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No, You Cannot “Partially Confess” Mortal Sins……. September 28, 2019

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…….and the matter addressed in this post raises major issues with Novus Ordo Church.

I initially used the Youtuber’s name in the post, but went through and removed it, since it’s not really the point.

There is a particular Youtube channel with a particular female “host.” This woman formerly lived in Seattle and now lives in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, area.  She’s what’s called a “based” or “red-pilled” Youtuber, which means she strongly rejects leftist social justice warrior ideology and adheres much more to conservative viewpoints.  In fact, she plays at being attracted to fascist ideologies at times.  I’m not sure how serious that attraction is, most of my viewership of her material comes through the weekly livecasts she does with another Youtuber.

In many respects she’s great.  She’s very conservative and we align on a number of points.  In spite of these many points of agreement, however, like Michael Knowles, there is a serious problem with her attitude regarding the Church and the moral law Christ has given to guide us in this life, be pleasing to Him, and enable us to spend eternity worshipping Him in Heaven..  Like so many of us, this fair haired woman has a lot of baggage.  Lord knows, I do, too.  I’ve been pretty open about that over the years.  One thing I have striven most mightily to do is to conform myself to the mind of the Church in all aspects of my life of which I am aware.  This does not mean I have succeeded in all fronts, but I continue to try.

In this day and age, however, that can be a difficult thing to do.  What should be the simplest, most straightforward thing in the world – for Catholics to know the moral law and live in accord with it (I didn’t say easiest) – has become a labyrinthe of difficulty, due to the error and outright heresy rife in the Church of the past 100 years or so, extending in recent times right to the highest level.  While the Doctrine of the Faith is still out there to be found by souls who are willing to put forth the effort – in books, on website, at traditional parishes, etc – there is a huge mass of error to lead poeple astray, and especially to tempt them in the most trying (marriage, chastity, procreation) aspects of their lives to find the wide, easy road to destruction, instead of the hard, narrow way our Blessed Lord told us would be our lot if we chose to take up our cross and follow Him.

All I say below has been publicly revealed by this Youtube personality herself, so I am not revealing any confidences. This woman is married to a non-Catholic.  She was married outside the Church.  As she became much more conservative over the past several years, she began to feel an attraction towards the Church again.  From what she has said, her initial return to the Church was to the SSPX. I am guessing this is the Immaculate Conception priory the SSPX has near the Washington/Idaho border. Upon approaching the priests there regarding regularzing her marriage and being able to receive the Sacraments, as she terms it, she was told that she would have to wait 6 months in order to have her marriage reviewed and the process of investigation completed.  During that time, she would have to remain chaste with her husband, living as brother and sister.  Now, this Youtuber is in her early 30s and is attempting to conceive her first child.  She has been married for at least a few years.

This was undoubtedly a huge cross to bear. I asked some local priests about this period of continence, and they indicated that it seemed rather longer than their experience indicated but that each case was different, and not knowing the particulars it was difficult to comment.  They absolutely agreed that this woman and her husband would need to live as brother and sister until the marriage was made right in the eyes of God and Holy Mother Church, and that she could not receive Communion during this waiting period, either.  It should be noted that, prior to the 1950s, getting a sacramentally invalid marriage to a non-Catholic validated was all but impossible. Whether such marriages should even be available for validation is a huge question, one which I won’t go into at this time.

The Youtuber was not amenable to this direction, done for the good of her soul, and that of her husband’s, I’m sure.  She sought out a Novus Ordo parish, my guess would be St. Thomas the Apostle because she described this as a relatively conservative and orthodox parish.  There are only two or three Novus Ordo parishes in the area, and this one is definitely the most orthodox by all appearances.  Apparently, from what she has said, this parish somehow regularized her marital situation, or gave her some kind of leave to continue to live as husband and wife while the matter was being resolved (and allowing her to receive the Sacraments). After discussing this situation on their Youtube livestream, I reached out directly to this woman and I suggested she seek out the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter parish in the area, because I feared that she may have been getting some worldly, feel-good kind of direction that is all too common in the Novus Ordo world.  I do not know if she contacted good Father Gordon up there, but she did say she was going to Mass and receiving Sacraments and seemed satisfied.

