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Voris Obliterates AmChurch, and Challenges those Blase’ Souls that Sustain It July 19, 2019

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Amchurch, Novus Ordo land, the Great Facade………..whatever one wants to call it, Michael Voris obliterates it in the video below (h/t to reader Dismas).

Sort of……..frankly, he doesn’t go far enough.  For Bernadin and McCarrick, Dearden and Hallinan, Hunthausen and Mahony, didn’t fall out of the sky and land in their cathedras.  They were chosen and assigned, by popes dating back to Pius XII in some cases.  These are the popes Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton, regarded by several traditonal priests as the greatest theologian this country has ever produced, described as the popes between Saint Pius X and Paul VI as “weak and liberal……..who have flooded the hierarchy with unworthy and stupid men.”  That is to say, Voris identifies two key sources of the crisis in the Church, so far as the United States is concerned, but as always fails to follow the line to its inevitable conclusion.  Fenton was not sede vacantist in the slightest, and the quoted words were private comments pulled from his personal diary after his death, but nevertheless he was openly critical of the papalotry of his time and would be even more so today.  This is where Church Militant continually fails.

It’s a very rough line to draw.  If I had their reach and audience, I, too, would be very careful in how far I went in describing the crisis in the Church and its source, but it rings a little hollow to absolutely excoriate the hierarchy in the United States and say not a word about those in Rome who have selected, empowered, and backed up that hierarchy in all its error and destruction not only in the United States but around the world.

And, of course, today we see the apotheosis – or at least it’s apotheosis thus far, his successor may be far worse, God forbid – of this trend in the dictator pope Francis.

Nevertheless, these reminders of the corruption at the heart of the Novus Ordo establishment are healthy and helpful.  I would love to know how Voris’ video is received by any souls long used to the Novus Ordo church, who believe it to be the normative mode of Catholicism – indeed, for millions, it is the only form they have ever known.  But I am skeptical that many converts will be made by this video.  Perhaps there will be some, and God bless them if they see the light and Michael Voris for all his hard work. But I have found that very few souls happily ensconced in low-demand, happy-clappy, kindergarten-class Novus Ordo land very open to serious critiques of what they know.  Some of the very hardest to reach are the older souls who remember the pre-Vatican II Church, and dutifully followed their mother down this wide path to destruction so many years ago.  Souls who were devout enough to remain faithful even as the Church turned against her very core, her very nature, have a very, very hard time admitting, in the twilight of their life, that any reseverations they had decades ago were well placed, and that the experiment in aggiornamento has been a complete and total failure.  Of course, some of these folks went along quite wilingly, in the spirit of that tragic decade, thinking they really were good and great enough to “sing a new church into being,” to summon a “new pentecost,” one even greater than the first.

Nevertheless, watching this caused me to reflect on that occasional good news that comes out of the Novus Ordo environment, of priests offering Mass in Latin or more Confession, or good assignments made.  I like to think these are positive developments, but if they keep people from making the leap to the TLM and a real traditional Catholic community where the Faith is preached and, to the degree it can be in this sewer of a culture, lived, then they may actually be counterproductive.  It’s possible my own experience, where all these things – more Confession (which I sorely needed and need), more authentic forms of the Liturgy, increasingly solid catechesis from priests as we moved from the “large suburban parish” to the very conservative oddball Novus Ordo parish on the outskirts of the Diocese – pushed me and mine inexorably towards a traditional Latin Mass community.  But that may not be everyone’s experience.  At the same time, I do not feel comfortable criticizing those who are trying, by their own lights, to improve the situation in their parish, and seeing occasional positive moves in that direction.

Another thing Church Militant misses, today – they didn’t used to, at one time they were very much going in the direction of publicly excoriating the ambiguous, deliberately murky, and even blatantly erroneous aspects of Vatican II – is just that.  They don’t get to the root errors that caused Vatican II to happen.  Not at the level of, like Archbishop Lefebvre, accusing the Council.  I’ve been trying to screw up the courage to do a long podcast review of two books, John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition by David Wemhoff, with a strong whiff of E. Michael Jones about it, and Desire and Deception by Charles Coulombe.  I’ll have to do it as a podcast, otherwise it’d be a 5000 word post I’d never get out.  Both books dwell on possibly the key aspect of the Faith, the practical rejection of which led inevitably to the crisis in the Church today – Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus – but one I think is a rather poor and even often misleading effort, and the other is much more spot on.  It’s a subject I’d really like to do proper justice to, so I pray I can finally get around to making a recording and posting it.


1. Dismas - July 20, 2019

You are quite correct, Tantum. Voris points out the truth, but assiduously avoids commenting on the whole truth. This is not due to ignorance or oversight on his part.

It is true to say that reprobates like McCarrick and Bernadin played major, important roles in stealing the Faith of unsuspecting Catholics in order to advance their personal, evil agendas. It is not true to say that they were the major players. They were especially important players in the US.

People can argue (in friendly ways) where this all began. There are a number of correct viewpoints about that, depending on what one is talking about. But if what we are talking about is what we are experiencing today and pointing out a particular event and particular people who opened the door for the Bernadins and the McCarricks then it is very true to say that the revolution (which had always been cooking) was institutionalized at the Second Vatican Council. That is where authentic Catholics were marginalized and people who disliked or actually hated Catholicism ascended into power.

