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Meet Your New Secular Mediatrix September 27, 2019

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Basics, disaster, error, General Catholic, rank stupidity, sickness, Society, unadulterated evil.

“Saint” Greta, intercede for us!

Diabolical disorientation.  Reprobate sense.  It’s all that and then some.  And a child shall lead them……..straight to hell.

A poor distrubed, tiny little wisp of a girl, is going to be used, chewed up, and spit out by these wholly cynical, uncaring thugs who only know and want one thing – power.

Of course, we’ve seen all this before:

The dark haired, dark-complected girl is Severn Cullis-Suzuki.  Today, she has a minimal role as a low-level environmental activist.  Almost all of her “pull” dates back to that 1992 speech, which was about the then-boogyman of “ozone depletion.”  Of course, the ozone layer is fine.  Yet another false environmental panic, whose only practical effect was to ban an extremely useful and efficient series of chemical products to be replaced by more expensive, less efficient ones.  Just like dishwashers that don’t wash, light bulbs that don’t light, and “eco-friendly” electric cars filled with hundreds of pounds of extremely toxic heavy metals.

In fact, it appears Ms. Cullis-Suzuki, a Canadian, has been little more than a professional student and hacktivist.  She was still in college working on a PhD in 2017, at age 38.  She was also a completely astroturfed phenomenon, just as Greta Thunberg is the creation of extremist leftist activist parents, Cullis-Suzuki is the daughter of extremist Canadian environmentalist terrorizer David Suzuki.  She, like her father, makes a quite comfortable living being a member of numerous NGOs, all involved in attempting to impoverish and sicken billions of people to comfort their endless neuroticism.

The earth is not catastrophically warming. As an expert in the field of computational fluid dynamics with 20 years experience in the field, I can flatly declare that the models upon which all this panic and fear-mongering rest are laughably inadequate to the task of forecasting future global temperatures based on the near infinite, multi-variate factors involved in the Earth’s massive ecosystem.  CFD has always been and remains a field that is as much art as science.  CFD models on comparitively tiny-scale industrial systems are doing exceedingly well if they can predict within 10% the actual temperatures a given system will experience based on various heat loads, flow patterns, etc.  This has to do with the inherent limitations within the simulation software.  Yes, the global warming scientists use ostensibly more sophisticated software with custom-written codes running on supercomputers, but the basic limitations of CFD remain, which is why the models both vary so wildly from each other in output, and why the results have been at such extreme variance with what the global climate has done over the past 20-30 years of this ridiculous moral panic.

Human beings are not causing whatever warming may be occurring, which certainly appears to be very, very much within historical norms.  It has not been established that carbon dioxide levels contribute significantly to global warming, and to the extent that they do, both Europe and North America have substantially reduced their levels of CO2 emissions, while China’s and India’s have exploded.  But neither of these misguided children of extremists give even the slightest thought for attacking the real source of this manufactured, false crisis – developing countries with little or no industrial pollution controls.  Thus, they are lying hacks, whether they intend to be or not.

Want to know a great joke?  Do you know who first posited this ridiculous theory of anthropocentric global warming, and why he did it?  It was the amoral Dr. Edward Teller, inventor of the hydrogen bomb, who in 1955 realized that, with the cheapness of oil and natural gas, his beloved nuclear industry would need an additional selling point to start turning extremely radioactive substances into a source of power, especially given the massive problem of dealing with the spent fuel.  So, he came up with the idea of this dire threat of global warming, to serve as an unanswerable reason to switch to nuclear energy.  Obviously, all the above is a massive simplification, but, the entire global warming craze owes its existence to probably the most immoral scientist of the latter 20th century.

I wonder how many of these environmentalists realize they are ultimately doing the bidding of the inventor of thermonuclear weapons, and the driver of their miniaturization to where they could be placed in very small missiles and bombs and still pack a city-crushing punch.


1. Dennis Hogan - September 27, 2019

CFD models may be inadequate but the science of greenhouse gases is “solid” (pun intended) and goes back before Dr. Teller who might have had his head in the ozone on some matters.

Tantumblogo - September 27, 2019

Teller claims he was the first to broach the possibility of global envionmental catastrophe due to human fossil fuel use at a major scientific conference. But he made a lot of claims, not all of which proved correct over time.

There is an enormous leap between understanding that certain concentrations of certain gasses can, generally speaking, lead to warming or cooling conditions in a planetary atmosphere, and being able to forecast what those gasses will do in a concrete way, Even more, the role water vapor and clouds play (and the various feedback loops, including vegetation growth or decline) in this has never been adequately understood or modeled, to my understanding. Even if it were, I believe very strongly that virtually any supposed trends forecast by the models would remain well within the margin of error on the models themselves. Finally,

2. Dismas - September 27, 2019

I am a little girl, hear me roar!

Unfortunately for her, someone has been telling this little girl she is important and that what she says matters. I predict a future for her in politics.

Anybody remember Village of the Damned?

3. Baseballmomof8 - September 28, 2019

It’s really child abuse. This poor autistic girl is a useful tool for the communists. One can hear the fear in her voice – those who brainwashed her should be severely punished.

4. Tim - September 28, 2019

So these diabolical fools claim the earth is 5 billion years old and yet accept 150 years of recorded weather data as a satisfactory sample size. Any true scientist would reject this out if hand. These diabolical cretans claim to adhere to science but cannot even grasp what happens with XX and XY chromosomes.
Evil and stupid.

5. vfrtxn - September 28, 2019

The saddest most tragic reality is that globally our youth and to an extent adults are clueless and swayed by the gibberish of politically motivated selfish politicians. The herd of the ignorant is so easily lead by idiots in the press, media and politics and of course the truly evil rich and corrupt whose money funds the bs. The youth are then taught the same crap by idiots who claim to be educators and professors from level K to those who teach doctorate level courses in college as zombies move in unison to the beat of their blind teachers and professors proclaiming they know more than God and that there exists no God.
The crowd chanting support for Greta and and rest of the save the planet crowd have no idea that big oil conglomerates constantly evolve with cleaner and more green technologies as time goes by. Big Oil and Big Tech will continue to create better more advanced technologies that help Earths environment and it will not be due to the Greta’s or Al Gores of the world.
It will be because it’s the right thing to do by God and humanity as it has since the dawn of the Industrial Age. The evolution of technology has gotten us here thus far and will continue to advance and in those advancements a cleaner environment.

6. Tim - September 28, 2019

7. Camper - September 30, 2019

Whoever painted that painting of her is… strange.

8. c matt - October 1, 2019

Don’t know whether nuclear is better or not, but I remember the old “too cheap to meter” arguments in favor of nuclear from the 70s/early 80s. The fiasco of the South Texas Nuclear Project comes to mind (billions in overruns and never functional as I recall). Perhaps if done right it could contribute, but “done right” is not part of government vocabulary.

As for Greta and AGW, the best take I have seen comes from those who posit our constant expansion of concrete/diminishing green spaces is what causes temp rises locally, but not necessarily globally. An August afternoon stuck on I-10 in any metro area along its path would irrefutably confirm this.

Oddly, these concerns about AGW have not stopped Obama from purchasing a multi-million dollar beach front property. Go figure.

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2019

I’m not opponent of nuclear. Like I said, I just found it ironic.

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