Now, I have no knowledge of the details, so perhaps this resolution of her non-sacramental marriage was perfectly legitimate.  But I was concerned that this could be evidence of the kind of extremely lackadiasical attitude towards the Sacraments and their right administration that is all too common in essentially all Novus Ordo parishes.  Subsequent events gave strong evidence of this.  The Youtubing woman related that as she had been away from the Church for years, she had accumulated numerous sins, including a number of mortal ones, and that confessing these was difficult.  She stated that the priest of this parish had advised that she could just confess one or two as she felt moved to do at each Confession, and then continue to receive Communion as she gradually went through her history of sins.  She indicated this was the course she was following.

This is obviously a grave offense against God and His Church, and is an absolutely disastrous pastoral practice.  Objectively speaking, every one of these Confessions has been invalid, devoid of the Grace of reconciliation with God, and each subsequent reception of the Blessed Sacrament has been unspeakably sacrilegious.  Now, the Youtuber received absolutely disastrous direction from her priest, so I’m not certain how much guilt accrues to her, and how much to him, but the entire situation is a catastrophe.  If she becomes aware of this grave offense against God, she would have to go re-confess all these sacrilegious confessions and all the other, original mortal sins, besides. What a nightmare.

And this brings me to the point of this post.  If I am right about the parish in question, by all external appearances it looks like a quite faithful, orthodox parish.  There is frequent public Rosary and Confession most days.  It could be she attends the other parish in Coeur d’Alene, St. Pius X (please don’t harrass either parish since I/we don’t know with certainty).  But either way, this situation highlights something I have learned at great cost over the past decade or so – that, one priest aside, there are virtually no Novus Ordo priests in this country who can be relied upon in every situation, no matter how difficult, to adhere to the Doctrine of the Faith and guide souls along these ancient, constant lines. Even in seemingly conservative/faithful Novus Ordo parishes/chapels, I have universally encountered error to one degree or another, with the exception of one priest, Father Paul Weinberger.  He is a rock.  But even in Hanceville, when Mother Angelica was still alive, I got some very unfortunate direction in the confessional, which fortunately I knew better than to follow.  There are other priests in the Novus Ordo church that I believe are also quite solid, like Father Ryan Erlenbush, but I do not have enough direct personal knowledge to confirm.  If you have such a priest, thank God, for you are truly fortunate.

The seemingly very quick and convenient, with little or no moral consequence, regularization of the sacramentally invalid marriage was frankly a huge warning sign.  But this matter of the advice given with regard to Confession is beyond the pale, and puts the woman’s soul in the gravest of jeopardy.  I have spoken with several priests on this matter – confidentially, of course  – and all were utterly aghast at this hideous direction.

It is a tragedy, but is one of the strongest reasons why I now pretty much advocate exclusively for souls to avail themselves of priests of traditional priestly societies if at all possible (up to an including driving an hour or so each way if possible), or of priests offering the TLM in the next case.  If absolutely no TLM is available, especially from a society of men deliberately formed according to the constant belief and practice of the Faith, search out the best priest you can find, but I think in such a case you have a particular duty to exert great effort to form yourself in the Faith to the degree that you will not be influenced by poor catechesis and destructive direction.

It just reinforces my growing opinion that the future of the Church is entirely in her past.  She must return to herself in all ways, most especially those related to the moral virtues and the Liturgy.  That’s not just about saving souls.  It’s about giving God the glory He deserves.



1. Trg - September 28, 2019

The NO priest that I confessed to after 30 something years gave me accurate advice. I had to live like brother and sister in my faux marriage. Since my faux husband didn’t agree, I had to get a civil divorce in order to be right with God. The first time I went to confession I forgot some mortal sins because I was nervous and couldn’t remember everything. Later as I remembered I would confess them. Now I wonder if I have confessed everything because I can’t remember.