In the 16th Century the enemies of the Church left the Church and attacked from the outside. They met with little long term success. They learned their lesson. Four centuries later they attacked from the inside and created the greatest damage to the Church in It’s 2000 year history. And we are living in the big middle of it and watching it right before our eyes with front-row seats. Millions of people have rejected a Catholicism they never had the opportunity to know.

This is where Voris cannot go. There are men who paved the way for Bergoglio, McCarrick, Bernadin, Cupich, Dolan, your “bishop” and my “bishop”. Some of these men, like Paul VI, John Paul II and John XXIII are sacred cows. The Newchurch has even pretended to canonize them. They have to do that. To point this out would be to more clearly tell the whole truth, but for whatever reasons Voris cannot go there.

Like the mainstream “catholic” media sources he so rightly criticizes, there are also certain things that are fair game for Voris and others he has to avoid. Remember, according to Voris it was an excommunicable offense (in his eyes) to criticize Bergoglio – that is until the moment he decided it was OK to criticize Bergoglio himself.

Voris opens the eyes of many Catholics. He stops short of opening them completely.

2. MFG - July 20, 2019

There are more Novus Ordo Catholics than we realize who are upset about the crisis in the Church – especially after McCarrick. In fact many have woken up and are ripening to tradition. They are ready for Voris’ message but due a variety of reasons (comfort, familiarity etc., family, or geography) can’t make the leap just yet to the TLM.

Many of us were at that point earlier in our lives. We weren’t opposed to TLM per se, but we were convinced all that was required to solve the crisis was to “reverent-ize” the Novus Ordo. Perhaps what Voris is doing – in a Socratic way – is to lead his viewers up to the red line of realizing the Novus Ordo can’t succeed, but leave the final decision to the individual (aided by grace) to jump to TLM.

On the issue of Bernadin – one does not truly appreciate the geographic damage that he and his ilk have done to Catholicism in the South. Bernadin came from South Carolina (Charleston Diocese) and then went to Georgie (the Archdiocese of Atlanta) which oversees dioceses in Georgia and the Carolinas.

These states are considered red state/conservative places yet have been adminstered by some of the most liberal (or pro homosexual) Bishops, with parishes staffed by their liberal priests. This arrangement, which still exists today (although its getting better) prevents the conversion of conservative southerners (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family), who are ripening to the message of Catholic tradition. (Imagine the spiritual potency!)

This stale state of affairs continues to prevent the true Catholic faith from flourishing in the South and leaves most southerners to prefer fundamentalist bible or evangelical churches who preach on biblical morality and virtue. I hope Church Militant can really examine the extent of Bernadin’s network in the south and leave no stone unturned.

David - July 24, 2019


The diocese of Raleigh had its share of trouble in the 70s and 80s. They had a bishop who I heard was similar to Clark and Hubbard. Like Clark and Hubbard, Gossman ended up in Raleigh for nearly 30 years. and sent seminarians to The Pink Palace. Gossman was quickly replaced by BXVI not long after his 75th birthday. Bishop Burbidge arrived – he changed the seminary where he sent seminarians, and within four years vocations went from 8 to 20. I hope Zarana (I think that’s his name) continues some of the initiative from Burbidge’s administration.

You do make a good point that it’s tough to undo some damage from a predecessor, particularly after 20+ years. Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Richmond went through this, and I am afraid that Lexington and San Diego are going downhill.

MFG - July 25, 2019

David – Like many dioceses, Raleigh may have edged to the more orthodox side under the first few years of PB16’s reign, but quickly reverted afterward he resigned (aside from a few isolated pockets). I doubt we’ll see improvement anytime soon. My prior comments about most of the southeast dioceses remain. Sometimes it does not matter who the Bishop is. Its hard to improve a diocese if most of the personnel and leading priests lean heterodox.

3. Tim - July 20, 2019

Voris depends on New Order money…that sums it up on why he doesn’t connect the dots.

He lost ALL credibility after his week long SSPX calumny-fest in September 2015.

Nothing here to see folks, move on.

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2019

Well that’s when I split with them. Don’t know if you recall but I used to be quite close with the Voris crew. I brought him to Dallas in 2012 to speak at a conference. It went well. I personally like him a lot. But we split over the Bergoglio and SSPX issues in 2014. His attacks on traditional Catholics who had been in the fight for decades before him were way out of line. They were very destructive, and weren’t limited to the SSPX, but any tradiitonal Catholics who “went too far” in criticizing the false new construct set up in the latter half of the 1960s in the name of the Catholic Church. Of course, now, attacking Bergoglio is apparently fair game, though only occasionally and to a certian degree. The main point being, you can attack Bernadin and McCarrick and all the rest, and rightly so, but the problem is international, it rises to the highest levels of the Church, and it is the very root of the issue. The men given the grace to rule the Church in the name of Jesus Christ since the early-to-mid 20th century (take your pick) do not have the Faith. They fear men more than God, and prefer the thoughts of men to the Truth of Jesus Christ. Until that rot is removed the Church cannot be made whole.

Tim - July 21, 2019

You are absolutely correct about the hierarchy. Voris is rightly merciless on Cardinal Dolan. It would be interesting to see how Pope Michael of Detroit would handle Dolan if he were elected Pope.
I used to be a big fan of his but his unwillingness to go for the endzone and always setting for the chip shot field goal eroded my support.

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