including Michael Matt. Please pray for his widow and 4 children ages 16 to 27.

I am with Mr. Matt in the “trad squabbles”….STOP!! The enemies are Satan and the modernists, not each other!!

If I’m every in Dallas area I’ll let you know…my wife and I have been in all 50 states but I’m weak on Texas…stopped in Texline(Northwest most corner of Texas Panhandle) for breakfast at Maria’s Cafe in 2017. Also had layovers at DFW in 2013 & 2014.

Good to see you post again….I do miss seeing them…but, duty of state 1st!

6. Tim - June 19, 2019

7. Tim - June 19, 2019
8. Camper - June 19, 2019

Sorry for spoiling the fun, TB, but even without posting for two months, your blog’s comments’ sections are not exactly hopping. Too bad.

Tim - June 20, 2019

Praying for people is hardly a controversial topic. Also, lots of regulars may not have checked the sight for a while.

9. Camper - June 20, 2019

Iran just shot down an American drone in international airspace – wheeeeee!

10. Camper - June 21, 2019

TB, please feel free to tell us how you like the biography of +Lefebvre.

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