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The Left Targets a Venerable Institution, Invades It, Kills It, then Parades Around in its Dessicated Husk Demanding Respect October 25, 2019

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The future of the institutional Church?

How long do you think these pagans will permit the TLM to coexist in the “same church” as the one they hold hostage?

For those just coming to the realization of what Francis and his ilk are, and what they intend for the Church, well, many other Catholics felt just as scandalized and outraged after Assisi in 1986.  That event was what caused Archbishop Lefebvre to decide he must act to insure the perpetuation of the priestly society he had founded.  It was just as scandalous then, as this Amazonian sin-nod is today.

In other words……….

A lot of people have been very hard on the SSPX over the years.  For some, this hostility was based on ideology, for others, convenience, for a very few, true concern for their souls.  But I fear the vast majority of us who like to think we’re such faithful Catholics may have to make the very, very hard choice the “Lefebvrists” did back in the 70s and 80s – adhere to the true practice of the Faith, or retain the approbation of the institutional Church (I originally wrote Whore of Babylon, but thought that might seem a bit strong.  Ooops).  The Ecclesia Dei communities have been a very cozy middle ground for the past 30 years.  I don’t think those in charge of the Church today will see much use in permitting this coziness to go on for much longer, especially as the number of souls associating with traditional communities continues to explode in direct reaction to the ongoing anti-Catholic travesties in Rome.  Right now the traditional movement is still small enough for the old, out of touch men in Rome to ignore and hope will die a natural death, but for how long?  These guys are anything but blind to the threat we represent to their newchurch.  


1. Mike - October 25, 2019

Fifty years late to the party. Years of abuse only to be proved right in the end. Love the meme.

2. Fran Rooker - October 25, 2019

Thanks!! I think you have constructed a rather clear picture (overall) of ‘where we are now’ and the (almost) inevitable future prospects for Traditional Catholics. Decision time is rather more near than ever.

Warning:: I tend to be direct: Thus — if one patronizes the the N.O. mass, then one is NO catholic (in the sense of “Roman Catholic” before the 1970’s). Perhaps one claims to “not know any better… no one told me!” Head-in-the-sand excuses…vincible ignorance … BS!!
If your priest (or mine) accommodates “only one” N.O. mass annually, no matter how “reverently” offered, such is equivalent to the small “pinch of incense” which rendered the early Saints exclusion from their faithful brethren! Such accommodation contaminates his holy hands with the substance of the W.O.B.!
Pray, my friends… pray, pray… and strive to live holy lives.
The Beast is not blind .. he is duplicitous… and diligently rooting out the Saints.

3. Tim - October 26, 2019

Amazon Sin -Odd nonsense……and the SSPX is “irregular”. Yeah, right.

4. Tim - October 26, 2019

Great video, Mr. Matt’s final remarks are AWESOME.

5. Tim - October 26, 2019

6. Tim - October 27, 2019
7. Chapin - October 27, 2019

Yessir. While I am not unsupportive of the FSSP, I have maintained even prior to Francis, that the day will come when those priests, individually, are going to have to fish or cut bait. And when each makes his decision, the faithful that have been sitting in the cat-bird seat since 1988 are going to have a decision to make as well.

Ralph - October 28, 2019

I think that time is coming for everyone of us, no matter what pew you’re sitting in. The question is will we be united, or continue to attack each other?

Chapin - October 29, 2019

Thank you. You ask a good question. I fault any priest who calumniates any other Catholic group which is doing what it thinks best to stem the destruction. The SSPX is guilty of this a lot as well. These Amazonian modernists have not a thing to fear, in the natural sense, from us prideful tradcaths who spend our time anathematizing each other.

While there are some very edifying examples of priests of different groups behaving charitably to other groups, this is, by far, the exception. It does not appear that the priests are about to solve this problem, so it remains up to the faithful to do so. The way I have chosen is to withdraw any support from any priest who behaves in this fashion and to charitably advise them as to why I have done so.

In this time of promised diabolic disorientation with nothing but chaos and confusion from the top down, could it really be that any one group has it really all figured out correctly? When we look back on all of this from the perspective of our Final Judgment will we see it as we see it now?

