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What Did I Tell You? Greta Thunberg Proclaimed “Successor of Christ” by “church” of Sweden October 3, 2019

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You can’t make this stuff up.  This is so obviously pagan and pathetically political it’s difficult not to laugh.  What else should I expect from a false, heretical, man-made “church” of Sweden.  In fact, given the fact that Sweden has such a fake church, and that virtually everyone belongs to it, it was practically inevitable that this kind of human-worshipping secular “sainthood” would develop.

Perhaps they deserve to die from cultural assimilation by muslim hordes.  At least the muslims have the courage of their convictions:

For [her] defense of the environment, the Swedish church has claimed that activist Greta Thunberg is the “successor of Jesus Christ” at this time.

“Ad! Jesus of Nazareth has now named one of his successors, Greta Thunberg, ” wrote the Limhamns Kyrka church on Twitter.

And a fame-obsessed*, propagandized, mentally unstable child shall lead them.

I’m sure Francis can’t wait to begin surrender negotiations ecumenical dialogue with this Swedish “church.”

*- well, at least her parents are


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 3, 2019

There’s an important point here that everyone’s missing: The Church of Sweden is behaving the way most churches (including the Catholic Church) will behave when the Antichrist comes on the scene. What is the Antichrist? A substitute savior. It should be obvious that Greta bears no resemblance to Christ in any way, shape or form. But the fact that she receives this kind of praise indicates that when somebody comes along who far more closely resembles Christ, the churches will fall all over themselves in pledging allegiance to that person.

Remember that in the Book of Revelation, the “woman who rides the beast” is the church that attempts to compromise with the world, to make itself “relevant.” Mainline Protestantism has been plotting that course for more than a century. Catholicism is quickly following.

Given Francis’ behavior and positions, and given how he’s essentially stacked the College of Cardinals in his favor, it’s quite possible that either he or his successor could be the False Prophet.

Tim - October 3, 2019

Ann Barnhardt would agree with you.

2. Tim - October 3, 2019

WARNING….there’s a lot of bad language, but this guy nails it nonetheless. NO CHILDREN!!!!!!

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