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Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Jim Middleton [UPDATED] September 18, 2019

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[UPDATE]: See the bottom of the post for an addendum from my dad. I very briefly glossed over Jim’s career at Arco and he beefed it up a bit, for all of those interested.  Yes, both of you]

Longtime readers may recall that I was once on a broadcast radio show with Jim and Vicki Middleton.  The show ended in 2012 when Vicki unfortunately passed away rather suddenly.  I think that was a grace of God, I don’t think she could stand to see what this country is becoming today.  She was right about so very much, including the endlessly voracious appetite of the Left for tyranny.  Equally sadly, Jim Middleton, her spouse of many years, passed away this past September 12.  Jim was a very strong and patriotic American, a rock-solid conservative, and a devout Catholic convert.  He was also a gifted engineer and high-level oil executive and played a vital role in opening up the North Slope of Alaska to large scale oil production and later served as President of Arco Oil and Gas.  My dad worked with Jim for 25 years and knew him quite well.

The funeral was held at the Carmelite Monastery in Dallas, the same monastery that served host as the site of the diocesan Mater Dei Traditional Latin Mass community for many years prior to Mater Dei getting its own parish (one of the few good acts of the previous bishop of this Diocese, now Cardinal Kevin Farrell. “allowing” Mater Dei to have its own church – such generosity).  Jim and Vicki gave extremely generously to the Carmelite Monastery over the years, and were extremely close with, and helpful towards, the Carmelite nuns.  As such, by a special bequest, the mortal remains of both Jim and Vicki will now repose on the grounds of the monastery.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Novus Ordo funeral Mass yesterday.  Father Paul Weinberger, who has received a good deal of attention on this blog recently, and who was very close to the Middleton’s and played a great role in their becoming stalwart Catholics from episcopal converts, offered the Mass.  So, yes, it was a Novus Ordo, but it was offered with as much reverence and dignity as is possible with this creation of “modern” man.  The sermon was very solid as usual, as Father Weinberger devoted about half of the 15 minutes to ably destroy a number of protestant talking points against the Faith, such as, we do not worship images, works done in concert with Grace are necessary for salvation, the communion of saints and the existence of purgatory, and so forth.  Since the attendance was at least 50% protestant, that was no small act, but was conducted with such charity and finesse that rather than rankle his sermon elicited a number of laughs and smiles.

Vicki and Jim were good souls and gave tremendously of their time, talent, and treasure for the good of the Church and souls.  They deserve a prayer or two, or many.  I pray I never forget them in my prayers for the souls of the deceased.

A few poor photos from the Mass.  I thank the good Carmelite sisters for again opening their chapel, as they regularly do.  I with them well and they may be assured of my prayers, too!


When the north slope was being developed, it was still a part of NAPD (North American Producing Division).  Billy Jack Lancaster headed NAPD.  Middleton was in charge of a special engineering group whose job was to fabricate the production modules and barge them from Ingleside to Point Barrow, and then offload them onto gravel causeways and roll them onto the slope.  Billy Jack smoked himself to death and died of lung cancer.  Bill Keeler head of Engineering for NAPD replaced Billy Jack.  Keeler’s 16 year old son killed Bill and his wife.  Ken Dickerson and Jim Coffee (lawyers) quickly popped the kid into Timberlawn and he never served a day in jail for the murders.  Dallas had no more men in the line of succession.  NAPD had always operated independently of Corporate (which was in LA), primarily because they generated 125% of the Corporations income.  Not no more. This opening gave LA a chance to put their own man in charge.  Then picked Glen Simpson who managed the Alaska operations – – he was a former Sinclair hand and followed orders well.  He was a rigid disaster.

Meanwhile, Middleton was placed in charge of Anaconda (a mining operation that was, unbeknownst to ARCO, badly losing money at the time they bought it), and he stopped it from hemorrhaging cash.  By that time NAPD had become Arco Oil and Gas, along with Arco Exploration and Arco Alaska.  When Simpson was forced out, Jim became President of AOGC.  He did a hell of a good job, and always backed me to the hilt.

I add, it was after Jim retired in 1994 that ARCO quickly went downhill, and its management sold out to BP in a panic in 2000.  The only remnant of ARCO today is its chain of gas stations on the West Coast and in Arizona.


1. Kassi Marks - September 18, 2019

I’m so grateful you posted this. My husband worked on Vicki’s website for a while when she still had her radio show. We were able to visit with both Jim and Vicki and get to know them a little. My husband and I have often commented how she was right about a great deal as things in society continue to play out. I think what you said above is spot on.

Today as I was running errands, I wondered how Jim was doing. I had not heard this and had not thought of them in some time. What a strange thing to think about him and then read this tonight. I will make sure I add them to my prayers for the faithful departed. Providential, as Father Paul would tell us.

Speaking of…

I’m glad also you mentioned Father Paul. I noticed the comments on the last post and by the time I went back intending to do my part to reign it in, they were deleted and you’d closed the comments. I am grateful you did and appreciated what you had to say about it.

But had I been able to post, I’d have warned people about our defamation laws in Texas (which includes libel). I will take this opportunity to do so now before anyone is tempted to try that again.

As an attorney, I’d just warn people to be very careful about what they say, including especially those things that insinuate anything untoward. (This goes for anything one might say about anyone anywhere. This society has become accustomed to making outrageous accusations against others with seeming impunity. But beyond the spiritual price one will pay, there are other potential costs.)

Accusing someone of a crime or, as I said, something untoward, or even saying something by innuendo or implication, that can injure their occupation or harm their reputation is called “libel per se” in Texas. Damages are presumed. There is the possibility of exemplary damages, what are often called punitive damages. I’ll not turn this into a memorandum of law on the matter, but I believe very strongly that this warning is needed for those who lack good judgment with their comments here and elsewhere.

And, two other practical reminders: First, nothing on the internet is really all that private. It is not terribly hard to subpoena records and track URLs and fake email addresses to individuals.

Second, defense attorneys are expensive. They don’t work on contingency. They get paid by the hour. Hundreds of dollars per hour. You pay the costs of suit as well – everything from copies to the paralegals’ time preparing file folders. One does not have to have a judgment against them for a lawsuit to be a financial catastrophe. It’s doubtful any insurance policy most people have would cover these things either. So, one should ask oneself how much they are willing to risk to engage in such outrageous conduct.

Tantumblogo, I’m glad to see you posting again. I pray all is well with you and yours.

2. Sissy - September 19, 2019

May Jim’s soul rest in peace. I pray for Vickie daily and will now add Jim to my list of Holy Souls. I too was on her radio program with Fr. Paul; we discussed false apparitions.

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