Tim - October 29, 2019

In my 19+ years of tradition(13 years @FSSP and 6+ years @ SSPX) I have NEVER heard an SSPX priest attack the FSSP or ICK. Sadly the opposite is true in regards to the FSSP priests attacking the SSPX and the ICK….I’ve experienced that multitudes of times. My experience with ICK is that they stay out of those waters. Sorry but your perception of the SSPX is incorrect and not factual. I’m with Mike Matt, but I will defend the truth of what I have witnessed and unfortunately the FSSP is way more guilty of this infighting than the SSPX.

skeinster - October 30, 2019

In my 24+ years with only the FSSP (both members of the original group and priests formed by the seminary), which compasses a lot of priests, I have only heard two publicly speak disparagingly about the SSPX.

So, ymmv, and I don’t think we will get anywhere comparing anecdotal evidence.

I think that Chapin has a point. It’s not SSPX/FSSP clergy that are carrying on the combox wars- it’s the laity.

I freely admit that I have been guilty of this and credit Mr. Matt with my making the resolve to quit.

Tim - October 30, 2019

I did not give you “anecdotal” evidence…I told you the absolute truth of what I have witnessed. I am in a better position to judge the situation as I have extensive personal “on the ground” experience with both the SSPX and the FSSP and I also have reasonable experience with the ICK as my children were involved with their Choir Camp for 5 straight years. I have nothing against any of them and some of my favorite priests to this day are FSSP.

You are correct in that the back and forth nonsense is mostly the laity and I have chastised laity in all groups for their ignorance and stupidity in stoking that counterproductive fire. There is one INESCAPABLE FACT….if it wasn’t for Archbishop Lefevbre and the SSPX the FSSP and ICK would not exist and their would be next to none, if any, dioscean TLMs. As Francis bears down on the Faith and Church that he hates the FSSP and ICK are going to have to quit fence sitting and join the correct side in this war with the modernist infiltrators. Also, the SSPX bishops(they aren’t getting any younger) will soon have to make the agonizing decision that Archbishop Lefevbre had to struggle with 30+ years ago….Consecrating bishops without papal approval to save the Church. Archbishop Lefevbre’s Consecration is the single most clear manifestation of Christ’s Promise that the gaits of Hell will never prevail.
We all owe him a debt of eternal gratitude.

Chapin - November 3, 2019

Well, then, in my decades in Tradition I have certainly heard SSPX priests calumniate the FSSP from the pulpit. And I am a strong supporter of the SSPX, but not of this behavior. Thus the error of drawing conclusions from personal experience.

Tim - November 3, 2019

Names, Dates and Places, please.

Chapin - November 3, 2019

No sir. Thanks, anyway. I have no need to reveal the names of priests. Personal experience is indeed anecdotal and it is my personal anecdotal experience that priests of the SSPX are guilty of demeaning other priests and fraternities, both privately and publicly. It would also be my personal experience that I have seen this more frequently in FSSP venues than in SSPX venues, but the point that folks here seem to be making is that we need to move beyond this, not keeping score.

Tim - November 4, 2019

Your bluff has been called. It appears that your hand is quite weak.

Chapin - November 5, 2019

So lets review the argument.

I have never seen or heard a priest of the SSPX publicly berate another priestly fraternity. Moreover, I cannot imagine that happening based on my incredibly broad and impressive wealth of experience and knowledge. Therefore…it has never happened. Voila!

Gotta admit, that is some pretty remarkable reasoning. Impeccable would not be the precise word for it. Astounding certainly fits.

Ill not pursue the discussion. So the last word is Timothys. Ill stick to my original statement. It is time to stop this sort of inane quibbling between the various traditionalist persuasions.

Over and out on this one.

Tim - November 5, 2019

8. maggycast - October 28, 2019

God Bless Archbishop Lefebvre:+) ALL of this happened before and nobody freaked out except the trad Catholics. They enshrined Buddha in a Catholic Church in Assisi…JPII should have been anathematized then. All fruits of the demonic V2. Until all the “conservative” leaders denounce V2 and realize it’s destructive fruits including JPII the “not so great” and Benedict, then this will not get cleaned up. God bless~

Tim - October 28, 2019


SanJuanero - October 29, 2019

Yep. Right on the money. Given his predecessors, including Benedict, Francis was to be expected. I am sure a large number of readers here are bracing for what follows Francis. The destruction is incredible and these men are rejoicing in it. It reminds one of the Old Testament Israel in terms of evil leaders and unfaithfulness.

9. Tim - October 28, 2019
10. Tim - October 29, 2019
11. Tim - October 29, 2019
12. Kate R. - October 29, 2019

Love the title of this post. So completely true.

