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I Told You They Should Have Smashed Them – Francis Claims Pachamama Idols Fished from Tiber, Will be in St. Peter’s this Sunday October 25, 2019

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No half measures, folks.  If you find an idol in a church, the very first thing you do is to smash it so it can never be reused.  I love what the good souls did earlier this week, but they didn’t go quite far enough, it seems:

At the end of Synod works this Friday, Francis spoke on the pagan idols that were being displayed at various Synod events and permanently at various altars at the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, near the Vatican.
Francis first asked “forgiveness” to those who were offended by the action of those who removed the pagan idols from the church and threw them in the Tiber.
He then assured those present that there had not been “idolatry” in the worship and display of the pagan idols, that they had been recovered, and were now under the care of the police. He also said the pagan idols will be brought to Saint Peter’s  basilicae for the closing ceremony of the Synod, this Sunday.
Now, it’s possible Francis is mistaken or simply making another falsehood, when he claims the idols that will be in St. Peter’s on Sunday are the same ones that were thrown into the Tiber.  First, there have been a great number of these floating around Rome these past several weeks.  Secondly, who knows how many they had in crates.  Nevertheless, for the symbolic value alone, smashing is always the best alternative.  With the resources of a city like Rome, and given that wood floats (save for some exotic hardwoods), it was probably not a major effort to fish them out and recover them.
Will we see Pachamama worshipped in St. Peter’s, then?
Remember, the Vatican insists this didn’t happen:


1. Baseballmomof8 - October 25, 2019

Louisville sluggers are good to keep around 😜

2. Tim - October 25, 2019


Hey, why not have the “pope” commit blasphemy on the Feast of Christ The King?…..Oh, wait, the Novus Ordites moved that feast to coincide with their warped new calendar and world view.

Tantumblogo - October 25, 2019

Yeah but they know the old calendar and they know exactly what they are doing by installing this false god in the Vatican on the Feast of Christ the King. Unbelievable. The only good I see in this is that a whole lot of fence-riding conservatives are starting to wake up and smell the apostasy. In this sense, Francis is almost a blessing, in that, contra JPII and BXVI, he is constantly in people’s faces installing this new mess, giving them no respite to do what conservatives do best – accomodate themselves to each new outrage as it comes along. If Assisi I in 1986 had been publicly followed 6 months later by JPII kissing the koran, and then 3 months after that taking part in a Lutheran rite, etc etc., loads of people might have bolted then. But then again, no internet back then, and much of that evil was covered up or downplayed (it also occurred over ~14 years, not 14 months).

Francis, Brexit, the deep state coup here in the US quickly heading towards a climax and possible civil war- you get the feeling that the globalist freemasonic cabal has decided its now or never to impose their satanic new world order. Goodness 12 years ago I would have labeled myself a nut for saying that and yet there it is, and it is irrefutable for those read into the ongoing global crisis.

Tim - October 26, 2019

Yep, “conspiracy theories” are more and more becoming reality. If Trump does not win next year, IT’S OVER. Trump being our political “savior” proves God has a sense of humor and irony.

Could you imagine a President Warren?
Then imagine Attorney General Harris, Secretary of the Treasury Sanders, Defense Secretary O’Rourke and Secretary of State Booker?
Hell would be coming to breakfast.

3. Trg - October 25, 2019

Is it a sin to think of Bergolio as anathema? I saw a YouTube video where Byzantine patriarchs declared Bergolio and all the cardinals, bishops and priests at this synod “anathema”. It’s very dramatic and I can’t say I disagree with what they said. If only Burke and Schneider or Mueller had the guts to do that.

Tim - October 26, 2019

No, it is not sinful, just factual.

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