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Catholic Video Channels You Should be Perusing September 10, 2019

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, catachesis, episcopate, fightback, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, Interior Life, Restoration, sanctity, Spiritual Warfare, the struggle for the Church, Tradition, true leadership, Virtue.

This post may contain old news for many readers, but I thought it should be mentioned that the quality of Catholic commentary in video form continues to increase.  While Youtube may be a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company staffed by many of the most despicable people on earth – Google – it does host some very good Catholic content, at least until Google decides these good people are gaining too much traction, and ban-hammers them off their platform (Bitchute is a good alternative, but  it does contain quite a bit of wacky and even dangerously immoral content, but so does most everything else these days).  Right now, for this particular blogger, probably the best traditional/tradition-leaning Catholic channel on  Youtube (overall) is that of Dr. Taylor Marshall.  I’m a bit surprised at coming to this conclusion, for while I have known Taylor and his family for years in passing through our local TLM parish, for many years I wasn’t a huge fan.  His content seemed to tend towards the conservative/neo-Catholic for quite some time.  So while he did do some great works like being a or the founder of the Troops of St. George, I found him a bit squishy on a number of topics, especially those closest to the core elements of the traditional critique of the post-conciliar Church.

But that was then.  Starting about 12-18 months ago, and especially in the wake of the Vigano expose and the Church’s “summer of shame” (hint: there will be worse to come, much worse), Taylor really got red-pilled and became quite a hard-hitting critic of the crisis in the Church.   His views generally align quite closely with my own, which of course means he is absolutely right about purt’ near everything.  Seriously, I don’t want to overplay my criticism of the Taylor of 5 years ago, he was generally solid all along, but over the past year he’s really been clobbering the evil forces acting within and against Holy Mother Church.   I now make a point of catching all of his videos as early as I can, and agree with most everything both Dr. Marshall and his co-host Dr. Tim Gordon have to say (but not quite – sadly, noone is quite so perfect as me).  They are addressing most all the major crisis issues in the Church today and doing so from a steadfastly traditional viewpoint, and not pulling any punches over sacred cows like the current occupant of the papacy, the heresies emanating from Rome in these dark days, and the root of the crisis beginning far before Vatican II.  I still hope to put together a real magnum opus (hah) podcast on that subject, but baby steps.

Another great source which I have highlighted before is the inestimable Charles Coulombe.  I love his weekly uploads at Tumblar House and find his talks, if possible, even more edifying than those of Taylor Marshall.  Charles is both a rock with regard to the Faith, and is especially strong on the absolutely vital issue of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (I cannot recommend his book on the subject enough, it is eye-opening, even for one well-versed in Trad literature), and is also a veritable fount of knowledge on matters related to Church history and Catholic culture (rather unlike the website of the same name).  It is well worth your time to dedicating an hour or so a week listening to his Youtube videos.  While Taylor’s viewership has exploded, Coulombe’s remains relatively static, which is a real shame, because his commentary is equally deserving of a far wider audience.

Next, there is another source I’ve recommended many times, but it bears repeating:  The Fatima Center.  Even with the untimely deaths of Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Mr. Charles Vennari, they regularly upload, almost weekly, very good catechetical materials from extremely traditional sources.  I find especially the videos from Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea edifying and entertaining.

Then, there is Return to Tradition by Anthony Stine.  A bit like Taylor Marshall’s content, it is both contemporary and topical.  In fact, one might liken it sort of a pocket version of Taylor’s much longer broadcasts, covering many of the same topics from a generally similar view (though, of course, they differ in a number of details) but in a much shorter format.  It’s a worthy site, especially his excerpts from Church doctrinal documents in his weekend uploads, but in terms of preference is probably properly listed in terms of order in this post.  HIs production values are of a bit lower standard than the other three.

And, of course, there remains the grand-daddy of all Catholic Youtube channels of which I am aware, that of Sensus Fidelium and the daily uploads of sermons from very solidly orthodox and traditional priests.  I’m certain most all readers will be aware of this channel already.

And now, good listeners, I turn the floor over to you, to solicit other “channels” you may find worthwhile on Youtube or other, similar platforms.  One problem today is the veritable embarrassment of riches, it is difficult at times to keep up with more than a few channels, especially when they produce prodigious amounts of content like Dr. Marshall and Sensus Fidelium. I of course also enjoy the weekly commentaries from Michael Matt at The Remnant, and some other less explicitly Catholic but more historical efforts that still tie in with the Church’s proud history.  Nevertheless, I would appreciate any recommendations you have, especially for solid but lesser known channels.

I have another, far more obscure channel to bring to your attention at a later date, God willing, but that is such a different topic and requires an extensive introduction, and so it must  wait for another time.



1. Baseballmomof8 - September 11, 2019

I found TnT about eight months ago and have been learning and enjoying it quite a bit. I also enjoy the sermons posted on YouTube by Sensus Fidelium and Michael Matt. Cannot think of any I watch that you didn’t name 🙂

Tantumblogo - September 11, 2019

Thanks BBM! Good to hear from you as always.

Baseballmomof8 - September 11, 2019

Good to see you back :-). I’m hoping work has settled down to a more manageable level? And the family is doing well?

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2019

Work is OK. It’s more the family. Still having issues with my son.

Tim - September 12, 2019

Sensus Fidelium is good, but it has suffered since the suppression and “imprisonment” of Fr. Wolfe, FSSP. Pray for Fr. Wolfe in this time of diocesan persecution and FSSP compliance with the wicked diocesan overlords.

Kanis08 - September 15, 2019

What happened to Fr. Wolfe?

Tim - September 15, 2019

Apparently in the diocese he was in the bishop wanted all the priests “pre-finger printed” in case any allegations of abuse arose.

Fr. Wolfe refused because this was “guilty until proven innocent”.
The bishop told the FSSP to get him out of his diocese and the FSSP put himin Scranton headquarters and he’s only allowed to offer private Masses and only administer Sacraments in near death emergencies.
I was told this by a priest wbo knows Fr. Wolfe. This priest did not tell me which diocese.

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2019

That was only part of the story. I can’t go into the other.

c matt - September 18, 2019

I understand his reluctance, but it is common practice for various professions to be fingerprinted before getting licensed: Law (in fact, even before starting law school), medicine and real estate agents come to mind.

Tantumblogo - September 20, 2019

He is on a sabbatical of sorts at the FSSP headquarters in Pennsylvania.

Tim - September 23, 2019

The more accurate term is imprisonment.

2. Shawn Albert - September 11, 2019

John Vennari, not Charles.

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2019

Dangit that’s right. Sorry!

Shawn Albert - September 18, 2019

No problem. Good to see you posting again.

3. Sherry - September 11, 2019

I enjoyed A Wandering Soul but his YouTube channel disappeared while I was away on a trip. He is a convert and had wonderful Traditional content on his YouTube channel. Before deactivating his channel, Anthony Stine had him on as a guest. If anyone knows how to contact him or reconnect on social media, I would love to resume my audience membership.

4. Tim - September 11, 2019

Another good one:

5. skeinster - September 12, 2019

I don’t watch Catholic TV, but they have a number of good Rosary videos, including the three sets of Mysteries in Latin.

Before Fr. L.’s sermon site was taken down, we all chipped in for thumb-drive copies of the site. A treasure. This might be a good idea,
with permission, for other venues.

6. Htown - September 21, 2019

Culture Wars Magazine. Dr. E. Michael Jones is the most important Catholic scholar alive today. Watch his videos and understand what is happening to us. Logos rising!


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