Yes we have to make decisions. We have no leadership so we must figure this out on our own. May God help us.
Faithful Catholics cannot stand around forever in the Novus Ordo Church, Francis Church, if no one is going to defend it. We should be pressing and pleading with the few faithful Cardinals and bishops we have to do just that. Identify Bergolio by name as a heretic who has forfeited his papal office by breaking the First Commandment “Thou shalt not have false gods before me”, which he broke by enthroning a demon and blessing a false idol on multiple occasions this past few weeks. He reportedly does not believe Christ is divine, he understands faithful Catholics wanted clarification and he has refused to provide one. The man is an Antipope, at the least.

We attend a diocesan TLM, but that will not likely last. These men are destroyers, eventually they will probably rescind Summorum Pontificum, and end it. Or, faithful Catholics will say, I’ve had enough, and must find the closest SSPX and attend it, even if I can only attend one time per month due to distance. The SSPX just issued a very promising statement about the apostasy, and while one could criticize them for their silence, there is no doubt they are the highest profile carriers of the actual Catholic faith and worship. Speaking for ourselves, we feel close to a breaking point. We do not want to support in any way our diocese because that would be to support Francis Church. We would like to return to a life where we work and live, and enjoy our faith as part of our lives, no longer waiting for another shoe to drop. At this point, we are pressing Cardinals and Bishops to ACT, and stop hiding behind the false fear of schism. The pope is an apostate and leading the flock to hell by teaching the worship of demons. What do you fear, God? Or man. Call him out to the face! Warn the faithful. Call an imperfect council to elect a new pope. Please God let it be Carlo Mario Vigano, but let God decide.
Cardinals and Bishops, do not delay. The hour is already late.

13. Tim - October 29, 2019

14. Canon212 Update: PachamamaFrancis Could Sacrifice a Catholic Trump Voter On the Altar of St. Peters and Some Would Still Wonder if He’s a Heretic – The Stumbling Block - October 29, 2019


15. Camper - October 30, 2019

I might disagree about your stance on the Ecclesia Dei communities. As long as they pay Peter’s Pence, why would the Vatican object to them? Isn’t it true that the ED communities are helping promote the pachamama scandal just by giving money to Rome? Whether it is to the FSSP seminary or to the local parish, FSSP money has promoted Francis and his apostasies, hasn’t it? Just asking.

Dismas - October 30, 2019

May I chime in? Camper, you make a great point. I rarely attend FSSP masses and I never put any money in the collection plate for the reasons you cite. I continue to believe, perhaps naively, that the FSSP could play a useful role in combatting the apostasy. There are ways to support the true Church without giving to the FSSP directly and maybe it could be a good education for an FSSP priest to hear charitably why people have chosen not to put money in the plate.

The FSSP could provide a useful fifth column within the NO structure. I know personally some young men who are FSSP priests or seminarians who do not adhere to the milquetoast positions of many FSSP priests.

In the end, though, I guess people need to do what they regard as best in their own situations. It is my strongly-held view that the worst thing any of us can do is to assume that our particular group has all of the answers and then proceed to villify other groups.

Tim - October 30, 2019

A good diocean Tradition minded priest told me that to give money to ANY diocean 2nd collection is a manifest sin as you are financially supporting apostasy. But he told me you should give what you can to the regular collection as it is fulfilling your requirement to support the Church and priests where you fulfill your Mass obligations and receive the Sacraments.

Your final paragraph is correct. Villifying each other is pointless, but recognizing weaknesses in each in a charitable manner is good for all. Guess what?….there’s ALWAYS been problems in the Church as Christ left us fools in charge of it. Considering that and the fact that the Church is still here 2000 years later attests to Our Lord’s Promise that the gaits of Hell shall not prevail.

I think Church problems are magnified in this age of internet and 24/7 news. If that would have existed 100+ years ago we would all be squabbling about little faults in Pope Pius X.

Relax….it’s a rigged game…God Wins!

skeinster - October 30, 2019

Having followed this since the late ’80s, this is what I think is the basis of the animus.

Archbp L. took a gamble and as a result, lost part of his group. He knew this might happen. SSPX followers were catechised as to why the consecrations were licit and pro-consecration priests were put into positions of authority well in advance, in case the negotiations with the Vatican fell through.

The original FSSP’s crime, back in ’88 was that they made the Archbp. look bad and made the consecrations look sketchy by their defection.