Tim - September 28, 2019

If you forgot a mortal sin then it is forgiven, BUT, you MUST confess it once remembered.
Do an SSPX Ignation retreat in which you can do a general Confession. Make a list and use it….destroy it once the Confession is done.

Camper - September 30, 2019

Sorry to interrupt, but I think this is important. From Canon212:

Christopher Ferrara and Bishop Gracida are trying to declare Francis an invalidly elected heretic and anti-Pope.


2. Tim - September 28, 2019

“that, one priest aside, there are virtually no Novus Ordo priests in this country who can be relied upon in every situation, no matter how difficult, to adhere to the Doctrine of the Faith and guide souls along these ancient, constant lines.”

That’s because the Novus Ordo is a different religion that apes the Catholic Religion.

3. Richard Malcolm - September 28, 2019

There *are* a few diocesan priests with solid formation (mostly that they have acquired on their own, of course, if they’re not quite elderly); I know a few even better than the average in, say, the Fraternity. The difficulty is, they’re hard to find – it’s not like there’s a directory of them, after all. Whereas if one goes to an FSSP or ICRSS parish to seek out a priest, one has a good standard of what to expect.

4. Camper - September 28, 2019

Lots of good content lately, Tantum. Thanks. Did you see my comment on the Salazar videos? I hope you could answer.

5. skeinster - September 28, 2019

What a mess. Will pray for her. I know how difficult it can be to
navigate in less-than-ideal personal situations, so sympathize, but this compounding of invalidity and sacrilege in the name of “mercy”
or “accompaniment” is awful.

6. Michael Aiello - September 28, 2019

Can you resend me your blog on the USCCB’s manifest on Friday fasting and how they changed it? I accidently erased it!

Thank you and God bless. Michael Aiello

7. Tim - September 30, 2019
8. Camper - September 30, 2019

Christopher Ferrara and Bishop Gracida are trying to declare Francis an invalidly elected heretic and anti-Pope.


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10. maggycast - October 7, 2019

This sad story reminds me of what Bishop Sheen would say, something like the West/USA wants Christ without the Cross. In our day of drive thru everything, instant gratification and emotional pandering it is no surprise that this woman priest shopped to find what she wanted to hear.

The wonderful SSPX priest offered her the opportunity to grow in virtue (especially the virtue that has her in mortal sin), take responsibility for her years of fornication via penance, patience, sacrifice and be mature about her faith. But her flesh that has been inundated with Protestant feel good via the culture rejected this gift, rejected the suffering which would only bless her and her future husband’s marriage.

I don’t buy her excuse of wanting to have a child. She had no problem waiting for one for many years, including the few years she has been with this man. But now that SHE wants one, well, nothing get in her way, even God’s wisdom and command. Who does she think will give her a child? The stork? How does she think rejecting God’s wise plan will engender Him to bestow the gift of a child upon her?

Again, it’s Christ without the cross, without the suffering. If anything “hurts” in any way, it’s rejected. She knows the truth but refuses to pick up her cross…doesn’t realize the grace that awaits her in helping her to do so. NONE of us can carry our crosses without God’s grace and she is missing true freedom by avoiding it and has now endangered her soul with this mad “partial confession” craziness. Hopefully she will come to her senses and return to the SSPX priest…to the ONLY hope she has for a) receiving a child from God and b) truly knowing, loving and serving Him in this life so as to be happy with Him in the next. She needs to put Him FIRST and trust in His ways and not her own….her own ways (and all our own ways) always lead to a mess/chaos/destruction…only His Way sets us free:+)

P.S. You were a good and kind brother in Christ to reach out to her. God bless you and your family for it:+)

God bless~

Tantumblogo - October 8, 2019

Thanks MC! I appreciate your comment. My wife’s summation of this situation – my contact with her has been ongoing for several weeks – was that this woman likes drama. Once I gave her a number of genuine alternatives to pursue – aside from the NO priest who told her what she wanted to hear – she broke off contact. Very sad, and you’re right, she’s in her early 30s, she had years of false “fun” in committing grave sins, and now refuses to hear of any genuine penance. I still like her co-host but she’s a destructive individual and in some respects quite dangerous.

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