Instead of accepting that the consecrations were a bridge too far for some and cutting their losses, the SSPX, including the Archbp., already on the defensive, announced that the defecting priests were “betrayers”. They would suffer for their sins. Away from the SSPX, they would become bi-ritual or go over entirely to the NO. Their consciences were given no consideration.

The Pope (not, note, the FSSP) declared the consecrations a “schismatic act” and everything devolved from there.

Mr. Matt is right- it’s time to let the narratives go, on all sides.
Both groups are ordaining men who weren’t even born in 1988.
There will be die-hards in both camps, but the majority would be willing to unite.

Tim - October 30, 2019

There were no defects in the Consecrations, they were the Will of God. The defect was a flawed council and new rite of Mass and Churchmen who were heretics. Archbishop Lefevbre considered JP2’s abomination at Asissi as one of his requested signs from Heaven as to God’s Will on potential Consecrations. The Vicar of Christ PUBLICLY broke the 1st Commandment in a most grievous way…it doesn’t get much clearer. Fr. Hesse has pretty much shut the door on why the Consecrations and the SSPX are valid.

“Schismatic act”…you obviously don’t know what the word schism means. Even if it was true disobedience(which it was not), disobedience is not schism. Quit living in the Anti-SSPX echo chamber and embrace truth.

“The Pope(not, note, the FSSP)”…Hardly an infallible pronouncement…under your thinking this Amazon Sin-Odd and other Francis atrocities would be doctrinal…study up on what infallibility of the pope really means.

You are correct on Mr, Matt……however, to unite the anti-SSPXer Trads need to stop their calumny and get real. Even though I defend the SSPX, I am much more “ecumenical” than you…I will attend FSSP, ICK and Diocean TLMs….prove your support of Mr. Matt’s position and attend an SSPX Mass on a Sunday. If you don’t have one locally, I’ll buy you plane tickets and pay for your hotel and meals. If you decide to accept Tantumbogo has my permission to give you my email address.

God Bless…Unite The Clans….IN TRUTH!!!

skeinster - November 1, 2019

What a kind and generous offer- thank you so much!

But instead of taking advantage of it, I promise that some time in the near future when I’m in Dallas on a weekend, I will visit the chapel in Sanger and go to Mass there.

Again, many thanks!

Tim - November 1, 2019

Excellent, please let me know your impressions.
This silly infighting must stop, our common enemies are Satan and the modernists.

16. Tim - November 1, 2019
17. Tim - November 1, 2019
18. Tim - November 4, 2019

So Bishop Schneider and the SSPX have publicly condemned the pagan atrocities in Rome.


When if EVER will we hear such from the FSSP and ICK? Diosean TLM groups?

Are the with God or are they more concerned with being “in good standing”? Time to man up or get lost!

Fran Rooker - November 4, 2019

Yes! and all the Faithful are encouraged to pray & fast … and to assist as all North American Priories, Missions, Chapels will offer Mass of Reparation on Sunday 11/10.
To paraphrase a classic line… “I love the smell of incense in the morning”!!! Feels so right and so good to actually DO SOMETHING as THE Church (opposed to talk, talk, argue & finger point), targeted at the abominations assailing The Faith.

Tim - November 5, 2019

Are you referring to the SSPX Masses this Sunday and the call to prayer and fast? Or is the FSSP and/or ICK doing it as well?

Fran Rooker - November 5, 2019

Refers to the X_Society… BUT…BUT…BUT … I wonder why the SSPX didn’t “suggest”/”invite” every TradCath (including Diocesan Trad Mass faithful & even their separated V_Brethren) to join with them in rooting out this evil “synodal” abomination of apostasy !! ?? I cannot imagine that a certain 1980’s Bishop would have been such a lax leader. Somewhere there is a true shepherd with a collar and a cap… pray for him!

Tim - November 5, 2019

Perhaps they should have invited them, but they would respond with “irregular status”, “schism” “disobedience” and other little parrot tricks.

FSSP is too busy banning Fr. Wolfe sermons to be worried about idolatry in Rome!

19. Tim - November 5, 2019

This priest is a true Catholic hero. Meanwhile, the FSSP is busy banning Fr. Wolfe sermons!
For shame! For shame! What is happening to you FSSP???……Too much time spent worrying about being in “good standing” and battling the “evil” SSPX. But you are silent on idol worship in Rome. SAD.

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